1996-07-28-Influence On Others

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Topic: Influence on Others

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, Bartholomew, Will

TR: Unknown



Ambrose: Greetings students, friends, seekers of Light, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you.


You are each multifaceted beings and are mini microcosms of the Father’s grand macrocosm. On different levels within your physical being is this design of the Father’s replete from a molecular level to a cellular level and indeed, is your entire physical system part of this design. Your scientists today are beginning to understand much that in past times they did not understand. One facet of their newest understanding, one level of understanding has to do with the ways in which the observer does indeed effect the observed. You as individuals within your mini universe, effect your brothers and sisters on numerous levels, some you are aware of and others you are not. The discussion you had this evening was much appreciated by all of the teaching staff here present tonight. It is an excellent exercise and one that we would encourage you to pursue often in your gatherings, that of stretching your minds and your understanding of concepts. The Urantia Book is filled with so much meat and yet is understood by so few. Often these concepts become more understandable more easily recognizable when more than one apply their brain power. It is true that two heads, or five or ten do often bring a better understanding of the grander picture, if you will. And so it is true that each of you do indeed effect your environment both by what you allow, through your free will choice, and by the ways that you envision not just your brother, but indeed yourself as well. How you see yourself, what you believe to be true about yourself does indeed eventuate in time, and by the same token, when you view your brother with an open heart or your sister, truly with an open heart, you set up vibrations of love that move from your heart to the other. They may not be accepted on an internal level immediately, but you can be assured that you do indeed cause change as the Father Works directly through you as a conduit.

Discernment has many levels as you discussed this evening and is a skill that you will develop in increasing measure the more you work with it. Yet a bottom line and one that will never fail you, is to take the path with the most love in it. And if it happens that the vision you held within your mind does not come to pass, do not hold yourself responsible. If you accept the responsibility for the commitment you each made to the Father and you have the courage to move in that direction, you have done your best. You are never responsible for how the other person accepts or rejects your loving gestures. You are responsible only for what you do, or choose not to do. We bless you one and all for your participation and the growth steps you are each demonstrating within your lives. Continue dear friends along this path and beam your lights into the world at large. I step back now for there indeed others who wish to speak. Take my love with you throughout the week and know that I and others are indeed available to you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Greetings, I am called Bartholomew. I visit your group this evening as a means of preparation, for a place is being made for me in distant parts to teach a class of my own. Yet I have need of experiencing this communication process. I would be most appreciative if any of you would be willing or many of you, would be willing to receive my words during this coming week. I will make myself available. Thank you for hearing me. Shalom.

Nathaniel: Bartholomew, is this simply a practice that you are looking for?

Bartholomew: Yes. I would also like the communion, as we do each grow from the ways in which we touch one another. But it is the practice I am most especially in need of. Thank you for asking .

Will: The love of the Father surrounds us, enfolds us, supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.


Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. The hour does indeed grow late, and you have had a most pleasurable and uplifting evening. We, all of us thank you for what you have contributed this evening, for we do indeed gain much through listening to you as you interact and stretch, and visibly grow before each other in the Father’s Light. Remember your lessons beloveds and allow them to work in you and through you as you move through your week. Know always how loved and blessed you are and that indeed, the Father and Michael are at your side. Remember to reach for their hand, for in this reaching do you gain a greater understanding of your connections with them. I leave you now with my love and remember beloveds you are each, always, surrounded as you go on this path and indeed as you travel in this coming week remember those who walk with you and allow them to support you, sustain you, and guide you. Take my love with you as well and know that I watch over you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.