2018-04-12-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Keepers of the Fire

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I'd like to invoke spirit into this experience, in the form of a prayer of gratitude, because I am feeling so very grateful for this opportunity, this chance, this moment in time and space as we come together to fellowship, to be in spirit and so I'd like to express my/our gratitude for this opportunity to commune in this way, to reach out in spirit and to touch in spirit and connect with others. It's always a joy to come into this arena and to take up of this wellspring of spirit. And so it is with deep gratitude that I would return to this well.


Charles: I feel welcomed by such an invitation, I would respond, I am Charles to join you in this arena that you construct wherein we may get together and rub spirit elbows. It's a joy to share this space with you indeed and by full consent of its creators, to be welcomed into such an arena is indeed inspiring. You all have constructed strong citadels of spirit around you that have firm footings and foundations based upon your personal experiences and exploration into working in spirit and building these places of worship within you.

In this process of constructing this construct of self, you are ever reaching out beyond your established zone, reaching out in spirit to contact that which is becoming known to you, that which you sense as a result of your spiritual growth to date. You have increased your capacities and therefore you are able to take in more spirit truths, more revelation, more awareness of divine principles. That's why I say you are building strong citadels for your spirit. You are constructing these from your own efforts of having developed the ability to work with the spiritual tools to get the job done.

I do not sense a direction for any lesson material today, I merely wanted to, as a comrade of yours in this process, point out what I see in your spiritual growth, your spiritual attainment, your enhanced awareness. These are notable and visible to those who will see with the eyes of spirit. Would there be any questions or comments to entertain at this point? [pause]

There certainly are not always burning questions of the heart or needful concerns to be addressed. I understand that on occasions such as this, simple fellowship in spirit is rewarding when shared with friends and does not need the form of words which carry the burden of translation. It may be more directly contacted via the spiritual sense, the spiritual awareness that comes from the complete unification in understanding and in principle that we all are one, all things are one and the power that this ennobles the individual to wield.

I enjoy the opportunity to fellowship with you as the part identifies with the whole. I pray you all carry the peace of this moment forward, the sense that this peace can transcend all. This peace can pervade any space, this peace is yours and mine and ours, this peace transforms. So be it and farewell to you all.


Jonathan: Hello to all my friends, I am Jonathan. I saw the campfire on the hill an the bright lights of all of you gathering. I felt the draw of the fellowship so I exercised my privilege in joining you at this time. I always will recall with fondness the very glow of spirit that drew me even now. It's the same fire that is fed over and over again, time and time again when you return to this place and stoke the fire. The familiar glow, the familiar sense of warmth and peace keeps drawing us back to the fire, so much so that we become desirous of becoming keepers of the fire. We desire to feed these flames of love, peace, of truth, beauty and goodness and we are so rewarded in satisfaction in having had our efforts contribute to the fanning of these flames and the promotion of these truths.

And so it is that I join you again one time on our timeline of joining to do this together. So glad to have shared this with you whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Thank you for building the fire tonight, it has been wonderful. Many have seen the light and come in response and we all are grateful for the builders of the fire. You are the keepers of the flame in whom the Father is so well pleased. I am in deep gratitude to be associate with you, until later, yours in eternity, Jonathan.