1994-01-07-Third Anniversary Meeting

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Topic: Third Anniversary Meeting

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Gerdean, Rutha



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Good evening friends. I am Daniel, your guide and your teacher. It is my joy this evening that after our absence we have again resumed our connection and the friendships that have been cemented in love and bonded through faith. As you have sat here this evening you have been willing partners in a change that is and will continue to uplift and bring forth enlightenment. While it is seemingly impossible to understand or acknowledge that your faith and your willingness to be open will make significant changes, let me assure you that it is through small groups such as this, it is through many avenues, that the change that is so necessary will be brought about. As you continue to bring forth your own potentialities, you will be bringing a greater light into the world. As more and more lights are sparked with greater luminosity will there be a more noticeable, consistent change that will steadily increase.

And so I wish to thank you in this group for your steadfastness over the last two years. Indeed, have all of you been challenged to accept through faith that risk of believing, of setting aside doubt, and asking that the necessary encouragement and information be given to you that you can then make the choice. Your choice of continual gathering and acceptance of this Mission, has, as you have seen, brought tremendous change in your life: change in your thought processes; change in the way you perceive your actions; the way you perceive life; the way you perceive your 'beingness' in the light of the First Source and Center.


Flexibility, Flow

And so on this occasion of a new beginning year-wise and as a time of marking my presence among you, let me again remind you of our first lesson in which I asked you to be like the willow that is able to bend with the wind. If you had been a tree that refused to bend then the storm of self-doubt, the storms of being able to allow growth to take place would have surely cracked and you would have been broken in many ways. Instead, you have chosen to bend with the flow, always knowing that with the First Source and Center as the Love that encloses and nourishes all, that when the storms had passed you again could rise up and stand tall.

You have been asked in many ways to go with the flow, follow the current, yet be apart from it in the fact that you would perceive that the flow of life has a definite purpose. You have been asked to allow the flow of life to carry you along; but at the same time you have been [encouraged] to realize that undercurrents and the various tides and ebbs and flow of the water of life's current are subject to great turmoil, of times when decisions and choices must be made. By tuning in to that greater presence within, you have been able to withstand the whirlpools and you have come out again going with the flow.

As you begin a new time, a new season, I ask you to reflect upon the lessons I have given these last two years. I ask you to consider this week one lesson that you found most important for you. And ask yourself, is this lesson still bringing forth growth and change? As you will find in your quiet time this week, you will find challenges. You will find yourself asking hard questions. Do not be afraid. Do not hesitate to sit there with yourself. Allow those hard questions to be asked, that in the asking you are hearing, and in the hearing you will then bring about thinking. And out of thinking there can then be action.

The times ahead will be no different than the times behind you because this is life. And as life evolves and moves forward there will always be questions that must be answered. There will always be obstacles that you must overcome. There will always be the moments of great joy and in contrast the moments of deep sorrow. Through all of this, though, those who maintain the quiet stillness, daily practice of turning inward, of focusing on the love of the Father, these individuals will be able to walk life's path with greater confidence, greater security, and more love for their fellow men. And let me personally thank each of you for your openness to me and my words.

This evening we have in our group a wondrous person whom you have all grown fond of. Gerdean, I welcome you into the weekly meetings. And I ask that you be willing to be a TR alongside of Rutha on these evenings, that there can be tradeoffs between the two of you, that through you may come a wise teacher. And my friend Tomas, if this is amenable to you, we will indeed be able to raise the consciousness, the perception and understanding of this group even more. Indeed are the unfoldings of life not always understood! Indeed do our paths follow a certain direction and then change and go another way as yours has done. Know that the path that you have taken, even though it has taken a bit of a different direction, is beautifully and wonderfully working toward the end of the ascendant career. We welcome you and we look forward to having you enrich this group.

And I will not be giving a formal lesson this week as this is a time that I wish for you to reflect and gather your thoughts pertaining to the growth and the potential growth that you wish to see or have seen in your being. One moment.

TOMAS: Greetings my friends, I am Tomas. I have been given time this evening to come before you as another teacher for this joyful, wondrous, and loving group! Your presence here this evening is indicative of your strong faith, and your willingness to allow the fruits of the Spirit to fill your being. I have been looking forward -- for a longer time than Gerdean knows -- to the time when I would be able to address a group, more than one or two. I am very pleased that the path and route that has been chosen by Gerdean has likewise been able to assist me in bringing about a service in which I have longed to be employed! And so very briefly today I am saying to each and every one of you that I hope that the love and the respect you have given my friend and brother Daniel, that you will also be able to accept me as you have him. And so this evening I would like for each of you to open up that I can embrace you and allow my presence to become a part of your life as well. This is a great moment for me and I am overjoyed. I will now turn this back over to Daniel. I send you my love. And Gerdean, know my fondest love is for you.

DANIEL: Thank you Tomas. As always, it is exciting for this group to have visitors. And your words, I know, have touched these beautiful beings. And I can assure you that they will, and have already, accepted you into their lives. My friends, I will accept questions.


Kent: Good evening Daniel. DANIEL: Good evening, Kent.

Kent: You've paid us the compliment for the last two years of being our teacher and our guide and our friend. It is our privilege, especially mine, to be part of this. And I thank you, and the Father, of course. Thank you Daniel and welcome, Tomas and Gerdean, to our group. You are more than welcome. Thank you.

DANIEL: And so noted. And know that your love is felt and accepted.


Gerdean: Daniel, this is Gerdean. Thank you. It's really wonderful to hear you. And particularly, I thank Tomas because, as he said in one of his more recent transmissions, you will come to feel that you are not talking to yourself. I really enjoyed the discourse that I saw occur between you and Tomas. And I'm wondering if this is something that we will be treated to, with two teachers in our group? Mostly it is as I have observed one teacher and their students. If we have two teachers, will we get to see more intercourse between the teachers? Or was that just a fringe benefit of welcoming Tomas on board?

DANIEL: As you know, there is no definite set rule or format for lessons. As you allow and open up, much can occur and will continue to occur. Indeed there can be this overlap. There can be many possibilities and ways of bringing about the lessons, the formats of the lessons. This is subject to the overseeing of these teachings by Abraham and Machiventa. Yet teachers are given much leeway. Tomas and I, as we have reported previously, have much between us, friendship, and so we would more than likely share ideas regarding lessons together. Many possibilities are open, indeed!

Gerdean: This is Gerdean again. It is indeed wonderful to not feel as though I am talking to myself. You asked us earlier to focus this evening on development in the past under the guidance of you and our teachers. And also to reflect on where we are going. Midwayer Jack would always present little comments like that, which are just laden with thought-provoking innuendo. What shall we think about in terms of where we are going? Are we talking about as a group? Are we talking about as a Mission? Are we talking about as morontial beings? Are we talking about soul development? Are we talking about working in the field? Where we are going? I mean that's -- Where we are going. We are going, we are becoming and we are going into Light and Life. That is a big assignment, Daniel! Are those for us to ponder? Or would you give us some further definition.

Teaching Mission, Change

DANIEL: The good student is always one that has many more questions of the teacher! And, of course, your discourse opened up, I am sure, many ideas for your brothers and sisters here to think about. There are seven days in the week. I believe you gave around seven things to think about. Of course, these are questions that could only be answered abstractly by you, in terms of your morontial growth, and etc. For spiritual growth is not something you can encapsulate as you do many of the other ideas. For it is something that is still very elusive to your thought patterns and your ways of thinking. This week I would ask that you think about your life in terms of how you can best fit your human/material life into a more divine thought pattern. How has the Teaching Mission helped you to bridge that gap between your human nature and your spiritual nature? Is the chasm that used to be so deep, still as deep? Or is there a way in which you are able to live life knowing full well at most moments of your life that you are also of a divine nature as well?

Part of the Teaching Mission must be to first build on the individual's own understanding. During these last two years my messages and the messages of the many teachers around the globe, the messages from Abraham and Machiventa and the very special messages from Christ Michael Himself have all been given that you can bridge that gap, that you can know full well your divine nature as well as you know your human nature; that you at all times become consciously aware of your dual nature. As that happens, then the choices and direction in which your life goes, or follows, is directed by a guidance so powerful that you more consistently make choices that work, that are in line with the will of the First Source and Center. When individuals are at this point, then there can be more branching out.

And at some point during this next year it is hoped that as a group you will perceive areas and directions that will help bring about change within the community or within certain areas; that you will as a group go out and work together. As you have become more solid in your understanding and confidence, you will then be able to move in broader directions. My question to you this evening has been to think about that growth that has occurred and think about the possibilities of things that can lie ahead. What are the goals that you would like to set up? What are goals you would like to see achieved, for yourself personally, and for the group as well? Do not become overly concerned that you need to have a list of do's and don'ts, of things you want to achieve. What is important above all is that you realize there has been a change. And I ask you to consider the ramifications of this change and what this change can do for others as well. Many, many are the questions that you can ask. As you feel guided or so moved you will ask them. I ask that you not fear questions that are asked, but rather be willing to seek an answer for them. Does this help?

Gerdean: Yes Daniel, thank you. [Long silence]

Isaac: This is Isaac, Daniel. Maybe the silence is because, well, I know in my case this is such a powerful meeting to have teacher Tomas with us as well as Gerdean, and to be thinking about the fact that we have been two years with you and all that that has meant. So maybe that is why we are just sort of awestruck and quiet. I personally want to welcome teacher Tomas and tell him, and I think this is true of all of us, that we are overjoyed to have him with us. The possibilities of an additional teacher can't be imagined ahead of time, I don't believe, just as any group is greater than the sum of its members. I am very excited about the future, despite my experience last night that you heard me report. I want to thank Abraham for his comforting words also.

DANIEL: So noted. Friends, as you begin this new season, this new time with not only a new friend among us, but also with a rebirth of the Christmas messages, let us part this week, and in parting I wish to give each of you my love and my commitment to serving the Teaching Mission; that the work that Christ Michael has set in motion will find, through the individuals such as yourselves, acceptance; and through acceptance, growth. I am ever thankful that the path that I have chosen has brought to me the ever- expanding knowledge of the First Source and Center. If I could, I would love to give each of you but a glimpse of what I have ascertained, that which I know, for it would so revolutionize your lives! But this is not the plan. The plan is that you grow and you become. May I also say that you should enjoy that becoming, despite its trials, for as you succeed through each trial do you become better able to grasp deeper and greater truth.


My love to you my friends. Go now this week, that the love of the First Source and Center can encourage you and give you strength, that it will help you to set forth greater plans and greater goals, a greater willingness to say, 'Thy will be done'. Good evening.