1987-07-23-Remembering After Death

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Topic: Remembering After Death

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your teacher. You have queries?



Tommas - I went over your words again from last week and when you said that my thoughts of 2-3 years ago, were just a split second, I felt quite happy with that, and haven’t given any more thought to the problem of time, space. I feel quite happy.

Teacher: Good.

"And when we leave the physical, the soul plane, do we have as much trouble remembering our physical life, as we do trying to remember our soul memory?

Teacher: You do not.

"It all comes back straight, away?

Teacher: It does. I t does not remain however.

"Just long enough for you to go over it?

Teacher: You do not remember day, by day, by day events. but your path of learning

Teacher: Correct. Your Guidance assists you in assessing, yes.

"We visited my mother last night, and got onto the subject of religion, and she has had a couple of religious people around at her door, and she does not agree with them, she said she feels that there is another dimension, all around us now, and we sort of looked at her, because she has never been a religious person, and we said, what makes you think that, and she said, I've worked it out for myself, I've been reading over the years, and that's what I believe. She is in her 70's, and we felt quite pleased that she is on the right track.

Teacher: Yes. There are many persons with these number of years, who have a simplistic understanding without complications, yes, and it is simplicity. End of comment, I remember.

Petta - Just recently you have answered others queries about their guides, and I wondered if I might ask you, if you could give me any information on Vaughn, please, I really haven’t any ideas myself, I can't feel any particular ideas as to how I would imagine him, or anything.

Teacher: One moment. Ah, yes, your guide worked with abstract, possibly the reason you do not have a particular understanding of your guide. Think abstract, and you have knowledge of your guide. You may discuss this, if it is of assistance.

Mondaa - What is abstract, how would you describe it

Teacher: You see, because your soul is housed in the physical, which given certain variations, are the same, each to each, your thinking is contained within this physical view. It is not of necessity for a guide. You are understanding?

Petta - Not 100% no, I'm sorry.

Teacher: Then discuss, it may assist, Petta - .

Filip - My immediate thought was, a psychologist or somebody who works with thoughts, or abstract thinking, you know, things that are not....

Selina - , As they seem?

Filip - Well no, yes, something that's abstract like….

Teacher: Refer to your book of words, you shall become aware.

"art for example, seeking to make all effect through form and colour alone" (this is the explanation Abraham liked best)

Filip - Do you mean then that Vaughn was an artist of some description?

Teacher: Petta - shall discover. Having this understanding, you may grow in understanding from now.

Consider it, between appointments, you shall find your answer.

Petta - Could I just ask then please Abraham, was my feeling of Vaughn right, when I felt this feeling of space

Teacher: You cannot explain abstract, as I have said, you shall come to understanding.

Petta - Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome, it is an Interesting, yes. End of comment.

You are concerned, Petta - ?

Mondaa Confused would be the word.

Teacher: Do not concern.

Petta - I just expected a very straight forward answer.

Teacher: You shall find it to be so.

"I'm sure I will, thank you.


There are more queries.


Filip - I was just going to share with everybody. I've been reading a about re-incarnation which is put out by The Krishna consciousness but there is an interview with a Guru and a German professor, and if I can find the words…….

Perhaps it makes a difference, if a person thinks, I am a spirit and I have a body, rather than, I am a body, and I nave a soul.

Which I thought was rather good.

Teacher: Correct.

I was reading this today, and another guy, a young bloke came up and said, it's a good book, that, so, as Tommas - said, there are more people aware than we think, or that we know about.

Tommas - A chap taking a meeting where we went, said we are a soul, with a physical body.

Dominica I was reading a self-defense book, an ordinary book, written by this lady, but what she was saying, she must be in contact with herself, her guides, even though she not be aware of it.

Teacher: There are more queries?

Clara - (spoke too quietly, but something; about souls growing)

Teacher: Growth is always possible. You are forever learning, whether in the physical body or not. You repeat, and repeat and repeat.

Filip - Hari Krishna believe that if you don't learn your lesson, you come back as an animal, which we know is not correct,


Tommas - My Mother had an argument with two people from the Jehovah Witnesses, as soon as she found out who they were, she said, look I'm not interested, I don't regard you as Christians, I've been told, that if there was a war, you would not fight, but also you would not go to help as Red Cross etc, you would not help the wounded, and they said that's right, because by helping the wounded, who would be healed, patched up, the war would continue, they would go on to fight more, again, in which case, we have helped fighting. So my Mother said, she wouldn’t care if it was an enemy or not, if that man needed help, I would help him, and I think that makes me a Christian, and if that if your attitude, then I do not regard you as such.

Mondaa I had an instance today, with a young Maori girl, that I act like a father to, she has been sent out of her own home, so she has been flatting, and she has been flatting with a friend who is a Jehovah's Witness, and she has been told to get out of this house, the friend does not want her because she is not a Jehovah's witness, she is not a Christian, So I said to her, well it's not a very Christian act that your friend is doing to you, by turning you out, in a case of need, which I felt was silly.

Teacher: There are many who in the name of God or Christianity profess to do Christian acts, God like yes.

Tommas - It seems to be a shame that there trying to get on the right path, but just getting things wrong. But I dare say they will learn.

Teacher: Their paths have walls, so high, obstructing vision.

Filip - , you have thought of removing certain words

Filip - Yes, that was two appointments ago. I have pondered a lot on those thoughts, same as I said at the last appointment.

Teacher: You have reached some progress in your pondering

"Not sure. I haven’t had any great revelations, nothing that I can say, yes that is different etc.

Belinda I think you feel a lot calmer. Your attitude isn’t the same.

Filip - Yes, but I've been involved in a lot of other things.

Teacher: Is it of difficulty to remove such words?

"It depends on the context that they are used. Everybody asks how you are, and the natural reaction is to say, good. So it’s very difficult…….

Teacher: Superficial.

"Superficial, yes, as we said before. Yes, I have been pondering on those lines, good, bad, worse, better.

Teacher: And you are pondering on this in the context in which your query was made?


Teacher: Continue your ponderings.

Filip - It will come to me slowly, no doubt.

Teacher: There are more queries

Selina - , you have not queries?

Selina - I seem to have talked rather a lot, at the last couple of appointments.

Teacher: And this troubles you

"I don't want to be greedy with our time. I want to give the others a chance to talk, once I start, I don't seem to stop.

Tommas - I've never noticed (much laughter)

Teacher: And this causes you concern?

Selina - I don't want to take up more than my share of the time.

Teacher: If it is necessary for you to speak, then speak,

I don't really have any problems this week.

Teacher: I'm not particularly referring to this appointment, I refer to any appointment. You may ask, and I say this to all, of any query, without fear of embarrass, without fear of saying or taking too much. You come to me for the express purpose of querying, yes? then query.

"Well then, last week, I was going to ask you about, what I call, my black & white dream,

Teacher: Yeesss.

"And you said, do not concern,

Teacher: yeeesss

And I assumed you meant it was not important, do not worry about it anymore.

Teacher: You assumed wrong (much laughter)

"and when I was typing out the notes for the rest of the class, this is when I seem to get insights into what has been said, as I actually type them, and see them appear before me, I suddenly get a new meaning from what was said.

Teacher: It is often this way.

"When I reached the point on the machine where I mentioned my black & white dream, I suddenly realised, well, I think my interpretation, of what the dream was all about.

Teacher: Yes.

"But the others in the class won't know what the dream was, as I never got as far as describing it.

Teacher: But I was understanding you would find for yourself the answer.

"Was I correct in what I found?

Teacher: One moment..

The answer was correct. Not of a literal manner of course, but an abstract manner of describing for you, yes. And you see, I have said before times, and I say this to all, answers are in your self, and it is true, the written word does have more impact on your brains, your understandings, you have lost the art of knowledge being handed mouth to mouth, mind to mind, and you are conditioned to the written word. Do not concern.

Can I tell those in the room that do not know of it, about which I speak?

Teacher: Afterwards, if you would be so kind.

‘And the other thing I was going to mention tonight, if Tommas - didn’t, was getting back to his mother. Tony's mother and I don’t seem to get on very well.

Teacher: I am aware. The emphasis on MOTHER (much. laughter)

"Yes. I seem to antagonise her when ever we meet.

Teacher: And she, you?

"Yes, and I was talking to Melda on the phone this week, and this problem cropped up in our conversation, and Melda said she would put Tony's Mother on her positive list. I presume she prays for her, I didn’t actually ask, so I asked Melda to put me on her list also, because I need just as much help to make the love grow between us, and I promised Melda that I would go last night to see my mother in law, and I went really with dread in my heart because I'm usually told off for something, criticized in some way, and it was, I suppose I can say, almost a pleasant evening. I was walking on coals the whole night, she did not get upset with me, & I hadn’t got upset with her and I came away with a small present, and she phoned my children this morning and told them how much she had enjoyed our evening last night.

Teacher: So you see the power of thought, you were unable to do this for yourself, so you enlisted Melda's assistance, she acted as an intermediary between your guidance and your mother's guidance, yes. The power of thought,

Tommas - I spoke to my sister tonight on the phone, mother had been around there today, and my sister said how Mum really enjoyed her evening last night, it was very pleasant. And it is most unusual, now we will probably go a bit more often.

Selina - Don't rush me(much laughter)

So what with having a nice evening with my Mother in law and an answer to a very very old dream, I've had a very nice week.

Teacher: And who was it, who spoke of all the bad events that appear to have occurred for you.

Was that me, did I start that conversation off?

Teacher: Yes you did so you see, a change off thought pattern makes much difference.

Tommas - It’s quite often, the bad things that stick in your mind, the good times you have for the rest of the day, gets pushed aside by one bad event...

Teacher: And have I not said concentrate on the good and the bad shall be of little importance, yes.

Dominica And that's actually the technique Selina - used to cheer me up at the beginning of the year, you don't even use it for yourself.

Teacher: It is often easy do relate this to another because you do not have to do it for yourself.

Selina - Yes, I can be very wise for other people

Then, you shall take refreshment. I shall return, and you may relate your dream.


Selina - My dream was of the back of a black old car, many years ago, when I was a teenager or maybe younger. Everything else around was white, or shades of grey, stark empty trees dark hedgerows, empty white fields, and the car travelled on around winding country lanes, with me bouncing or floating along behind it.

Then I remembered that I was born in Scotland, in the winter of deep snow, my parents had to call a taxi or friends car, which was black as no coloured cars in those days, and they were driven some miles to a small country infirmary, my Father had to keep getting out off the car with a spade, so that he could clear the road ahead of snow, so that it could get through,

My interpretation was of me floating, along behind the car, waiting to enter the babe when it was born, so I had to be close at hand.


Teacher: You have just begun the path of knowledge. These 10 appointments have been of an investigating manner for you to begin understanding truth, which is light, which is love, which is God. Understanding self understanding the essence which is self. .

(essence, that which makes something what it is) (fundamental nature)

Teacher: Understanding the essence of self, which is soul. This part of our appointment shall be in a manner of celebrating this beginning. You shall close your physical eyes and ears, you shall be aware of my voice.

You shall each experience 5 minutes silence

Teacher: When of comfort, you shall each open physical eyes. Return to your physical surroundings. You have all experienced.

You wish to discuss

Tommas - I just felt peace, calm, vivid colours forever changing, swirling, colours I have not seen before as well..

Teacher: Yes.Yes.

Dominica yes. I was the same actually. I felt apart from the usual swimming feeling I get, the colours kept changing, it was like my mind just amusing itself.

Teacher: I shall explain when all have experienced. Filip -

Filip - I felt cold initially then like a blue pyramid pressing down on the top of my head,then I rose up and it felt as though I had a trunk at the front of my head, it felt like tube coming out the top of my head then I sort of just went up through the top of my head. I got deep red colours as well, which haven’t happened before. Then I could feel myself come down again.

Teacher: Yes.

Belinda I had very rapid eye movements, and pounding of my heart, it was going dark and then light and then dark. No colour.

Teacher: Yes.

Charles - I felt myself shaking, then I felt like a flame flickering, became that flame, then I saw the sea rippling, then I was soaring in the air, and I laughed to myself, because I has experienced air, water and fire, and I sort of came down to earth, and I saw just a low colour.

Teacher: Yes.

Clara - I had a great feeling of peace, and I felt as if I was looking or seeing from my third eye a fogginess and I was waiting for it to clear, but it didn’t, I just let it go, and felt the peace.

Teacher: Yes.

Benjamin I felt coolness, and saw lots of lights which became almost like a galaxy (can't hear the rest)


Selina - I felt my heat again, my stomach is burning, it is right through to my back, it seems to have spread right up into my chest this time, and it's still with me, it hasn’t gone yet, but I couldn’t get away from this room, I found myself thinking of the missing 4 of the class....


Teacher: Over concern for others Selina - .

I hoped that they were receiving something, that they weren’t missing out tonight.

Teacher: I shall speak to you of this. Martin?

Martin I saw the faint outline of a pyramid, and then it had a very bright top to it, then I was going through, almost like a tunnel, a soft tunnel, getting faster faster, and then when you said to return to the physical, I felt that I didn’t want to, it was peaceful then, it was hard to come into the physical.

Teacher: Yes,

Mondaa My first vision was a tiny pinprick of a white light that moved across from my eyes to one side and went smaller & vanished. Then I had a mixture of colours, rainbow mixed then that went, and I had this deep mauve, purpley colour, it seemed that I was either cased inside it, not going down it but physically surrounded by it, looking down it, and the peace that I had, I just didn’t want to come back because it was getting stronger and pulsating and it was a beautiful feeling and when I came back I felt my body seemed numb, and it didn’t seem as though my heart was beating, it is only just, slowly coming back to a feeling now, It was a beautiful feeling.

Teacher: Yes.

Petta - . I kept going away a lot, as I do normally in meditation but I did start off by feeling a very cold draught around my legs and when I went away, as a brought myself back, I just keep seeing little flashes of blue light, the nearest I can get is when galaxy was mentioned just now, I just kept coming and going so it was not as outstanding as other people.

Teacher: Do not concern,

You have experienced your self. Your essence, yes.

Those of you who have felt the draught, is of my presence,

Do not concern if you have not been aware of such. You have celebrated your self. You have found the serenity that is self Remember this experience when you are not of calm. Selina - , I have said earlier, you have much concern for others which is not well placed. Do not be concerned with my words, there is no castigation. This I speak to you for your benefit. You must think of self.

You must love of self.

You must care of self, others shall care for them self. Others shall love for them self, others shall think for them self. Do not do them out of this, for them self. You are understanding my words.

Selina - No, not all of them. Do you mean like giving advice to my children?

Teacher: I am speaking of any circumstance in which you are not considering your self, but of especial manner of those who are not in the physical presence, who you thought of, and took away from your self.

You are understanding (the 4 missing class members)

Yes, thank you.

Teacher: It is misplaced, it is of importance for self to think love and care for self.

You are understanding ?

"yes I am, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Then hear my words and you shall be of benefit. And I say this to all, as often times I do speak to all, self being soul, which is your essence, must be your concern. In this concern you are living God's truth, yes, you wish discussion?

"Yes, I don't know that I understand all that you are saying. As I feel heat, and it hasn’t died away yet, are you saying my essence is heat

Teacher: You have obstructed yourself.

Charles - - Putting others in front of yourself, you care for others, before you, the intention is good…….

Teacher: It is misplaced, it is not good, it is not of necessity. You are understanding?

Selina - Yes I am, but I don’t know at this stage how I can change that.

Teacher: Think, care and love of self.

Other shall take care, think and love of them self without your assistance, You do your self dis-service.

Petta - If I might join in on this one,

Teacher: You may.

"I know your feelings, what you feel, and I know what Abraham is saying because I've had this experience myself. I've spent a greater part of my life, and I know it was wrong, so it's not being big-headed, putting other people first, before doing what I want, and I'm not talking about family here, just neighbours or friends or whatever, and in many of those instances, because I have put them first, their worries and their emotions have become part of me, and health wise this wasn’t good so I was obstructing my growth, my freedom, and I've just come to the realisation now, that I have to think of me first, my growth, my health, I can still give them love, but I mustn’t take on other peoples concerns. I must let them think for themselves, and just be there on the outside in case they ask me for anything. And l think this is what Abraham is trying to tell you, instead of thinking of the people who are not here tonight, you should have been getting full benefit for self out of that quietness.

Teacher: Thank you Petta - ,

You are in a manner, quite correct.

I am not intending you should stop caring for others. I am not intending you should become a thoughtless, uncaring, selfish personality. SELF BEING SOUL, is what you must remember.

For you to benefit, you must think love & care for self. If you wish, it is the flame of your existence, a flame shall flicker in the draughts of time. Too much draught, there is danger of extinguishing this flame. Too little draught, and there is danger it shall sputter and die. You are understanding?

Selina - Yes, I understand that, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are of comfort?

"Yes, thank you.

Teacher: There is more comment?

"I need all your ideas folks.

Charles - Most people here this evening Abraham, saw a colour, would you like to refer to any of the colours

Teacher: I have said that which you have experienced is your essence, whatever colours are those of your essence, in an abstract manner.

Selina - What the class each saw tonight, that's what they will always see?

Teacher: Not so, not see, experience. It is not a visual, it is an experience, which I have asked for them to describe for them self, but it is not a seeing, it is an experience. Unique to each individual, similar, but not the same.

Selina - But if we did this again in a year, they would have the same feelings and sensations.

Teacher: Not of necessity. I have said, each is a unique experience for each unique individual, similar but not the same.

Tommas - , you are understanding my words to Selina -

Tommas - Yes, I think so.

Teacher: And you are all of comfort?

All yes.

Teacher: And the celebration is not as you would celebrate in the physical. (much laughter)

None the less, an important celebration, and as I have said, you are beginning your paths of knowledge of truth of light of love of God.

Then our next appointment is open for visitations and this is of comfort for all? And this shall become in a manner, the end of term break you mentioned, Selina - . Then I shall leave you this....

Clara - Could I ask one question before you go?

I wake at three, it feels as though someone has just woken me up, it's a regular occurrence, like someone is shaking me awake, I think, who's trying to tell me something, is it that, or is it that my body is into a habit now of waking.

Teacher: It is a possibility that you are being awakened for meditation,

"Yes, l can't keep my mind still enough during the day, it flips off to do other things.

Teacher: Then perhaps this is your answer,Thank you,

Teacher: You are welcome,

Filip - We spoke some time ago, about contact points, again tonight I've had a feeling on my head, is this Michael touching me. The last time we did this I had a pressing feeling on the left hand side of my head, and tonight it is different, but it's the head again, what's the explanation for that?

Teacher: It is a possibility, it is Michael. Ask him.

I don't always get answers....


Teacher: You are not aware of the answers, yes. Then I shall leave you with this Pleasurable it is for me to meet with you, remember your experience, remember my words and above all remember God


Belinda Closing prayer.