2003-10-26-Live A Life of Good Example

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Topic: Live a Life of Good Example

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the serene atmosphere here this evening. I find the minds of mortals are quite intriguing this time of year, especially where the fall season is so apparent. Many look to the season as a period of rest after an active summer. Many enjoy the changes in surroundings and are relieved of their summer duties. On the other hand some greet the season with a foreboding attitude, in that the cold will bring unforeseen events. Some see the season as clearing out the old to make room for the new. Some see this time of year as a time of death or stopping.


Each person in this room can look at this particular season and have differing views. You each are unique in personality and character. You each have been brought up into the world differently. There are many factors that would color your view. How freeing it is to belong to a family that focuses on Father as their sovereign. He definitely puts priorities in order. In our Morontial Brotherhood we each see things with different eyes, and yet there is always room for love.

Truth varies from person to person and spirituality is indeed a living revelation. You Mission participants are so to speak a common voice for Michael's cause. The best that you can do is to live a life of good example. All your ministry, your words of truth have no meaning unless it is upheld by action. Let us look at the life of that well known apostle, Judas.

Judas' first misconception was that there were places of honor next to the Master and certainly was he well deserving of that place. He was not open to the fact that his brethren had differing views. His judgmental attitude saw them as weak and/or ignorant. He did not allow room for his own growth or the growth of his fellows. Judas had a narrow vision because of his all consuming self-love. Said Jesus, "Love one another as I have loved you. Love yourself as you love your fellows."

Judas placed value in his personal success. He saw not the good of the whole, but only that measure of personal success, meaning that if his fellows were at an inferior place than certainly did that set him on a superior high. He saw not himself as a part of his fellows or even the Kingdom of God. He was raised as such to believe that he was somehow more important than others. Certainly did this belief bring him devastation.

Some of Judas' fellow apostles at some point shared that belief, but time with the Master allowed them transformation in mind and heart. Even the apostle Thomas had once held beliefs that the Master and His cause was indeed too good to be true. Thomas was given no visual proof of the Kingdom to come, no. He was made to put effort into seeing with the eyes of faith. Through the Master, Thomas learned to set Father as his sovereign, his First Source and Center and from there transformation began.

Each one of you Mission participants allow the Master and His Spirit of Truth to have influence in your lives. The Spirit of Truth seeks to unite, seeks to unify. The ego seeks to separate and set as superior. The Morontial Brotherhood finds its greatest success with those beings who allow themselves to be transformed by the Spirit. Judas sought to exert his power. He sought to be set apart. He sought no transformation from those hours spent with Jesus. Thomas dared to take a leap of faith, no matter what it cost him, no matter how it made him appear. While Thomas was stubborn in mind, he made genuine effort to be open to change and changed he was.

This week in your own personal environment look at the varying personalities. There are some that are so different, and yet they thirst for truth, just as you do. Think about being transformed by the Spirit of Truth. What changes have been made and what changes would you like to see happen in your lives? Again, make effort each day to confirm your commitment to set Father as your sovereign. How much of your good intentions are backed by action? Take some time to have some study on the lives of the Master's apostles. A few questions.


HARRISON: Abraham, you probably heard us in our early prayers, Martha's daughter, Carla, has been diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain. If you think it is appropriate to offer some comments or encouragement with words I would appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I cannot say where this will lead. I do understand that the amount of fear that is being produced is hurting the chances for success. Have some faith in the medical field, but know that Father is in all the details. Strengthen your relationship to Him and this will decrease the fear. Have not worry. All is well known and carefully looked after.

SIMON: Yes Abraham, I have been so grateful for the opportunity to call out to Mother and have Her take my apprehension away. (Inaudible.) I still have that apprehension come back. Can you speak about the reoccurring apprehension?

ABRAHAM: I am understanding this apprehension to be the result of some guilt. You are somewhat feeling that you are not living up to your ideals. Your conscious feelings of guilt are leading you to believe you deserve some discipline and this promotes the apprehension. Take time to journal your true desires for this life and lay out a plan to follow to attain your goals. Leave room for Father's guidance and transformation by the Spirit of Truth. Have not worry, Simon. You are learning just as everyone is. Know that your true self is burdened by life's pressures and seeks to be free. Have not worry. One more question.

ELLEN: I'll ask one. I have a hard time with prayer versus accepting Father' s will. My understanding of prayer-I struggle with it. Do you have any comment about that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. When we view the Master's life, He was in ever constant communication with Father. You can call this a form of prayer. Prayer is nothing more than communication. Always was the Master's prayer to be accepting of the divine will. Prayer is helpful to the mortal, in that it helps to reconcile the mortal mind to the divine influence. The Master had mortal want and desires, and if He thought it to be in alignment with the divine will, meaning that it was good for the whole, then certainly would He ask it of His Father. Mostly however He realized His communication drew Him near the Father and to the understanding of the Father's ways. Our Master used prayer to reconcile His mortal mind to the divine. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome.


With that I will take my leave. Know that I am with continuing love for you each and I look forward to our Morontial Brotherhood association. Until next time, shalom.