2003-08-18-Michael Saves Us

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Topic: Michael Saves Us

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Nebadonia

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. From week to week you know not where we go, and yet you continue to attend in faith and loving service. A blessing are you indeed. I am with such gratitude to see the diversity in our group this evening, such bright personalities with the full color of the spiritual spectrum from one end to the other. We are each building upon something we have no proof that it even exists--that is faith, that is continuing hope and love for Father and your fellows. Well done

We have been discussing the Master as our Savior and in the spirit His upcoming celebration of birth on Urantia, we will continue on with this subject. For you this evening I give you our MOTHER. Greetings, my children. I am with joy to be among you this evening. My love for you is always expanding and everlasting. I delight in your personalities, your wisdom and your smiles.


As you probably know, Michael, our beloved Brother/Father, is one of my favorite topics of discussion. Without the Universe Sovereign Michael of Nebadon, where would we each be now? I know without a doubt that I am more having known Him, having collaborated with Him, having worked side-by-side with Him. He has enabled me to be more than I am and I am honored to have been a part of His ability expansion also.

With Michael I feel at home, with comfort and peace. He is a beautiful reflection of the wonderful attributes of our Paradise Father. When you think of Christ Michael as a personal savior, what do you believe you are saved from? The churches of today put the fear of an evil force into the minds of their participants, as if this will scare them God-ward. As you Correcting Time collaborators know, this is not a worry for this day and age. The evil one's or sons of self-love are not even to enter into your minds, for they are no more.

  • Michael's sojourn in the flesh has revealed to you the truth and the truth is that the evil of today's world stems from the animal minds of mortals. Michael saves us from fear.
  • His numerous lessons have taught us to rise to meet our challenges face to face, hand in hand with Him. He has taught that self-pity is nothing but a roadblock to growth and success. Michael saves us from our weaknesses.
  • He also has shown us the beauty of perfected humility where one can learn to forsake personal selfishness in favor of the Father's will. The Master's life was a prime example of the true definition of humility. He served side-by-side with His fellows, not above them, nor below. He was a Creator and soon to be sovereign of a universe, and yet He viewed His fellows as equals, even His enemies He judged not. He saw them not as less than. Michael saves us from the ego.
  • He is the vine and you are His branches. You have willingly committed to being at-one with the vine and being pruned from time to time. You each are in understanding that this pruning is done with love and for your growth and direction to grow toward our Father, who is in Heaven.

The Correcting Time has reached a point where the roots are deep within the soil of Father's plan and purpose. The masses are beginning to sway toward a new and better system of faith. The old ways are becoming unacceptable to the ordinary man and woman. The pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. Our Correcting Time is moving from its infancy to adolescence and you, our children, have been instrumental in this growth, and we want you to know the seeds of faith have not fallen upon barren ground. The new shoots are well rooted within the soil of Father's plan and purpose.

I am honored to be your Mother, your confidant and comforter. I am at hand if you should have need of me. Know that my children are precious to me and think not that I am far off, because you do not hear from me too much in this manner. I am close by and with ever abiding love for you each. I know you. I love you. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to you, our Mother, for you are our nurturer and indeed make us more that we are. I am humbled and in awe at the works of our Father--bestowing upon us our beloved Brother/Father Michael and our precious Mother. How can we fail? In all our endeavors, how can we fail with such a force of love and faith? We are meant to carry on with the fruits of the Spirit, so beautifully demonstrated by our universe Parents.


This week ponder those things you are saved from as far as spirit poisons go, as far as the mortal life goes. How is your life differing from a non-believer? What are you truly grateful for? I have not time for questions. Know that with each moment we spend together I am in unending gratitude to our Father. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.