1984-12-01-Inappropriate Guilt

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Topic: Inappropriate Guilt

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu : "Consider now, young lady, that together with Jealousy, Complacency, Intolerance, and a whole big bunch of closely related bad-habit relatives, your inappropriate Guilt is the Child of Doubt, and the Grandchild of Fear. And shunned because of its disagreeable nature, it becomes lonely, and it will therefore seek out your company. However, on the narrow, rocky mountain path of your life there isn’t enough room for both you and Guilt, or any of its ugly brothers and sisters.

"Guilt retards your advancement on the path of spiritual progress. Parasitic by nature, he will try to latch onto you, to make you carry Guilt, and burden you even more by inviting all of his useless relatives to join him for the ride. Demand that Guilt goes the opposite way, for where you are going there is no room for Guilt, or any of his unacceptable kin.

"You must travel light on the taxing, narrow mountain track of your life. You will need all your strength and you must not be weighted down by devious, disagreeable, stealthy, lazy, energy-draining parasites such as Guilt. Send him on his way. Your step must be light and energetic, whilst you hold in mind that you were a victim of abuse, not a co-conspirator, or even a willing party, for you did nothing wrong."

Jill-Marie jumped up, chuckling, "I like that!" She proceeded towards the open clinic door and meted out a swift kick to that imaginary rascal called Guilt. "On your way! And don’t come back!" Smiling sheepishly, she gingerly returned to her chair, embarrassed by her impulsive behavior, ready to once more dissolve into a flood of tears.

Bzutu: "Forgive yourself for so hating your molesters. Now, that should be a novel experience for you. Trust me, it works, new rules as from today. There’s no more good or bad, only right or wrong, and you will know which path to take. Your Guardians will lead you. Brand new, quality sneakers, and you carry no unwanted luggage or devious passengers."


Jill-Marie was 18 years old at the time. This 1984 transmission was not recorded (documented) until about 1993 with the help of a Midwayer.