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Topic: Addictions

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teachers: Ham, Elyon

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I want to thank you for gathering. Welcome, Vontis. Yes, we are again going to discuss the acquiring and utilization of spiritual energy effects.



You tend to make it hard on yourselves to experience spiritual energy by using drugs. Caffeine and alcohol are included in this. Nicotine is also seriously inhibiting of the bodies natural sensitivity to spiritual energies. Stimulants and depressants tend to alter the electrochemical balance that is necessary to feel through the human body impulses that are then conveyed to the mind.

Your bodies are extremely sensitive, fine-tuned equipment. The Father's spirit acts to adjust and tune the body toward receiving spiritual energies. It is unwise to attempt to adjust the body yourselves by the clumsy means of drug use. By using drugs, you directly and now consciously thwart your Father's efforts. I am not prescribing a strict teetotaler regimen on you, but I want you to become aware of the delicate chemical balance that our bodies maintain.

Also, a warning against the use of psychochemical drugs such as marijuana. These drugs may lower the normal barrier that exists between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and so it is easy to delude yourselves into thinking wrongly because the emotional response to this thinking is stronger than usual. Dreams are strong emotional experiences for the same reason. You may think you are discovering the superconscious when in fact you are entering the realm of the more primitive emotional animal mind, the subconscious.



Q: Is that the dwelling place of the ego?

Ham: No, the ego is in all three realms, superconscious, conscious, and unconscious mind. In fact, it is hard to separate the ego from the mind itself. For mind to operate as a distinct entity, it must perceive itself as distinct, but the decision to choose unselfishness is made by the will in synchrony with the divine will, thus overcoming the ego's objections. The power of decision, that is the power of will decision, always elevates the human character because it is your will in partnership or synchrony with the divine will so the spirit asserts dominance over mind. The ego mind always is focused on what will I lose while the will and augmented soul always focuses on what will I gain. Does this help to clarify for you what the ego is and its functions.

Q: Yes, it helps Ham.

Ham: Do you have other questions on this subject.

Q: Are you saying all mind altering drugs are used in response to the ego?

Ham: Yes, I would say that they are a self-focused act, so would come under the loose classification of being ego driven.

Q: It is self-focused, and it is also self-focusing isn't it.

Ham: Yes.

Reality, Energy

Q: Do you think about the levels of reality as vibrational frequency levels?

Ham: Yes and No. It depends upon what levels of reality or aspects of reality you mean. Physical matter and morontia matter do exhibit what it referred to as vibrational frequency. But mind and spirit do not. Are you understanding?

Q: Yes, I was going to ask you that next. So do certain levels of virbrational frequency have corresponding access to different portions.... like on one vibrational frequency you would be more privy to the morontia experience and on another you would be more privy to an emotional or physical area. I know that it is clumsy on my part.

Ham: Yes, this is expressing my understanding very well. While in the physical body, you are experiencing greater or lessor conscious synchronization with the soul's vibrational energy. Fairly good synchronization creates health, mental stability, and emotional well being. When the mind becomes disassociated with reality, feeding spiritual poisons to the soul and chemical poisons to the body, then illness, depression, and antisocial behavior results. So the decision process is absolutely crucial to synchronizing the physical and the morontial, it is in this state of synchronicity that many blessings are realized. One blessing we discussed last week was the ability to influence your fellows through the heart's stream of love. This is not an aggressive posture, it is not an attitude of trying to influence for personal gain. In fact, it is the opposite of that, it is the attitude of complete vulnerability, of nonresistance, You love because you are love not for anything else. Love itself is your reward, and so you need nothing from any other.

Q: So the reward is being able to love?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Wow. About your lesson tonight ham, the way to control one's frequency is to control it on the electric side through faith rather than on the chemical side through blood sugar? .

Ham: You, yourself, cannot tune the body.

Q: But, everybody tries to through the blood sugar side.

Ham: Yes, and by other means. It would be like trying to repair a watch with mittens.


Q: It seems to me that where man wants to get is to drop down into the morontia area of high blood sugar.

Ham: It is not the morontia area. It is the subconscious area.

Q: So, through faith one relaxes and drops to a lower vibrational frequency, or not, goes to a higher.

Ham: No, but it is not a nervous making creation. (Some discussion here)

Ham: Yes, Jarad, you are confusing emotional states with vibrational states.

Q: And levels of awareness and perception?

Ham: Awareness and perception, certainly, but the blood sugar analogy is not a part of this understanding.

Q: Can you give me some more of that?

Ham: The chemical bodily response to levels of blood sugar is entirely physical and somewhat creative of the animal responses.

Q: I was going to say associated response becomes a part of it? So you become attenuated to or predisposed to have a view point. O.K. I understand.

Soul, Mind

Ham: The morontia soul, as you know, fills the entire body form and is centered around the area of the heart, maybe more of the mid point between the heart and the solar plexus in the middle of the body. This is the point of contact between the spiritual, the morontial, and the material.

When you speak of experiencing God's love as a physical sensation, it is there at the center of the body that this physical sensation occurs. It is there in the center of the body that feelings of love, or empathy, or sympathy for anther person is felt for these are spiritual emotions, higher emotions. When you feel moved by great words, or great music, or the beauty of a painting or a sunset, again you feel that warmth there in the center of the body.

It is unfortunate that your scientists have understood a limitation of the mind as being the brain. The mind is not the brain. The brain acts as a computer for the mind, it is a storage house, and an intelligence center for the nervous system which allows sensory perception in the physical form of the physical world. But, the proper center of the mind would be there at the center of the body for this is the point from which you feel your great decisions are originated. Is this not so?

Q: It is also there when you hear something or know something that is true, it resonates in that spot as well. Ham: Yes.

Q: What is that we call chill bumps, when we are in awe of something.

Ham: This is more of the animal response than a purely spiritual response. More emotional response.

Q: We can have an emotional response to a spiritual experience.

Ham: Yes.

Q: And probably often do.

Ham: Correct.


Q: How do the stimulants and depressants interfere with our heart center, or can you correlate these ideas for us.

Ham: They, in general, throw the underlying body chemistry into a reaction response so your body instead of tuning with the spirit is actively counteracting some foreign chemical that you have introduced. This is taxing to the body and eventually the body becomes habituated to this stimulation and so the chemical balance is constantly incorrect, it is unnatural. The Father of course works within this situation, but it is not optimum for his efforts. So it is not just an unkindness to yourself, but an unkindness to your Father as well.

Q: What is the best course of action for caffeine, to go cold turkey and eliminate it or to try to taper it off. I should say, specifically, what is the best course of action for me?

Ham: Caffeine is highly addictive, and the body adjust to its ingestion gradually so that the ingestion of caffeine becomes a dependency very much like the opiate based drugs. The nature of it is such that cold turkey is pretty much best solution because cutting down isn't usually a way to quit. You of course will have headaches and irritability for several days but not to the point of debilitation.

Q: I will feel better if I succeed from withdrawing from caffeine? Ham: Yes, it is a problem for you even now and will get worse until you quit.

Q: I am sure you have the same advice for me.

Ham: Yes, I would advise quitting caffeine.


[Editor: This is a session in which Ham makes the group face the problem of drug addiction. At the bottom of this transcript is an excerpt from the Elyon group which also addresses addictions]

EXCERPT from Elyon transcript dated April 20, 1997 on addictions:

Another questions concerns addictions and food cravings. Ham addressed this well and helped a lot. To turn it over is difficult because it takes complete sincerity. The craving is so strong; I am sincere, yet cravings lessen the sincerity. Also am I understanding the light in that my light can adjust my blood sugar and reprogram my body and mind if I would just allow it to happen and not get so caught up in craving? Instead, if I crave the light and the Father, I would be adjusting the craving.

Elyon: You are making progress in your understanding as I witness your expression here. I would return to the hourglass analogy. The cravings you experience that have negative repercussions are much like the glass where the sand has completely fallen to the bottom, and now you are craving the movement. Turn the glass over and let the, as you have said, light pour back into your being. It is the dynamics of spirit that fulfills. When you are bottom-heavy in your son of man dimension, the cravings can lead to poor habits. This is the time to rotate and then become top-heavy with your spirit dimension. The movement itself of light and love, of truth awareness, will clear you of the negative outworking. Craving itself is not a thing to remove from your being, for it is a signal of a need. It is what your Thought Adjuster relies upon in order to minister to you. It is a loud form of asking. It is when you focus toward solution, fulfillment of the craving, that you are either entering into a stumble or beginning to receive a higher standing for yourself. Does this help?

Gloria: Yes. I'm getting that it is a combination of spirit and good food to balance the blood sugar.

Elyon: Yes, for you are both spirit entity and an animal creature.

Gloria: So, not to rely on the material part of me to balance the blood sugar but to bring in the combination?

Elyon: Correct.

Gloria: Okay, good. Thank you very much. I always wanted an hourglass figure!

Elyon: I would close my little presentation by making one last point, and that is the significance of the hourglass lies in the entire space within it. There is no membrane that separates your God-aspect and your man-aspect. It is as one in closure. The imagery of the pinch in the center is in order that we may present truths that may be edifying, which is part of your entire being. Thank you.