1987-05-14-Commitment, the Calm (Stillness)

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Topic: Commitment, the Calm (Stillness)

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All - Good evening Abraham.


Hagadah you are aware of the 10 appointment commitment?

Hagadah - I am Abraham.

Teacher: Teacher: You are willing for this

I am

Teacher: Teacher: Yes. I ask all, you are still willing

All Yes, Abraham.

Teacher: Teacher: Then there are queries?

Tommas - It's Tommas here, in the Bible, the early leaders, Moses, yourself, when it says that God spoke to you, was it God or would it have been a Watcher because some of the words seemed so harsh and some of the punishments….

Teacher: Teacher: Yes, I have said, God resides within each, yes

The God part of yourself, may speak to yourself. If words are harsh, that is your self. Then, I wish to speak.


I have put much stress on the statement, BE CALM have I not? This has been said to one, Selina, but it is of importance for all, you are understanding? I shall continue. To be calm, is to dwell in the stillness that resides in each, and from the stillness bring forth calm for your everyday busyness, for your mind, for your body, for your heart, yes. This is of IMPORTANCE.

The UNDER5TANDING of the CALM, is of IMPORTANCE. It is as the deepest ocean, but it is clear, bright, yes. This can be learned by EACH.

I am aware there are some who have varying interest who delve into many areas. You may discuss this with me.

Come, do not be shy.

Bryoni Abraham, it is Bryoni here, by that do you mean, that because we have got many interests, that it is difficult to be calm?

Teacher: Teacher: At times it is of necessity to be calm.

Selina - Abraham, I am Selina, do you want us to be calm, once a day for example, to set aside some time each day?

Teacher: Teacher: You may do this.

I seem to find a peace now & again, but I can't seem to retain it, day after day.

Teacher: Teacher: Ah! but you see, once found it shall have a lasting effect, it has much, quality, yes.

So the calmness that I have found up to date, hasn't the depth that you were just talking about, I'm only touching the surface?

Teacher: Teacher: You may learn for yourself. It is within EACH & EVERY person, the ability to do this for themselves, you see, the ocean surface may be turbulent, just as your everyday busy-ness appears, under the surface it is calm, clear & bright. This is what you are looking for within yourself and the everyday busy-ness, shall not disturb your calm. You are understanding?

Tommas You could remind yourself during the day, rather than just set aside a set time, and think " I MUST BE CALM" and still carry on working?

Teacher: Correct. Whenever it is of convenience to do so.


Filip What of anger in our daily busy-ness, sometimes it is very difficult, not to be angry.

Teacher: To express emotion is of necessity. Anger is such one. You see, to not express a thought, a feeling, is to have a festering within, a canker, and it shall spread and colour all, yes.

Tommas - It is better to have a go, and say "That's that off my chest" and be calm again?

Teacher: Correct. You see, from the calm shall come an ease, you shall find perhaps your displays of emotions become, more of ease, less uncomfortable. You are understanding? and perhaps with the calm, you shall find anger is not an emotion you are often visited with, yes.

Filip But some people are more prone to anger than another, aren't they?

Teacher: Of course. They also should learn to find their own calm. If ALL were CALM, Utopia we should have.

Korde What about negative thoughts that people sometimes get

Teacher: Then find the calm, Be Calm. You see calm is not a SEPARATENESS from yourself, it is within each. The calm can smooth much and perhaps negativity shall not be so obvious, as with any anger, envy, greed, etc. you are understanding? you shall still of course experience thoughts, feelings as I have mentioned, but they shall not have such damage to your physical, mental, emotional self.

Tommas - Some people wear a lucky charm, a lucky talisman around their neck, and they feel it brings them luck and they feel things are going to be right, is this in a way, although they don't realize it, making them think positive?

Teacher: It is an outward symbol, of their inner knowledge. Yes. The speed at which your life operates is of a greater speed than ever before times, your physical, bodily, chemical, mental, emotional is unbalanced by such busy-ness, therefore you must call on the calm within yourself. It is so simplicity. It is not of difficulty, although it appears so. You see, you are so used to having complications to un-ravel, that it is foreign for you to think in simplistic terms, to feel in simplistic terms, yes. Do you not agree?

All - Yes

Petta,- Its Petta here Abraham. By nature, I tend to be a calm person, but in my place of busy-ness I have to fight, to keep calm during many hours of the day, this then can cause dis-ease in me?

Teacher: Correct. So you should find the calm, for your self.

"I try, but it's very difficult.

Teacher: It only appears so. When all the world is rushing by, yes.

Tommas And if you find that the busy-ness of rushing around at your place of work etc. doesn't worry you, and in fact you quite enjoy it and feel good at the end of the day, then I suppose you have also been calm, as well as busy.

Teacher: You see, I am hearing there is perhaps not the understanding of THE CALM


Belinda - Is it a case of becoming detached to achieve calm?

Teacher: Not so. You see it is not of necessity to disassociate yourself from yourself or others that is not calm. There is a WELL within you, which when dipped into, shall spread and shall radiate serenity, where you are not in constant turmoil of thought, body, emotion, you are understanding?

(No answers)

Teacher: You are not understanding?

Belinda - Could you repeat that please?

Teacher: The calm is equal to serenity, you may look your book of words if you are unsure.

Benjamin (serene-serenity= calm, peaceful, clear, unclouded quiet, tranquility) It does not imply to be dis-associated from yourself or others.

Belinda - If you don't involve yourself in someone else's emotions then you don't become emotional yourself, is that right?

Teacher: Repeat?

Belinda - If you don't involve yourself in someone else's feelings or turmoil, you don't become emotional yourself.

Teacher: You see you are almost correct.

If you involve yourself in some other persons emotional turmoil and so become turmoil yourself, what good, what good for the other person, what good for self.

That's really what I meant when I said detached.

Teacher: That is dis-associate, I am speaking of serenity, a differing meaning altogether.

Melda I am Melda, would the combination of Love & Serenity, fill yourself with Love & Serenity, so that you bring out those qualities.

Teacher: When you have found calm, you shall find love also, Yes

Korde There is a serenity prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Teacher: Yes. If this is of assistance for you, you may use it. You see Melda speaks of love, the WELL I speak of is GOD, which is Light, Love, Truth and is Calm, and is Serene. When you have found this, you are giving yourself love, light, truth, yes. It is simplicity, it appears of difficulty. It is because it is a different manner for you to be, yes. Scattered thoughts, scattered emotions, scattered physical activity, scatters all of you. There must come a time for you to bring yourself, to yourself, and this you do, BE CALM, Yes.

You are understanding? Then discuss.

Selina When we meditate here with you, at every appointment, if we just did that in our own homes, we could find the calmness that way, the same as we find the stillness, are the two related?

Teacher: Have I not said this? Yes. You may only find it for a split second of your time, but it is worth more.

Charles I personally found the calmness after exhilarating sport or something where I have used a great amount of energy, and exhausted myself, and then that is the moment when I feel completely at peace, I'm tired physically, but relaxed, things just wash over, and I don't worry.

Teacher: Of course, it is of ease. It is not of ease during a busy-ness, correct.

"It must be why sport's people can look so healthy & happy because they are balancing their mental activity with great physical activity.

Teacher: It is not of necessity to use external means to find the calm, the stillness you have all at your disposal within YOURSELF.

Dominica I think I might have found it, when I just woke up one morning, and for a split second, I thought Wow, what's that, and it went.

Teacher: Correct. But you see, a word also of caution, because you are unused to this, do not try TOO HARD.

You shall take your refreshment, you shall discuss, I shall not leave, but I shall return.

AllThank you Abraham.

  • Tea Break

(Discussion was in progress when Abraham returned)


Teacher: Until you are of a relaxed nature with Abraham, where you feel at ease to discuss with Abraham, your hidden feelings, actions, understandings, you shall not proceed very far.

No castigation in my words. Do not have concern. It is of a natural event. You may speak.

Clara.This is Clara, I can understand this feeling, it hit me when you said, until we are relaxed with Abraham, and I am relaxed with everybody else, but not completely relaxed with Abraham, your knowledge is so great that I feel like an ant in comparison...

Teacher: Do not castigate yourself.

Charles Yes, I felt like that too because I have always had a hang-up about academia, not being a very academic person and it is a hang-up, and then I suddenly was confronted with somebody who knew everything, and it was a total blow-away, I'm bad enough with other human beings, that are educated without meeting someone beyond that, l can understand that feeling.

Clara I did not realize I had that sort of feeling until Abraham came in.

Teacher: Yes.

Tommas I must admit, the first few appointments that we had I'd sit here with my heart absolutely pounding and I don't get that now.

Clara So there is hope for me.

Belinda There must be for me too,

Teacher: Yes.

Filip I don't think it has ever worried me, I feel very comfortable, it's somebody I can learn everything from.

Teacher: And you see, your 10 appointments shall perhaps teach you calm, therefore you shall become relaxed. Do not feel inferior, in awe, speechless, yes. You see, you learn for yourselves, at your own pace, the more you ask, the more you shall receive. The more, you receive, the more you may give, yes. To yourself and to others, yes.

It is the hidden thoughts which are of importance. Hidden by surface thoughts, it is as with the calm, hidden from view of your self, yes. You may discuss this, I have said I welcome your discussion.

Your courage to admit your feelings Clara, is noted, yes. For courage I acknowledge, yes.

Bryoni Abraham, it is Bryoni here, by the hidden thoughts, do you mean, the ones that we are not actually conscious of?

Teacher: Not of necessity. They are those thoughts, you are shy, embarrassed of Abraham, to speak for fear perhaps of castigation ridicule etc. I assure you this is not so.

Charles Sometimes Abraham, I feel it is not even necessarily yourself that we fear castigation, but ridicule of being in the presence of 15 or 16 other people, making a statement out front and then realizing in my own case my own mouth gives you away, and you have said something slightly ignorant or perhaps a one sided view.

Teacher: I am understanding. If I do not castigate then there should be none from others. `

Tommas We are all in the same position.

Selina Some people are better at standing up in front of a crowd, than others, I mean, I could talk to Abraham like a wise, grandfather


Teacher: Ah! But you see, this is a conversation, yes, you are not speaking to strangers, although it may appear, for your feelings, that it is so. Trust each to each, respect each to each, is of importance. Respect & confidence that ridicule shall not be, castigation shall not be. I may say this, you must feel this.

Tommas We have never struck it in all our appointments anyway.

Filip What about our last appointment, when it was said there would only be ten appointments and there would only be us, I had this great feeling of love for everybody here, perhaps it was just me I told June. Just the group

Teacher: You are sharing a common experience, yes.

Tommas Well I notice that when we phone people up, instead of saying Hi, how are you, now you get a feeling of warmth from them, a more interested Hi, How ARE you, there is a lot of enthusiasm, which you don't get from outsiders. A common bond.

Teacher: Correct. Then, I ask you this, what is your perception of Abraham?

Filip You told us previously that we were all part of Abraham's extended family, that's how I feel, that you are part of our family, but you have more wisdom than all of us.

Teacher: You have much wisdom yourselves. I am showing you how to find it, yes.

Tommas Like- a Master Guide?

Teacher: If you wish.

Selina I see you as a kind of Grandfather Angel, who talks to God, and can relate to us in the physical, so I would talk to you as the Grand-dad's I never knew.

Teacher: Yes, a pleasant perception.

Clara That's how I feel, as a Grandfather

Teacher: Yes. I would say this, if any of you have thoughts of fear of Abraham, you shall dismiss this, fear has no place with Abraham. You are understanding?

All - Yes

Teacher: Silent one. You are of comfort,? MondaaI am of comfort, yes. Thank you.

Teacher: You have thoughts on my words ?

"I have lots of thoughts yes.

Teacher: You wish to speak?

Only in that I view you as a fountain of knowledge that we are all seeking.

Teacher: And you refresh yourself.

Mondaa . Yes.

Teacher: Yes. You are perhaps hesitant to speak your thoughts

Not really, it's just a case of speaking odd questions that do occur, I speak out; but others I just pick from other questions that do occur, that have been asked, it doesn't hold me back...

Teacher: Yes. There are others who wish to make comment?

Tommas - Somebody did say; it might have been Charles, that they see you as, we imagine you would have been, sitting on a hill, and everybody sitting around, listening to you and that is the way that I now see you.

Teacher: Then, you shall close your eyes, your physical eyes. You speak of the fountain of knowledge, I use words thus. The oasis of knowledge, come join we at the oasis, where there is comfort, companionship, love, sharing, trust, knowledge, food for your soul, rest for your body, stimulation for your mind, and above all is CALM, at the oasis.

Oasis is a sanctuary from the struggle of living.

Teacher: . . . . . . . 45 seconds of silence

Then you may open your physical eyes.

Clara, you are of more comfort?

Clara Yes, thank you.

Teacher: I would request, if you have concerns, to discuss with Abraham, for as Tommas described your guidance, remembering your free will, I speak to all.


Selina, you are of comfort?

Selina Well, I am, but I must admit, the evening you asked us for our commitment, I very nearly asked you, what it was exactly that we were committing ourselves too. We all committed our selves blindly, I feel, and I would like to have, I don't know, I would like to have known more of what I was getting myself into, and I was embarrassed to ask on that occasion.

Teacher: You are not certain still?

Selina I guess I like things spelt out to me in black & white, I don't really like the vagueness of things, I tend to worry in case; I've got the wrong interpretation of things

Teacher: Then I ask you this, what is it you wish for from these appointments.

Peace, I think.

Teacher: Then this has been your commitment for 10 appointments.

You see, you have each a path, which has led you here. That path leads to love, light, truth, God. But each shall find on that path, their own need. It matters not if your need differs to that of others.

Your need is of importance for YOU and in the sharing of your need, others shall also find the same, and their need shall become also yours. You are understanding?

Selina Yes, Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Then I think it is opportune for each to share with all, what it is, they believe they have commitment for 10 weeks. You are agreeable, you-are worrying still Selina?

"No not so much.

Teacher: It is clear for you?

It may become clearer as each person can answer, if they know their own answer, that might help me more.

Teacher: Yes.

Tommas I have already noticed, since I've been coming to these appointments, the change in myself, in my attitude towards other people, people I normally don't or won't get on with, tend to ignore because I don't like them, and I've found that I have been talking to them, I've been taking the time to put myself out and try to make friends with them, even if they don't particularly want to know, at least I can walk away thinking, well at least I tried, and the next day I say Good morning again and I find I look on people with their annoying habits differently, and I don't let them get at me, so I guess I am learning.

Teacher: Yes. You are tapping the strength, yes, to which I have referred before times.


Filip I seemed to have spent all of my life trying to learn things, perhaps this is what I have committed myself for the next 10 appointments, but also I still have this feeling there is something that I have got to do, but I'm not finding time to do it at this stage, and I don't know what it is yet, but as we've said before, I shall know when the time is right, so at the moment I am trying to find the calm, so that I know when the time comes, I shall be ready to do whatever I've got to do.

Teacher: Correct. You may continue each in turn.

Clara I'm not sure if I can put this as I want to. I want to know, want to understand the God, whose somebody up there, and the God within myself, which I am coming to terms with, and I'm still searching...

Melda I want to experience, to know, what true happiness is and to be able to radiate that to others, because I think, only by knowing God in Jesus can you feel that.

Teacher: Correct.

Petta I have committed myself to coming because I feel I've been very lucky in having gone through, what I call, the Kindergarten stage for some years now, and I have been hearing from other guides, Silver Dawn is one that has talked to me a lot, and I feel now that having got the background, I've gone up to the next level of learning and it's progression all the time, and this is what I need, what I'm seeking.

Teacher: Yes.

Mondaa My thinking is much along those same lines, and wanting to know what my purpose will be at a later stage.


Belinda My commitment to your teaching was for me to learn for my soul growth, and to find inner peace, and I think I am still searching for that.

Teacher: Yes

Korde Coming and learning I've found an inner peace in myself, and a more loving attitude to others.

Teacher: Yes.

Bryoni You said something before about being; scattered, and I think this is one time that I find an opportunity that at least once a week I am not scattered, and very peaceful but it was an extremely good description of how I feel from time to time.

Teacher: Yes.

Dominica I feel tangled, I think that's how I'd describe it, and I think by committing myself to your teachings, I will find ME. I think that is what I am searching for.

Teacher: Yes.

Inner Life

Hagadah Abraham, I am in some confusion, because I feel I have been brought to the group for two reasons, and I choose the words very carefully, for development of God centreness,

Teacher: Yes,

"But I don't know at this time whether it is right to share the other reason I have been given...

Teacher: When you feel of comfort to do so, you may. Thank you.

Teacher: Then, you have all come on differing paths, but you are all treading the same path. Peace, knowledge, God, love, yes. Each differing explanation, but with the same meaning. The same intent. And it is understanding GOD IS.

This is your path. On this path you shall find peace, Selina, on this path you shall find knowledge, wisdom, correct.

On this path you shall find your God centered-ness Hagadah.

On this path you shall find your self, Dominica. Yes. On this path also you shall find tranquility, serenity, on this path is UNDERSTANDING GOD IS.

You wish to discuss this?

Selina, you are of a less worried mind?

Selina Yes, that was quite a lovely lesson thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You see, I am your teacher, in the manner I teach is to help each find within God, yes, so you really are, your OWN TEACHER. Yes.

You are understanding?

For the time between appointments, remember my words, UNDERSTANDING GOD IS

This shall bring comfort, shall bring calm, serenity, yes.

This is clear for you?

Clara To get that tranquility, we need to sit in the quietness do we go to the oasis?

Teacher: You may.

There is the stillness, the calm, yes. I would wish to say this,

Remembering there is no castigation,

It is of importance that EACH find this place WITHIN THEMSELVES without external means for assistance.

I am aware there are those present who are able to offer assistance to others. I would wish for this not to be so, until the persons present have discovered themselves, for themselves. You are understanding?


Teacher: In this manner you shall not be scattered, you shall be more often calm.

Teacher: If there is a thought to offer such assistance I would desire for it to be discussed with Abraham, you are understanding

Yes.Each must understand the power of self, to heal and assist selves to find the place, of Calm, wherein God resides.

You have understanding of my words?


Teacher: If you are unclear, do not hesitate to speak.


Selina I've been taking Bach Remedies, the last couple of weeks, once or twice a day, can I go it alone, I really don't need that, it's only helping me because I think it's helping me?

Teacher: Bach Remedies are indeed of benefit. I have said, the medication may negate the effect, just as strong essences in food etc. could disrupt the effect of Bach’s remedy, but you do not need the symbol of the remedy to feel you are improving. You are understanding?


Teacher: It is my advice, you have your free will to take or discard.

I bought the remedy, because you said the medication may affect it, and I thought, well, it may not affect it, and simply by taking it, I thought the power of thought, would help me, if I took it, I would Think, I was getting better, and eventually I wouldn't need to take it anymore, because I would feel so much better.

Teacher: You see thought is ALL that is needed.

The THOUGHT, that you shall feel BETTER with the calm, and you shall, be calm, be better.

You are understanding.

Selina - Yes, I shan't take anymore, and you can tell me how I have done at the next appointment.

Teacher: It is for your free will to take or discard. But heed my words this appointment for full understanding.

You have queries on my words? to Selina? You are all-understanding?

Selina - Nobody help me, all right (all-laughter) I'm going to go it alone.

Teacher: Teacher: You see, remember all the time I speak to one,

I speak to all, yes?


Teacher: And all gain benefit from the words spoken, yes.

Filip I am unclear on the offer to help.

Selina There has been several to me, from different people in the room that have different gifts.

Filip No, that was to you. We were talking about to each find our own inner self, there was somebody who could help, am I correct? I am not very clear on that.

Mondaa We were not to use that power; we will find it within ourselves.

Charles For instance, if we tried to make Eddie speak more, it’s not our place, it's up to him, if he wants to, if he doesn't, he doesn't, thoughts like that.


Teacher: Then if you are content, if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this.

I am, whatever you perceive, I am. Children, Shalom

All- Shalom.

Charles Says closing prayer.