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Topic: Marleena Ambrose Poem

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: A'Sandra, Marleena, AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin, Eric



A’Sandra: Greetings dear ones, it is I, A’Sandra, your teacher.

Group: Welcome

A’Sandra: Thank you. I have a question for each of you. I have a fair understanding of what your answers may be, but I would like for you to reiterate them, if you wouldn’t mind. My question to you is: How connected to the Father do you feel? In what ways do you experience your connection with Him?


Eric: I’ll attempt an answer first, I guess. Some of my experience of the Father is as a child curled up in His arms. But most of the time my experience of the Father is more along the lines of the “shoulds”, and “shouldn’ts” that I have learned in terms of what we think of as a spiritual attitude, versus what is a decidedly animal level feeling, and I will often times experience to the fullest, the animal level of reaction, and then go back and revisit it as though I’d taken a dump out in the woods and went into the house to get Dad to bring him out and show it to Him! And, I can’t say that that’s exactly the kind of relationship I want to have with the Father, and yet I guess as a child of the Supreme, I don’t expect that I’d ever have the experience of God needing my support, or God having a problem and needing to talk it over with me.

It always feels like a completely one way street with me always looking at where I have or have not grown, and turning to God and saying, "Help me." And I guess in terms of the ideals that one shouldn’t be selfish, or one shouldn’t always be saying, me, me, me!…I feel like I haven’t even gotten out of the sandbox, or the little playpen, that I’m still very much a neophyte, and at the same time I have difficulty most of the time with the idea of "turning it all over to God"….not exercising my own will.

I have heard in the past in Teaching Mission sessions that our life is an exercise in co-creation. We need to have wants and desires of our own, things that we want to create, and then to compare notes with God to see if that’s something that God wants to have us create and to work with us in helping us to create it. And, then, the last piece of my experience of God is, sometimes when I’m doing energy work, that I will tap into the Father and invite the Father to use me to transform His Love/Energy from some pure spirit form into a more time/space oriented, third dimensional form that I can essentially, just broadcast or transmit, without depleting any of my own physical reserves, and at those times, it feels like a pure, unselfish experience with the Father that is very nice.

A’Sandra: Yes, indeed! Do you ever experience on a knowing, conscious level, the inner nudges that you get…guidance that the Father feeds to you? And what is it that lets you know that you have indeed, connected with him in that moment?

Eric: Well, I can’t say that I’m always sure that it’s the Father, for it certainly could be an angel or a morontia brother or sister, but there are times when I get the feeling…I tend to think of them more on the Angelic level, but an example might be, Saturday, going to a party, looking at the clouds and thinking, "Oh, it’s gonna be cloudy the rest of the day, even though I got a nudge to bring my sunglasses, and I guess one of the ways I know, is when I start to argue with the suggestion! (laughing)

A’Sandra: (laughing)…yes!

Eric: And sometimes I go with it and sometimes I don’t. Saturday was a perfect example of feeling the nudge, but then ignoring it…then late in the day the clouds disappeared and it became totally sunny till the end of it, and I was really wishing I had brought my sunglasses! And, of course God or the Universe Mother Spirit would know how long the clouds were going to last, and they would know that I would later in the day, need my sunglasses…looking out for my welfare, it seems, they encouraged me to be so mindful. I think that covers it.

A’Sandra: Thank you. And you, Little One? Will you share with us tonight?

Mary: Well, when I’m feeling connected I can see opportunities everywhere, for spiritual connecting and spiritual work. And, I feel the Father down to the tiniest details of my life; I just feel His presence; I feel His hand in the simplest thing that I do. Those are the times when I wake up and my first thought is of my Father. As for nudges, I never know if it’s my Father, or His agents, and it doesn’t really matter, but out of the blue, I have a very strong feeling, or thought….but that’s not the case now….now, it’s very subtle…instead of a kick in the butt, it’s a very subtle tap on the shoulder.

A’Sandra: Perhaps He no longer thinks you need a kick in the butt.

Mary: Correct. It’s to make me pay attention.

A’Sandra: Indeed. And now, I’m going to ask JoiLin to attempt to answer this question and then get me back on line…let’s see how she handles this one! (smiling)

JoiLin: Well, there have been times in my life when contact with the Father has just blown my socks off, and those have been undeniable – that they were Him. Other times when I’ve come up out of a meditative state, I’ve heard – audible – I actually heard audible words, not like I hear you A’Sandra, or the other Teachers, but these were words. So my understanding was very clear that, that also came from the Father. So, I’ve had times where there’s absolutely no doubt, but as far as the daily nudges, and things like that, I’m still struggling with understanding myself when it’s intuition, and when it’s conscience, and when it’s Thought Adjuster nudges, or angelic nudges, or whatever, and it just seems to me that there ought to be a qualitative difference to each of those levels but at this point, I’m clueless. I’m not able to pick up on a difference. And, so I don’t really worry much about those nudges. I mean I hear them, and like Eric, a lot of times I do choose to not listen and then I’m always sorry! I find out that I should have listened, but since there is no qualitative difference, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying over who it’s coming from. I mean if it’s my angels, my Teachers, if it’s my Father Fragment, I don’t really think He cares about getting recognition for it, so long as I do what it is that I’m being helped to choose to do.

And so, that’s my take, you probably heard us speaking earlier, about how I was saying that for a year and a half now, I’ve not been connected like I was. You know there’s an expression, "Being in the flow", and I was very definitely in the flow, and very connected, and through my own slothfulness, brought on by circumstances, I chose not to take the time to meditate everyday. I could have set the alarm for five, or five thirty, but, I didn’t. So I’m feeling the pull, from Spirit, to get back on track, and start doing the things where I know I can make a difference. Now, I’m done. And now we’ll see if we can get you back!

A’Sandra: You managed quite well!

JoiLin: Thank you!

A’Sandra: You’re quite welcome. And, thank you Little One for your input.

A’Sandra: And, now I have a second question. How often during your day, do you sense either a feeling of being weary, or disconnected, or depressed, or bored, or tired? Does this happen to you? Do you feel these things?

Eric: Sure.

Mary: Absolutely.

A’Sandra: And, what do you do to circumvent these feelings – or alter these feelings?

Eric: I confess that most of the time I seek refuge in oral satisfaction, in one form or another. Occasionally, I will actually pause, and make connection, or choose peace. And, like JoiLin, I feel as if I have not been doing that nearly enough. I think my stress level would be a lot lower if I were better at establishing contact with the Father more often.

A’Sandra: Oh, indeed! Thank you for your honesty.

Mary: I call JoiLin, and dump on her!

A’Sandra: Yes, I’m well aware of that. (smiling)

Mary: Or, I take a nap. Or, I go shopping. Sometimes I eat, unless I’m obsessing over my weight.

A’Sandra: And now, I would like to make a suggestion. When you begin to feel, on any level, the kinds of things we just spoke about, recognize how many opportunities you have to step into the cool, uplifting waters of the Father’s Love. Beauty is in itself, a magnifier, and an uplifter. Its purpose is to help to raise you above your despair or boredom; raise you to a level up a bit higher, where your thoughts can become spiritized.

Close your eyes, if they are not closed and see with me. You’re driving out in the country, and at first you’re just driving, mindless driving, but suddenly your mind catches what your eye has seen. You’ve seen something beautiful! Everything is beautiful in it’s own way; the shape of a tree, the dappled pattern that the sun puts upon meadows as it filters through the leaves of large trees, is in itself, a dance. The flowers that are blooming all around, and about this time of year; how often do you stop to smell them –to look at one intimately – and appreciate the beauty the Father has given you in abundance?

Music is also readily available to most of you. Picking up a picture album lets you go back through the pages of time, and puts you back in touch with moments of your children’s lives, perhaps, or especially poignant moments along your own path that were marked by one celebration or another. And then of course, going within and attempting to still your mind and allow yourself to lie back within the support of the loving embrace of your Father. All, and any of these measures, as well as countless others, will lift you above that momentary moment of depression, or anger, or even simple boredom.

Learning to see with spiritual eyes, does not simply pertain to looking at your brothers and sisters in an open hearted, loving fashion. It means looking at all of life with your spiritual eyes – seeing the beauty, and the Love, and the support, that surrounds you, each of you, all of the time.

The Father has given you, provided for you, many tools, would you but use them. And so, I would like to close this session, encouraging each of you, over the next week, to first begin to pay attention, once again, to those inner nudges, make yourself be aware of them – and you do have that control. Make a note of them, write it down if you must, how many times did you listen and follow? How many times did you choose not to follow? How many times have you changed your mind, and followed? These are such important signs of your own inner growth, that I recommend it to each of you. For when doing this, you are instantly creating an open connection to your Father, with your Father.

That is one suggestion. The second suggestion is that when you find yourself in those places of disharmony, reach for the gifts that will benefit you the most. Do not reach for half measures, something that satisfies the physical body, and so fools you into believing it has also served on other levels. Treat yourself to a bath of sunshine; listen for the trill of the birds. If you can get outside, do so when you are feeling this way – if you cannot, perhaps a poster put up in an advantageous position, near your work space – one that allows you to move into it, something with some depth – this could serve to connect you to these gifts of which I speak. I did leave out one thing, you could also spend that time connecting with one of your brothers or sisters; connecting on a slightly raised level than is your normal habit.

So be good to yourself, over this next week. Listen to the Father. Be open to recognizing your willingness to walk the path with Him and allow Him to take you by the hand and replenish your batteries – refill you with that most special elixir that comes from union with Him – through these gifts. I will open the floor very briefly, as I realize we have a time constraint, but if there are questions, I will certainly attempt to answer them.

Mary: For a change, I have none.

Eric: I’m too content in this space to even think of any.

A’Sandra: Well, good then, my lesson has served you both well, perhaps.

Group: Thank you.

A’Sandra: You’re quite welcome. Remember, Dear Ones, how truly loved and supported you each are. Recognize that your angels and the others that make themselves available to you, are truly not able to do very much, without your conscious asking. So ask them to help you on whatever level you need help. Remember to ask daily, often, you cannot know the joy that it brings to them, when you, who cannot see, reach out to touch them with your love and with your trust. And now I close, leaving you as always with my love and deepest appreciation for your coming here week after week. Shalom.

Mary: God speed.

A’Sandra: (smiling) Thank you Little One.

T/R: Eric: I’m getting somebody…don’t know who yet….

Marleena: Good evening dear friends. This is Marleena, and how are you this evening, my children?

JoiLin: Fine!

Mary: Fine.

JoiLin: Mary’s lying!

Marleena: You’re being most helpful this evening, I see! (looking at JoiLin)

JoiLin: (laughing) I’m trying!

Marleena: Do we speak for others, often?

Mary: Almost never.

Marleena: Tonight I would like to begin with a poem that was written a long time ago.

We see, without seeing the unknown.
We know, without knowing the unknowable.
And yet, we are in the body
that will forever be one with the Source,
And we will forever be connecting
with more and more of that which is.
So let us be in the heart of God,
all the while performing the functions of His limbs.
This we can do without thinking,
but not without feeling.
We are blessed to be so connected,
and yet challenged in those ways in which we are not.

This was a poem from my Teacher, long ago.

JoiLin: From your teacher, Marleena?

Marleena: When I was a mortal, yes.

JoiLin: (Smiling) Oh! That was going to be my question! I wondered if it came from another world. Thank you for sharing that.

Marleena: You’re welcome, my child. This is a time when all the unknowables begin to become accessible to your knowing. It is also a time for shifts, changes, re-awakenings, new awarenesses, and new affection for the familiar as well as the new. So let us rejoice in all the opportunities that abound for these experiences. Let us be thankful for those times which we choose to be mindful, and let us be gentle on ourselves, all the rest of the time. This is all.

JoiLin: Thank you Marleena.

Marleena: You’re welcome.

T/R: JoiLin:


Ambrose (AhmaNiden): Greetings friends, it is I, Ambrose, he who loves you. I will not speak for very long, only briefly, to let you know that I am still here, planning on involving myself on a greater level with this group, for A’Sandra has asked me, and I have accepted, to co-lead this classroom with her. And so, it is my great delight to tell you this evening that I will be sharing in the classroom experience with you from this point forward. And now, I will close this session, leaving each of you with the understanding of how cherished, loved and supported you each are. Go always with the Light of the Father shining forth from your eyes, flowing forth from your lips, and emanating forth from your open hearts. Shalom.

Group: Thank you Ambrose, and good evening.