2004-08-23-Experiencing Diversity of Urantia

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Topic: Experiencing Diversity of Urantia

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, help us to grow more sensitive to one another. Help us to feel who the individual you have presented before us is as your child. Help us to become more consciously aware of the beauty and goodness that lives inside of each individual before us. We stand ready to put aside all of our judgments, all of our pre-existing ideas, and to look at the individual before us through the eyes of pure love and as completely as we are humanly capable. Open us to you and help us to achieve this. Thank you.


Peace be upon you. This is your Creator-Father. I am Michael. Recently you remembered the day of my birth on your planet as the human whom you have come to know as Jesus. Tonight, I wish to share some of the experiences that I had in this human form sojourning on this earth in the development of my skills at appreciating the assortment of personalities that are here on this world. You know from your experience what great diversity is thriving here. There are many cultures, there are many races, there many language groups, there are many traditions, and there are many social customs. How is it possible for human beings to put aside all of these differences and to begin to see only the similarities and the purity of the essence in which you were created? Do you think this is a large undertaking for you humans? Let me hear your comments, my sons.


Students: It’s proven to be. It’s big. It’s possible but difficult. I see it as a kind of evolution. My angel friend has been giving me some lessons on the development of this.

Michael: Do you think this is an undertaking that would exhaust you or invigorate you?

Student: Mainly liberate us.

Michael: Do you feel that you gaining the spiritual muscle to take on this thrilling opportunity to come to know your brothers and sisters?

Students: The desire is there. I’ve been experiencing lately an emergence of individuality that I assume that I was suppressing in some way before, but the exercise of beaming love and hope into people makes me notice them as individuals.

Michael: Any other comments?

Students: I find I have to be very open to other people in order to see the similarities and the differences, and to not let the differences outweigh the similarities. We are all pretty much the same regardless of cultures and languages. In my upbringing I experienced many different cultures and nations and peoples and tongues, I am always interested in what they have to say; what makes them unique and what motivates them in their lives. So I honor their diversity and embrace that as well as embracing their similarities. I find that to honor the similarities it takes living in the present time; not pigeon-holing it, and trying to find the value in that per! son as we know you did in real life. Then it becomes easier.

Michael: Thank you. My children, as your Mother and I have said to you, it is now time for you to go into the fields where the harvest is ready, and to share my love with my children. How will you do this? You have been prepared and you continue to be so through the exercises of connecting to your heart to feel my presence course through your veins and by projecting that through your intentions into another person.

But as we go deeper into these experiences, I am bringing you into a depth of personality insight into another individual that will allow you to fall utterly, completely, reverently in love with that individual. Are you all up to this now? (Students agree) When you feel you are in love with the individual before you, what do you think will be their response?

Students: I think they will feel happy. Sometimes feeling God’s love in return, sometimes fear, but mainly I think they would acknowledge the love coming from me would be mirrored. I’ve been experiencing it as a kind of a blossoming. They feel encouraged to come out more, to perceive more of their love connection, more of their unique soul wealth comes out. They feel that you are open to them and that you are able to engage them.

Michael: Is this not a thrilling experience for all of you when you activate through your love another person’s joy, another person’s happiness? What greater satisfaction and fulfillment could there be, my children? When you fall utterly in love with the person standing in front of you, the love you will experience will bring into you a sense of satisfaction so deep and a certain element of a soul completion in you that you know you have added something of great depth and breadth into the vast repository of your inner most being that you are growing.

Each time you are able to beam my love into another person, you have started the flow of love. Now, through your practice of this we will take you deeper into the unfolding blending of soul to soul, and you will become so skilled at this as you weave my love, through your Mother, into another person.

So tonight we will begin with the individuals who are here in this room. Each of you is to focus on an individual in this room. They are standing in front of you for the most part as you are all gathered close. Ask your indwelling Father Fragment to bring you into a deeper experience of who is this individual you have selected. Your Mother and I will minister in your minds. Stay focused on your desire to fall in love with this person. Simply stay in this desire. We will begin. (Pause)

Sensitize yourself to this individual by focusing entirely on your desire to fall in love with this person: to see the beauty, to see the Father’s personality, the meaning of this person, the value of this person. You will still be in strata of value judgments that somewhat interfere in seeing this person as he or she truly is. Let not this stand in your way. Simply center on your desire to fall in love with this person. The simplicity of this will keep you moving forward through the objections your mind inflicts in your way. (Pause)

We all are a part of the First Source. We all share a moment of creation in the eternal moment when the idea God-thought expression of us began. Each us of is unique, but we are all of the same God Source. Feel the unity. (Pause) Now, ask to feel the diversity. Ask to feel the uniqueness of the dimension of how God, the Source, begins to replicate and create many patterns of personality throughout the universe with you being an expression of one piece—one part—one life expression of the Creator. Ask to feel this uniqueness ! and the diversity around you of the infinite symphony of the personality notes of others. (Pause)

Father, we are all expressions of you—of your love. There is no other better experience than to be with one another in the essence of pure love. Being in love with the person in front of you simply means you are experiencing the God presence of that individual and you give them an opportunity to experience yours as well.

Feed my children. Let them satiate themselves upon the love you share with them. And then give them an opportunity to reflect it back to you, whether large or small. You have all asked to be vessels of my love. We have answered your requests. As we build you in this, know that it is yours to share. It is not self-contained. It must be shared, shared often, shared freely, shared unhesitatingly, especially with those who are the most irksome and troublesome. These are the ones who ! need it the most. Feel your desire to love them.

Will it be uncomfortable for a while? Yes, it will. But what is more important: whether or not you feel comfortable or bringing comfort and warmth and nurturing to someone who is truly in need? What bit of your own comfort are you willing to relinquish in order to bring this relief into another person? Only you can answer this for yourself. I do not judge. I am not standing over you watching to see how you are going to respond and scolding you if you do not achieve a certain level of desirability in your heart. But I do ask! you to consider the privilege that is being offered to you: to go out of your own self-limiting habits and to love.

My children, just be in your desire to love. Your Mother and I know how to foster this in you and to build your capacity and your skill in administering it to others. Be in your desire to love, to love simply, to love purely, to love without recognition, or compensation; just simply to be love. (Pause)

In my human incarnation as Jesus I had to learn this simple (well it wasn’t simple in experiencing it all of the time, but it was simple in its intention), but I too had to learn this simple experience of being in love and wanting to be love and sharing love purely. There are many times when I had to look very closely into an individual, very deeply, to find that which was good and beautiful, and to allow it to become embellished to overshadow that which was not of the Father. Always seek the internal jewel, the pearl of great value in your brothers and sisters. For there is one always there! And you will find it. If you have trouble finding it, do you not know where to go to ask for assistance in finding it? Will not your Mother and I always come to you and locate that which is of the Father in your brother and sister before you? It might take you some time to find it, but if you have not the desire to find it, wherewith will you become masters and skilled in uncovering this beautiful treasure in them?

What is it worth to you to become these master treasure-finders in your brothers and sisters? Have you not found delight and enjoyment in discovering the treasure within yourself? And I say to you: finding the treasure in your brothers and sisters is infinitely more exciting and rewarding, for the treasures you amass are limitless when you think of all of the people with whom you come into contact. Yes, your own treasures are beautiful, but you will soon become used to them. And to find the treasures in another person will always be stimulating, invigorating and rewarding. You will find always there is more to love, more to learn, more to grow upon, and to feed your own sense of wonder and awe in the diversity of the personalities seeded in the Father—the source of all life.

So let these words now that I have spoken to you settle in. Again, as we have shared with you in the past, this is a deep lesson. It will grow in you in time. We are slowly adding new levels of spiritual resources within you. As you allow this to settle in, breathe. Breathe deeply. Allow your Mother to weave my words, weave my truth deep within your being. (Pause)

In allowing this to settle in, you are slowly becoming my vessels of love; the vessels that are full of the food my children need to feed their souls, what they are craving, the food that has been kept from them these long years of strife and rebellion. And now there are many souls on this planet who are growing stronger in love and sharing the food, for the harvest is abundant. There is no lack of love on this world. It is now only up to those who have awakened to the abundance to share this with others. Share this freely, my children. Feed my children. Feed them. AND Love them. Know through your efforts this planet is healing. Good evening. (Pause)

Greetings, my children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Embedded within you are seeds of Godliness. Feel the meaning of these words: "I am full of God. I am my God-nature." I will embrace you individually these evening as you focus on these words: "I am my God-nature."

(Note: T/R went around the room and embraced each person through Mother’s encircuitment.)

My desire for you is that you experience the fullness of what this means. How can I tell you how beautiful you are? You have heard the words over and over. Now you must experience this. Let me, as your Mother, embrace you, reveal to you, feed you with the truth of these words. My glorious little ones, some day the veil will be lifted from your internal view and you will resonate with the beauty and the goodness and the glory that you truly are. Feel your desire for this, my little ones. My breath will purify you and wipe aw! ay your tears, the stains of unworthiness, the scars of pain. (Pause)


Let me embrace you once again; let me wrap you in my breath as you slumber tonight safe in my arms. (Pause) I am your Mother. I am with you everywhere. Rest in me. Good evening, my beloved ones.