1998-05-22-Courage, Aspects of Adam & Eve

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Topic: Courage, Aspects of Adam & Eve

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Scaramouche, Jonderoch, Alkon, Daniel

TR: Bill K.



Opened with Prayer


Scaramouche (Bill): "This is Scaramouche. I have been in attendance at this evening's relaxed and jovial session, enjoying your camaraderie, companionship, and sensitivity. My friend, Jonderoch, I did not abandon you because you are a hopeless case, but I had a call to do with another individual. Just as you mortals have teachers who teach different crafts or subjects, areas of expertise, so are these areas also sometimes designated for us to hone our expertise, in that particular field of service.

It is mostly a matter of past experience when we morontial ascenders discover that a working relationship is not doable, but this dilemma is a very real part of your mortal experience. There are problems, too, between the mortal level all the way to the Havona aspect of your career, which do require negotiation, understanding, and sometime rearrangement of personalities in order for a working group to be effective. And so these kinds of problems that you encounter as a routine part of your everyday life will be with us for quite a while, but not at the intensity of difficulty that you experience here.

I primarily came by to tell you that I miss my contact with my former pupil, and I enjoy using this TR for he is familiar with me, in fact, many times I spoke with enthusiasm through his mind. I have no lesson as such tonight other than the comments I have already made. Just realize that when you feel that you are misunderstood, you are in fact engaging in erroneous thinking because no one's experiences are totally unique, someone else somewhere has had a very similar experience and in all of the essentials Christ Michael, are Father-Brother, also knows your experience intimately.

My time is up and I will now step aside so that our next speaker may engage your attention. I enjoyed my brief dialogue with you, although it was only a monologue, I suspect that there might be an interaction later. Good evening to you all."

Alkon (Bill): "Hello, my name is Alkon. For Ralph's benefit, I am Isaac's teacher and one who occasionally is allowed a platform experience in your midst. We personal teachers want you all to understand that the job of a group teacher is not on a status basis. That is to say, it does not inherently accrue more honor or esteem than the role of an individual teacher. And so, it is not inappropriate for us who are at this time assigned only to the function of being personal coaches to our charges, to be also offered an opportunity to speak to the group and to do the functions of a group teacher. I have been asked to give the lesson this evening.



I wish to comment on courage. Courage is the ability to persist in a noble endeavor, to continue with a propitious project, to do the right thing in the face of fear, fatigue, anxiety, and worry. This ability to endure fear, worry, anxiety, fatigue and so forth is a byproduct of faith, faith in the overall goodness of the universe because it is the creation and field of operation of a good God. There is also the need for faith in one's own worth, in one's value as a creature, as son and daughter of God, and one's basic competence, to accomplish that noble endeavor or project, as well as the moral courage of one's convictions.

Courage requires that a person's character be congruent, that there not be a division within the soul or in the mind, that there not be a war raging within. If the mind is confused the heart is compromised. Then the person is incapable of courage for they lack the faith in the rightness of the project, in their ultimate ability to carry it out, and they are paralyzed by the inner conflict.

Courage of the physical sort is best known to you, and this experience comes to all mortals as it has come to all of you. The strength to go through with something that is both fearful and possibly painful requires courage on the physical level. And then there is the courage of the mind which is the willingness to search for truth, and when it is found, to apply it to life. This courage is greater than the physical courage although it may not seem so. Nevertheless, there are people who can endure the physical challenge but collapse intellectually because they are lazy and unwilling to consider the enlargement of their understanding.

But the most important courage of all is moral-spiritual courage. It is the courage to do that which the heart knows to be the right thing. It is the strength to do what may not be popular among one's fellows. It is the strength to keep commitments, agreements, regardless of the temptation to set them aside. It is ultimately the willingness to say to God, 'it is my will that your will be done.' It is the leap of faith in the goodness and the trustworthiness of God that forever removes the need for the self to pretend to be God; it is the surrender of sovereignty over to one's Creator; not the loss of free will but the willing submission, and in fact joyful acceptance of higher reason and greater love.

Courage is fostered as a result of the small steps of faithful obedience, based upon the faith already alluded to, and from a mind and heart that is undivided and not conflicted. It is the kind of faith that Abraham experienced when he obeyed what he thought was God's will to offer his son in sacrifice, and discovered to his great relief and spiritual enlightenment, that when he was willing to do the most painful thing that his mind could conceive that God might expect of him, that God's will was gracious and the lamb, the sheep in the thicket was substituted. People lack courage who do not believe in a loving God. For them, they only have themselves and other humans as models of strength. In a world of disillusionment this is no certain bastion, this is a floundering fortress, a sinking ship.

You understand that your security and the course of this world are not blown about by the winds of chance, thrashed by the meaninglessness of a chaotic, mindless universe, but you know that the hand of God is everywhere present. This gives you courage on all three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. And with this courage you shall overcome all obstacles.

Christ Michael spoke to you last week about drinking the cup and asking for His presence. When He drank His cup He was sustained by an angel. He was given the necessary help He needed when He prayed for it, and you will be equally provided. When you feel that you are reaching the edge of your courage, it is time to ask and more shall be given. With this I conclude my remarks, and Daniel requests that the floor now be given to you. Are there questions, comments, disagreements, clarifications?"



Virginia: Alkon, I would like you to relate courage to a statement that was made earlier, that I've been thinking about, is it courageous to follow the unrest that we sometimes feel with the status quo, the experiences that seem to be so traditional and accepted. I'm thinking in terms of my own unrest and how difficult it was for me to search."

Alkon: "This is a two-sided coin, my dear. Sometimes unrest is caused by a rebellious spirit, desiring to break free of God's plans. However, this was not your condition. Other kinds of unrest come from the prodding of the soul by your Indwelling Monitor, by the work of the angels upon the minds and souls of individuals who are receptive to higher truth, to greater loyalty, to more perfect obedience; and there the unrest is with the status quo, with the limits of knowledge and achievement hithertofore gained.

So to answer your question without making this distinction would be confusing, for all unrest is not necessarily virtuous, it requires discernment to locate the source of that unrest and to analyze it. Certainly to swim upstream against the current, to walk and step to a different drummer requires the courage of enduring the displease, the ridicule and the rejection of some people. It is certainly a type of courage that our Master was conversant with, indeed struggled with, in fact, felt great loneliness in the whole experience for He had no peer to share with.

Have I clarified this for you?"

Virginia: Yes, beautifully. Thank you very much, because it is a personal matter of following the unrest or finding peace within that. Thank you very much. That was a wonderful answer."

Alkon: "You are most welcome. And my dear, you know, of course, that your teacher and I are best companions. And even though I am not assigned to you personally, you are like my second charge, even as Isaac is Klarixiska's second charge. Perhaps you've already perceived that."

Virginia: "I'm sure I have, Alkon, and I thank you very much for both of you, and the support you both give us."

Alkon: "You see it is always the case for assistance to be offered throughout the universe in the ascension career to those just under one's achievement level, and also that we do not work alone. Only the Solitary Messengers enjoy being by themselves; the rest of us are innately social. And so, even though you all may be assigned a primary teacher, you should know that you have others willing to be involved with you. This is the reason that tonight we personal teachers are on the floor. It is because we are part of that team, and we're relishing our opportunity to interact. Are there other comments, questions?"


Ralph: "A few weeks ago I asked the question about cleaning emotional house, how to clean house emotionally, move some of the blocks, and the teacher, I forget who, made an analogy that we could clear by taking a spoonful of water out of the glass each time, or we could thrust the sponge into the glass and then take it out and wring it out. In other words, do it quick and dirty. And so, how is that done? Painful, I guess maybe, the quick and dirty instead of lingering . .. I look at it like amputating your leg with fingernail clippers or with a meat cleaver. (laughter)"

Daniel (Bill): "This is Daniel. Ralph, my friend, the meaning that you have received as you have restated it I feel is somewhat erroneous. It is true that people grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically at different rates at different times. The idea of unloading all one's emotional baggage in one dramatic dumpster process is not feasible. And if this is the impression that you gained from that analogy, then I would reinterpret it for you. For such an extreme description of reconfiguration of the mind would be dangerously close to a mental breakdown.

A better way to think of it is to think in terms of tolerance to pain, tolerance to fear, to anxiety, these negative feelings and experiences. Dumping one's entire load, if it were possible, would override the mind circuits, the sensors which are part of the protection of sanity. For the brain and the mind, (which are not synonymous), are designed in such a way that there are limits to consciousness. You know, for example, that when pain becomes great enough, there is an automatic process in the brain that shuts down consciousness so that the pain can no longer be experienced consciously. Too much light does not give discernment or enlightenment, it causes blindness. Stare at the sun and you may burn the retinas of your eyes. Look at the sun through a smoky glass and you can perceive its shape. So the idea of total dumping or amputating is in error; it can't be done, and it would be dangerous if it could.

But there is a difference between spooning the contents of a glass with an eighth of a teaspoon and spooning it with a tablespoon. In other words, at times and in some cases, people can absorb a great deal more in one experience than they can or others can in a different experience. I hope this hasn't further confused you. Do you wish to discuss this further?"

Ralph: "Just a little bit. It does clear it up. Is it a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is something that someone must concentrate on doing, to go about cleaning house, or does it just happen as your stuff comes up you deal with it and let it go?"

Daniel: "I think you're saying, should one force the issue or let it happen naturally? Forcing the issue, whether it be in attempting to clear house as you're saying, or to accomplish some other task, implies an egoistic center. 'I will have my way, I will do it my way, I will accomplish what I intend to.' That is the voice of ego. The voice of spirit says, 'I'm willing to wait on God's time; my hour has not yet come; it is my will that Your will be done.' That is a general principle that distinguishes ego from Spirit in terms of guidance. I would say to you, my friend, do allow the guidance to be clear. If you have conflicts, then it is not the time to act on a proposal. When it is right, when it is God's time, it will be natural, it will open for you. Jesus said, 'knock and the door shall be opened.' He did not say, 'knock and if you don't get an answer, pry the door open.' Have I answered your question?"

Ralph: "Yes."

Daniel: "Do you agree with me?"

Ralph: "I knew that was the answer. But I guess I was just needing validation."

Daniel: "Yes, my friend. And I am not being facetious with you, for I understand the hesitancy that you experience as mortals, especially on this planet where there has been such darkness. You see, even your own Adam and Eve erred in this manner. They knocked and the door didn't open; it didn't appear that their task was successful; it didn't look as though they could act as the planetary biologic up steppers on this disordered world with Caligastia and Daligastia throwing up roadblock after roadblock. They beat upon the door and it did not open; and so they took a crowbar and forced it. They took a shortcut. They went around the plan and they defaulted. At the time they did this they were not aware they were choosing evil, but after it was explained they could see clearly.

I am not suggesting that any of you can default in a way that would equal the magnitude of the Material Sons and Daughters, but what I am saying is that even beings of this stature have this problem at times. Know that Christ Michael truly desired to avoid dying on the cross. It was to His mind a despicable defeat until He was certain that it was Father's will that He die in a natural manner that the circumstances dictated. He transformed His thinking from the despicable framework and changed it into a triumph of obedience, displayed a magnificent forgiving love unequaled at any time in this planet's history or in the history of the universe of Nebadon. And so do we all, and have we all, struggled with this issue.

Thank you, Ralph, for posing this for tonight's discussion. Are there any other questions or comments?"

Virginia: "Daniel, I remember that lesson and it intimidated me a great deal because I thought to myself there's no way I can get that sponge through the solid lid I have on whatever happened my first eleven years; and I was thinking in my mind I was lucky if I could put the sponge in and get anything out of it. And since then I have thought, or someone else has given me the ideas, or whatever, that many times healing occurs quite unconsciously. As I have lived these years and have known God's love, whatever was under there that I cannot consciously find has been taken care of by God's love. That was a long time ago and the lid was pretty well tightly placed, and yet God's love has helped me to function very nicely. I guess I throwing in or throwing away the sponge, and I will ask for those tiny steps that will continue to lead me to Him."

Daniel: "Understood, Virginia. However, this life is not the only experience, as you know. It is the function of the seven mansion worlds to complete the process of transformation from animal origin to a larger spiritual, morontial reality. If there are issues that your mind has protected you from facing, that in the judgment of your defenses you could not deal with in mortal life, but these are necessary to esponge, then in the future, on the mansion worlds these things will transpire. Everything that is hidden will be brought to life; all of the secrets will be exposed, but only when a person is ready to look at those things. Some people have greater capacity to remember painful things than others do in this life. You will not be required to do that which is not natural and not comfortable. And yes, finally I would say you are right about unconscious healing. There are always the unconscious processes that occur. The key to it all is a willingness to trust in the goodness of God. Do my words distress you?"

Virginia: "Yes! I would rather unconscious healing take place."

Daniel: "Yes, I sensed that you were distressed, and I wish to clarify. When it is time, if it is time, if it is necessary, then it will be easy, and it probably may not be in this mortal life. It is the purpose of the mansion worlds as the universe is currently established to provide that function. But it is not in the process of transformation that a person is tortured and forced to see that which they don't want to see before it's time. I am speaking now of the program as it is intended and as it operates on the mansion worlds. I have to say that there have been some errors made by some of your mental health practitioners who have with all good intentions created some monsters. You know what I'm referring to."

Virginia: "Yes, Daniel, I'm sure I do. And thank you very much."


Daniel: "Again, one more word. Do not be afraid of truth, it can only free you. The truth shall make you free. My friends, this TR is weary and desires that we terminate. I will honor his request, which was not made consciously, however. But before I do that, I would offer one final burning question if there is one."

Bob S.: "I would just like to say hi to Scaramouche and thank him for popping in and publicly thank him for the many years of drudgery he spent trying to get my head on straight, and thank him for his many years of dedication."

Daniel: "He will speak for himself. One moment."

Who??? (Bill): "Hello, Bob. I will call you by your given name. I appreciate your thank you, and I enjoy being with you again. I wish to make you an offer... you may visit with me; it would please me to do this. I am not suggesting that I am returning to you in that capacity I held before, but true friendships are never broken. And perhaps I could help you pass the time to ease your depression and give you more perspective. So just give me a ring if you wish. That is all."

Bob S.: "Thank you."

Daniel: "Once again, this is Daniel speaking on behalf of the others assembled here this evening. I wish to tell you all it was another great chat, another great visit in my opinion. I enjoy so much my students, our students, my brothers and sisters. You are wonderful people. Hang in there; keep your faith. All is truly well. Good evening."