1993-07-06-Growth & Change

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Growth & Change

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Jonathan



Michael: There is much to do in your quest for Father. He gives such gentle guidance to those who would listen.

I have begun to see the change within your beings, in your attitudes to your life endeavors, in your response to change. I give much time to the effort. I hope to see continued growth towards achieving understanding of the life circumstances around you. It is the first step towards mastery, to coordinate your life with the surrounding affectations. Just in taking the time to see the relationship that exists between yourself and others do you begin to formulate understandings.

When one comes upon a particular event that is difficult to comprehend, the first impulse for a reactionary being is to walk away if possible. But instead, as you proceed in understanding the person, the being, or the concept that stands before you, then you make steps for growth of being.

Never feel you need to walk away from what lies before you. In uncertainty, you have displayed before you options, but as you continually learn to follow the way that brings you toward the understanding of relationships, then you will begin to understand the will in a deeper sense of being.

It is much for joy when one decides they would like to follow the will of God. Joy increases with much satisfaction when you grow in the abilities to understand the will of God. For in understanding, the path becomes clear.

Ignorance is not bliss in the spiritual realm of understanding for all true satisfaction comes from understanding.

I am Michael and I spread my love to you this evening. Open your understanding to Father and you will certainly grow.

I have finished my talk with you this evening. Yet I will stay in presence with you.

(Long pause. . . . . )

Aaron: I send greetings from Elyon and your guides. It is pleasing to have Michael present this evening. I am Aaron and I would say hello to you. (Pause.)

Due to the emotions that B. is feeling, it would seem appropriate to bypass the questions for this evening.

If you feel the understanding, then share the love.