1994-05-06-Elisha's Verse

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Topic: Elisha's Verse

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tarkas, Elisha, Bakim

TR: Jim Cleveland



The following transcript begins with questions and answers that Jim Cleveland asked and received in his private meditations. He shared the information with the group.


Q. Is there a message for the group tonight?

A. The truth is ever more evident; you can feel it. The core of beauty of all things grows more intensive every day to your consciousness. See it. The goodness that you feel deep inside continues to radiate in ever- brighter, ever more encompassing love streams all around you. Know it.

You will be truth beauty and goodness as you feel these things. And you will feel its rewards in an ever- brightening radiance that will transfix and transform those around you. In the greatest sense of the word you will be teachers. Teachers of God's way.

Q. I began to think that I was collaborating on what I just wrote. I asked the question: These statements seem to be a collaboration. Is this good?

A. You know what you know. You must remember this. When you fall away from the tried and determined you lose ground and you should be gaining. We are, of course, collaborating with you as you and the group must understand. We will permit you no error. But we will allow and encourage full expression of your thoughts and intended directions. In fact, you allow us entry. We should make no rules.

The Father's direction to you is through your Thought Adjusters with whom we graciously work to gain entry into your perspectives. We are collaborating; you are collaborating with us. The universe is an exercise in cooperation. Go in peace and write assertively.

Q. Then I typed in . .. What if we wrote the 20 toughest spiritual questions that people could come up with? Could we answer them?

A. Your question has many ramifications. Though the answers could be provided, there are things that you must discover in your evolutionary cycle that are within the Father's domain and not in ours. We would see the questions and we would deal with them one by one with answers that we trust would be enlightening since our viewpoints have been expanded experientially in this dimension.

(The rest of this paper is a transcript of the transmission received that evening. )

ELISHA: Faith is oft rewarded . ... and its gifts be never thwarted . ... in God’s peace you’ll find an ocean . .. of love and grace in ample portion.

This is Elisha, reminding you that the artisans are ever near and anxious to show you their art. We have many teachers here tonight and we will speak briefly. Tonight your faith will be rewarded.

BAKIM: This is Bakim. I come especially tonight to speak with you, Gina. I love you, my sister, and I am here to wish you bon voyage. As you travel to the other continent, know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you and we are confident you will spread much joy to those around you. There is much spiritual ferment happening in the land that you will visit. You have an inkling of this and you will discover much more. You will come back with wondrous experiences to share.

Gina: Thank you, Bakim. And I will carry a Urantia Book around with me. I will leave one there.

BAKIM: Know that our teachers are always with you, dear Gina. Do not forget the daily stillness and meditation in which we may speak with you. We pray for your safe voyage.

Tonight, I will lead our meditation, which I hope will be a permanent part of your weekly sessions. May we worship our divine Creator for a moment in beautiful silence.

You have said many incisive and wise remarks this evening about the powerful spiritual essence that emanates through all the universes and in each of you. The power of the Father's love and light which in time will wash upon all of this troubled world and lift you up to a higher level of truth, beauty, goodness, and joy and love for each other.

Worship with me the divine, heavenly Father. (PAUSE)

May we pray this evening? I would offer a prayer for the very young government of all the people of South Africa. They truly need your loving energy and your feelings of faith and trust that they will persevere and overcome the insanity that has gripped their lives. And we pray for those many who have suffered and died in the darker reaches of that continent. It is unfortunate that, as the spiritual energy continues to be opened in increasing manifestation, those dark and primitive pockets would suffer the frustrations, and tensions would erupt and end in violence. But take heart. Each will be resurrected to the light and embraced by the heavenly angels. As this energy emanates in ever greater bursts in the days and months ahead, tune yourselves to the stillness each day, opening the thresholds, reaching up to the Father so that you may feel this energy and be a part of it.

We pray, Father, that we may feel greater emanence of your love each day as we can expand our vessels to hold your beautiful light. May we pray formally each day. Say a prayer to yourself or aloud so that the group may share your sentiments.

( Group offered individual prayer requests)

May we now search our hearts to see if there are others for whom we should offer up forgiveness. Have we harbored resentments, distrust, anger, or judgmental influence on our brothers and sisters when we know in our hearts that our own lives here are complex enough without making harsh judgments on our friends? We pray that you will coalesce our efforts that we may grow together in faith, trust and love, which expunges all fear. Fill our hearts with these beautiful things as we forgive all of those people who may have been rude or brusque.

We thank you, Christ Michael, for the ultimate act of forgiveness that you showed each upon this world and those upon the vast universe through your life as Jesus: the opportunity to forgive each and all with a pure and merciful heart.

We thank you for the loving service that each of you have begun to radiate, this loving attitude around you day by day. You have found it quite fortuitous in many ways. As you radiate this joy, you will develop a profound spiritual influence upon those around you. Months ago you would have not thought this to be true. But now you have experienced the ultimate power of the loving radiance to which fear and misgiving cannot stand. You are learning this more day by day. Each step that you take will be rewarded with greater understandings and appreciations.

I'll say good-bye to you now. Good-bye, dear Gina. I will see you soon.

TARKAS: This is Tarkas. Just to assure that I am indeed here and that you are still under my watchcare, my loving watchcare. I would say a few words and we have a special guest tonight for a special occasion. First a few words from Andrew.

ANDREW: Yes, dear friends, just to assure you that I am still here and still hoping to explore the phenomena of humor with you in the weeks ahead, to add levity to this group which Tarkas often discusses into a somewhat morose state.


A jest, for I know that you are quite thoughtful and hanging on your teacher's every word. But, as I said, now that the petition has been retrieved from the . .. let us say, my appearance is like the sock that is invariably lost behind the washing machine. But eventually I have turned up and I am ready to do laundry with you. (laughter)

My work has been with various groups and they appreciate the lightness I bring to the room. It comes from my experience from a world not unlike yours in which humor was a necessary weapon against many problems of the world in that day. My world, my former world, has made much progress, as you are. We see the purification happening daily. Although, at the same time, we see many things coming to the surface that are, shall we say, dirty laundry which can poison your minds if you allow this to happen.

The tragedies that you see have adversely affected some since these energy circuits have been opened another turn. This empathetic pain and suffering must be turned aright for a positive growing experience. We are working with many individuals these days who feel this previously inexperienced depth of sorrow and empathy. We hope you can understand this and replace it with a feeling of joy knowing the certainty of your ascension. The purification of your planet is progressing well on some fronts. Others are stubbornly resistant. In time this will happen. We are quite encouraged by your progress.

I have noticed with interest today movements against those who would smoke tobacco and the creation of many smoke-free zones. I have it on good authority that by next year the only continent on which you will be allowed to smoke will be Antarctica.


We are quite pleased with your laughter. We so enjoy bringing smiles to your faces. We wish that you could see from our side. And so like the cartoon before the main feature....(someone alludes to an earlier session jest that Andrew resembles Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Casper’s bowtie) I have explored the humor that you seem to associate with bow ties. I must tell you that my research is not complete, but I have noticed that these particular ties are much safer when eating soup. (laughter) . ...

I will leave you now because we have seemed to reach the proper decibel of hilarity and may now move on to another, who even now tugs at my sheet. Good night to you.

MICHAEL: Your laughter rings beautifully in my ears, dear ones. This is Michael.

For a while we will speak with some deliberation for your transmitter is a bit unsure. But confidence will grow, as he has already served as my spiritual messenger as, indeed, each of you will. I come tonight to give you my deepest love, for you are all at this place in time through a long and circuitous route that brings you here, not by accident, but by spiritual design. It is true that you have not been ready for this place until now. But, indeed, you are chosen, each in your own way, because of the depth of your longing and sincerity.

I have long wished to speak to your group, for I have followed your progress consistently, and I have long noted the petition for my presence. I come tonight to clarify and speak to you on several points and to give each of you a personal message of love which coincides with your teaching assignment which you have already chosen and accepted in recent months. So my official sanction is much in keeping with the free-will choices that you are making each day.

I say to you, dear Jack: You have long been a beloved laborer in the kingdom. And tonight I give you my personal blessings and say to you that I know that you have suffered and so your beautiful mate. And it has required much strength and perseverance. I say to you that you will be greatly blessed and that one day both of you will run and play in meadows of flowers and feel the Father's joy inside your hearts together.

I ask, dear Jack, that you continue to pursue your melding of these two great books which are both revelations to you, to all of you, and that you continue to search for ways to bring these teachings and these children together. I had a great deal of help in writing the Course of Miracles from my Divine Spirit and loyal companion and from the teaching order of Michael teachers as well. But I intended this as a great blessing to help you understand, not only your egos, but all of your inner selves, so that you may deal with many of the spiritual phenomena and wonders that are to come. I commend both of these texts to you as well as many other materials which are even now being inspired by your beautiful Urantia teachers, artisans, and others in my kingdom.

Dear Stephanie: You have petitioned my presence and I thank you for this request. Your work has many facets as you work within your own family in raising two beautiful children. As you put your heart and soul into building your family, even then you find time to represent me well in your church and with the poor and downtrodden, and those in jails. You are much loved, my daughter. Continue your work, for you are doing quite well.

Dear Janet: You have suffered and you are being healed. It is my desire that your deep feelings that have been evidenced and painful sufferings of various kinds, be gradually, certainly and forever changed into feelings of equally deep joy. You will find great joy in verbalizing my teachings and we will come to you and work with you in this regard if that is your request. I encourage you to continue with your personal guidance, daily in the stillness, and, of course, with your loving friends. Your task and your mission will be to transmit to the group in the weeks ahead. You will find joy in this exercise and my teachers and angels will be close at hand.

Dear Gina: Such strong, solid spiritual foundation. Your brusque manner sometimes is misunderstood by those who do not see the great empathy, caring and understanding that you have for all. In your work with the group and with your interconnection with those in Europe, you will serve a valuable communications role in weeks and months and years ahead as we bring all of the spiritual seekers together on this planet, from the most conservative to the most ethereal. We will bring all together. Much is happening on the other continent which will be quite remarkable, for progress has been rapid there, as you will see.

Our visitors from the Course in Miracles: you are dedicated and beautiful spiritual seekers with true open minds and pure hearts working for the same goals as your friends in this group. If it is your choice, you may come to these sessions and work with these wonderful humans and teachers. This will, indeed, enhance your spiritual progress. You have much to teach and share which will expand the interests of this group.

Dear Ted: Such a powerful authority of this wonderful text, and for many years, such a dedicated searcher of truth. Willing to share, serving as herald, and working in the soil to bring forth beautiful plants, you are, indeed, a beautiful person. And your role in the mission is to continue to be as an analyst and interpreter of the text. Indeed, if your group had a collective mission, it would be in bringing some of the principles of these texts into coalescence of understanding. I trust you will want to continue in this path.

Dear Jody: I love you very much for your purity of heart, your sincerity of purpose. And I promise you that nagging questions, restlessness, and other things which tend to trouble you will continue to be alleviated. You will continue to find stronger breadth of purpose as you progress daily. It has been said that you know what you know, and yet nagging doubts often come to you. These will, in time, dissipate as you are able to make contact with your own personal guides who long to be with you. Throughout the day, I urge you to feel their presence. I urge you especially to take heed of Tarkas' homework from last week regarding the Spirit of Truth. I hope you have given some thought to the ways in which you may use the Spirit, what it is, and how it impacts your life.

I will say to you that it is not an abstract thing. I am your Creator; I created you according to God's pattern but with creative divergences that are a part of myself. I truly exist within each of you for I have made myself a part of each of you. I don't know if you have understood fully that the Spirit of Truth is indeed a part of myself, for I am truly part of each of you and have created you this way. There has been some confusion about my presence. This has been in part because you think in terms of physical presences. But I say to you that I am present in all of your creation, in all of you, omniscient, everywhere. I implore you, in the weeks ahead, to feel my presence in each of your lives. Imagine that I walk beside you. Imagine that I am sharing the mundane and normal activities of your day. I invite you to use my inspiration, my Spirit of Truth that I left with you so that you would never be alone, so that I could always be part of you and share with you. I encourage you to discover that presence in greater intensity than ever before. For indeed, it is possible to do so.

Some have doubted that your creator could have this presence with you, that I could share this time and this feeling and these thoughts with you. For some have been conditioned to consider themselves ordinary or not worthy, not capable, or guilty or in sin. I say to you: these things are not true. You are each deserving of my eternal presence. For I endeavored to show you by my life on Urantia that each and every one of you is blessed, beloved in my sight . .. the importance of every man, woman, and child, in effect equal . .. equally deserving of my love, of my presence. For I am part of you and you are a part of me.

To those who would doubt the transmissions of your beautiful teachers or myself, I would say to that, you should use this Spirit of Truth, this Spirit of Knowingness to see if it does ring true and begin to use this spirit more consciously, ever more consciously in your lives each day. For as true teachers of my kingdom, you will have immediate and constant access to this knowing. And once you have achieved this knowing, herein will lie the deep peace.

My children I would leave with each of you a nugget, a kernel, a memento of my life and my eternal....(end of one side of tape). I would ask, as well, that you feel my words over this evening, that you share them with the other seekers in this mission. You here in this group have instituted the means to do this and supported it. For this, I am grateful and I look forward to sharing the fruits of the Father with you and with those around you in the coming weeks and months. Know that my presence is everywhere and know that I am close at hand for your needs.

Is there a concern which bothers you this evening that I could address for you?


Q. (From group) You forgot Susie!

Dear Susie: You are with us all of the time. Your sensitivities have been quite enhanced for a long time. I assure you tonight that the presences which have been sometimes disconcerting in the past are, indeed, a part of that past. It is my will and blessing to you that you be surrounded by the beautiful influences that would bring you ever deeper into the kingdom. Your talents are quite rare in working with the seriously ill, for you have given comfort in so many ways that have been pretty amazing to watch, even for some of my messengers on this side. This is a rare gift of somewhat empathetic detachment, that you can touch the hearts of these people who are suffering and need love and mercy and compassion and caring so very deeply. And that you administer this even better than members of their own family are able to do. As a comforter and caregiver, your mission continues.

I would encourage you to continue to study the relationship of mind, health and spirit for which you have a strong foundation. As you teach these things, you likewise have a gift for creative expression which you can develop and share. You will have great inspiration to do so when you sit down to the task. You will find that these inspirations continue to proliferate in your mind and heart so that your creativity will be strong. Likewise, the healing within your family will take some immediate precedence. This is progressing well, as I know you are aware. I trust that your teachers, angels, and your personal guides have been able to effect positive changes in your life in recent month that have truly elevated your spiritual awareness and whetted your appetite for further development.

Q. Can I just say one thing? I just love you....

A. Our love for you is equaled by our respect for you. You have exemplified a high level of faith and trust that holds you together . And with each increment of spiritual joy which expands your life and opens new questions to you, you have proceeded. You have pursued those questions with vigor and found new answers. And even as we open new questions to you, you continue to explore progressively and enthusiastically even though your philosophies are sometimes different. Within this group, you have a healthy respect for others’ attitudes and opinions. You are open minded, spiritual seekers who will discover much.

Are there concerns that trouble you tonight?

Q. Will you speak to Jim so that your words will be on tape?

A. Yes. Jim was somewhat surprised when I spoke to him yesterday and asked him to walk with me for a day. But this disbelief turned to reality as he felt my presence throughout the day. And while his apprehensiveness at transmitting and being able to extricate his own thoughts and analysis from the process has been continuing for some time, it was this evening that he made a breakthrough of sorts and discovered that there was no apprehensiveness at all. Truly, no demands would be made upon Jim this evening. And in the realization that our voices are, indeed, real, therein lies the final peace.

It will likewise be your final peace as you begin to speak personally with those teachers and guides who long to be close to you. I urge you to let them in. There are no devils to fear. I say to that, mankind has had a peculiar penchant over the years to blame many things on God. And, likewise, to blame many things on a devil that seems to torment their heads. I say to you that, this was summarily dealt with in my incarnation and there are no demons who would dare try to control your minds unless you openly embrace these feelings of evil and iniquity. So very, very few of you do.

You have much feeling of the bad things in the world but not nearly enough realization of the true depth of the spiritual and religious feeling. You will see many wondrous things in the years to come and you will begin to realize there is a great core of spiritual strength rather than a core of rottenness that some see. You will find that at a given point your spiritual progress and your upliftment to higher consciousness will happen at a much more rapid pace. There have been some feelings of disappointment that the mission is said to require much time. Yet, our time is only an estimate as the future is constantly being shaped by the free-will decisions that each of you are making. As our inspiration and guidance grows stronger we hope and we believe that your decisions will be the right ones and lead you into elevated states of spiritualized consciousness.

As you begin to speak with these beautiful teachers, there has been a continuing concern of your own human thoughts being intermingled and great feelings of wonder and doubt and worry. This is all quite healthy. As has been said, any revelations to you have been somewhat retarded by humans not knowing how to cope with these phenomena or understanding what they are. I say to you that this channeling process is a collaboration of sorts. You should not fear this. It is an exercise in cooperation and in working together which is one of your strongest responsibilities here. So we work with you in the transmitting/receiving process by bringing thoughts that are somewhat melded into your own unique consciousness. If you think of your consciousness as a river, you may think of our urgings and communications with you as streams of truth which flow into your own stream, becoming as one, but purified with these holy waters of truth. We would not have you go outside your banks.

In our guidance, we will keep this stream flowing straight and true and pure. But it is your stream to begin with. So thoughts that our teachers are able to express through you must be, to a degree, part of your interests and understanding and experience.

It is true that different feelings will bring different topics to the agenda, different ideas and impressions of different things. Do not be fearful of working with us, as if your thoughts would somehow taint the waters. For indeed, your thoughts are often quite noble, quite illuminating. You share much truth among yourselves. All of this truth is a oneness which flows to the Father. I encourage you each to reach out to your own spiritual guides through the stillness and the worship and prayer.

It has been said that our teachers are somewhat repetitive for they continue to hammer at old things. This is true. These spiritual truths are eternal and everlasting. We could teach no other than the truth. It is in not in your hearing these lessons or in your being inspired by them, but it is in the daily practice, day by day. I trust that you each could admit ?? that. It is somewhat trying to do these things even now. But we welcome and applaud your efforts when you can and we respect and honor you for fulfilling many unspiritual, but quite important, activities, duties, and responsibilities in your physical plane.

Live your life to the fullest; experience, know, love, share, teach. Reach beyond to make contact with the indwelling spirit which is the key to your survival, your ultimate identity. As you provide personality, your indwelling spirit provides the essence of Godly goodness, in fusion. Have faith and trust. You and your thought adjusters make a good team, traveling this path together. Now with additional help from these morontia teachers, a little closer to your form and somewhat easier to communicate with, they have opened many doors, and I commend them to you. They love you more than you can know.

Their assignments here are not taken as obligations and duties in their learning processes. They are intent upon advancing in their ascension plan and growing perfect in God's image and are willing to do great work to make themselves worthy. It is truly not work or labor for them, for they now see something that some of you have begun to realize in your physical plane -- that it is not a duty or obligation to live a glorious adventure but an opportunity to experience. One day you will see this in this enlightened context and even see that your sufferings, trials, and misfortunes here were lessons that made you stronger and more insightful, and more spiritual and were somewhat blessings in disguise.

Your teachers are here because they have volunteered for this great adventure, to experience the phenomena of your world and do great work in the upliftment. If you feel that a thousand years duration, as has been estimated, is too long for you to feel joyful, may I assure you that your experiences in the immediate years ahead will prove quite fruitful and you will feel quite strongly the power of spirituality as it sweeps over your world. It is not necessary that you feel the full culmination of your planet into love and light in order to receive a great blessing.


I will leave you with a great blessing tonight. Would each of you hold forth your hands in front of you , symbolically cupped, and I will leave each of you a beautiful spark of my love and my devotion as your leader in this mission, as your Creator who loves you as a creator, and also as your elder brother. vv For I shared this life with you, an amazing and remarkable experience that I will never forget . I know that one day you will look back and see that your life on this earth was as amazing and remarkable and memorable as mine. I love you, my children. Good night.