2001-07-12-The Organizing

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Topic: The Organizing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa, Andrea, Dr. Mendoza

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: “Hello Sandy and George. This is your friend, Machiventa.”

George: “Greetings Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “Today, my dear ones, I have others with me, who have insisted on watching the both of you who are making known of what is transpiring on Urantia-- a large avalanche of happenings -- and we are in celebration of this.”

(Countless unknown Celestials are looking down into our living room. We are kind of feeling like goldfish in a bowl.)

Machiventa: “Let me give you the reality about some of the Angels and other Celestials, Visitors who are here with me. I talked with them about going to Australia today, and they were saying, ‘Where is Australia? We, too, want to visit Australia!’”

George: Laughing, saying, “Oh? Yeah right!”

Machiventa: “So they are now looking down upon you two, and your apartment is glowing with so much energy that all can see exactly where you are, and where George's homeland -- his dear Australia -- is.



“We must now get on with our message. You have been shown many times that more and more circuits are being connected every day. But that is as you experience time. Imagine now how fast this “connecting up” is taking place in a more spiritual reality (zone - plane) of time. It much more resembles a fireworks display that is exploding at a rate of hundreds at a time. So much work has gone into this, and we have finally been able to perfect the technology for this local task in the Correcting Time. More lines are coming into service all the time, and the results are mind boggling in a sense you mortals cannot even begin to imagine.

“As these new circuits are opening up, and as this “blast of energy” hits Urantia, the happenings, the changes, the planned events, will be coming about so fast that you and George will be there with your mouths hanging open, and in complete awe.

“We bring this to you on a personal note, because you have no doubts at all about my many workers and about me, and you both have been trained to have an understanding of “the relative speed of the passing of time in different realms”.

“In the meantime, and as a result of progress made, more and more mortals on Urantia will have an uneasy feeling that they are missing out on something. They will want what you already have, but the lessons to them must come much more slowly.

“You must realize that only some are so trained, and also keen enough to learn. They can pick up each piece and put the spiritual puzzle together very quickly. Many others do well to figure out one specific corner of the puzzle. We must get the easy to understand words of Michael to many, many people who are not in a group such as the small group of TeaM.

“Thus, we need for you to send your messages to other cyber sites on the map -- other sites on the Internet.

“The groups of the two regular lines you post to are the very ones who are in the position to TEACH. But they must come down from their mountain where they are so comfortable.

“As you have heard me say before; these are not the people who need to be told about Mother Spirit, her embrace, Her comforting of God’s children. Many, many, people would be so happy to learn just enough to let them know that Michael is holding their hand, and walking with them, daily -- that their burdens, are Michael’s burdens -- that their sadness is Michael’s sadness -- that their hunger is Michael’s hunger.



Sandy: “I get the impression that the word hunger can mean either starvation or hunger for the Mother Spirit’s embrace or hunger for Michael’s words of comfort.”

Machiventa: “Michael feels every cry for help, as his own cry for help.”

Sandy: “Machiventa is talking about Michael’s cry for help when he was dying on the cross: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’”

Machiventa: “Michael is saying, ‘Why do my children with so much intelligence and so much knowledge not bend down and look into the eyes of the children in need’. They are Michael’s children from the time of gestation to the longest living human on Urantia. This can be as much as a one-hundred-and-twenty year lifespan, or even more.”

Believe that all mortals are God’s children no matter what the age, and most of them just need to have the gnawing question answered; ‘What is not right in my life?’”

Sandy: “Machiventa is referring to what he said before, about, uh, about people having an uneasy feeling that they are missing out on something… having an uneasy feeling of something being wrong.”

Machiventa: “Many, many religions, churches, and Urantians who belong to an organization, need to look beyond that organization’s specific activities. The churches that support the Orphan’s Society, or are involved in UNICEF, as examples, do look beyond, and that is what is meant by ‘the organizing’”.

Sandy: “Machiventa says TR is getting restless and tired now.”

Machiventa: “I must change my subject matter here.”

Sandy: “I think he feels the new subject matter will keep my attention better. He has been watching me very closely, and Dr. Mendoza is also present.”

Machiventa: “We are doing all we can, all that is of perfected technology, and all that is possible. You are teachers, and many whom you know are teachers. Ten years is long enough to be attending school, and now it is time to roll up your sleeves, and encourage all the persons that you know to roll up their sleeves, and do some work that is outside of the comfort zone.

Dare them all to take a look at one block in the slums of the city. Dare them to go to a hospital and see a newborn baby that is in severe withdrawal, because the mother is addicted and doesn’t know any better. What can I say? What can I do? How can I further Michaels message? Ask them to ask that question of themselves.”

“How can Isaac keep on opening the circuits and, yes, I will be a little abrupt in that I am saying, ‘Do Something that is beyond your being comfortable in your jobs, in your homes, in your car -- everything of that plush luxury. Is all this extravagance making you happy?

“I should hope not!”



“Among my company today is your friend, Andrea, and she would like to communicate a few words.”

Andrea: Hello Sandy and George

George: “Hello Andrea!”

Andrea: “Machiventa has sent out a message for help. I should say a message to you all to answer the cries for help from your brothers and sisters. I know you can't hear my words as easily as you can Machiventa's.

“But I want to tell you, that we have Midwayers all over Urantia, and most of them are on assignments and are not even known to be there. Let your friends, and acquaintances that talk with you, know that we are many, and we are there to help in any worthy cause. Do not fear to pass this message on, because we are here to stay.

“We will work with you every day, and we will work with millions of others, every day. Others just need to know that fact. I am going to have to go now, but I want you, George, to know that your life of dedication is seen and appreciated in the highest realms of Paradise. You are our rookie student, and you are very much loved.”

[The connection with Andrea was suddenly lost. It is always hard to maintain.]

Dr. Mendoza: “Hello Sandy, this is Dr. Mendoza. My child, I have to come to your aid, for both you, and George, are very tired. I will visit you both the very next time that you are asleep. You both need more than one treatment, too, and I expect you will begin to feel more and more energetic soon. Let not these minor health conditions trouble you. I am here for you, and you are two of the most beloved friends I have. Thank you for listening to me.”

George: “Thank you Dr. Mendoza.”

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa again. I must leave now, because we do not want you to keep you in this deeply relaxed state any longer. I know this transmission has taken a long time, but I hope that part of the message will be understood.


“Farewell for now… I am Machiventa.”

George: “Au revoir, Machiventa.”


In direct contact with mortals (without the help of a Secondary Midwayer), Andrea is greatly skilled, but she burns energy, and then some. It is not unusual for Andrea to be suddenly “lost” by either George or Sandy. She was “long active in Greece”, she once confided, presumably with the Oracles. Then followed a long period of inaction. She has belonged to the 11.11 Progress Platoon for the last 30 years, probably 40 years, or even longer.

It is interesting to note Machiventa adds to the recent approach to a better understanding of the Paradise/Havona/Urantia time differential in “A CONTENTIOUS ISSUE” by saying, “Imagine now how fast this “connecting up” is taking place in a more spiritual reality (zone - plane) of time. It much more resembles a fireworks display that is exploding at a rate of hundreds at a time.”

If you have been feeling restless, been “missing something”, here, perhaps, is the answer. Says Machiventa, “In the meantime, and as a result of progress made, more and more mortals on Urantia will have an uneasy feeling that they are missing out on something. They will want what you already have, but the lessons to them must come much more slowly.

God bless you and yours... Sandy and George