2001-03-05-Acceptance of Others

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Topic: Acceptance of Others

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. I am amazed every day to view how rapidly the kingdom is growing. We feel such gratitude when we see our efforts have made a difference. I realize events in daily living might lead you to believe that life works against you, but you that carry a deep and abiding faith know the reason for such occurrences and don't usually feel a mortal desperation or anxiety.



In a fast paced world such as this we are always overlooking the small blessings. Many mortals tend to look for grand occurrences that say God is at work, and in the process become discouraged when their expectations are not met. There are conditionings of the mind that seem to help you keep up with mortal living.

Societal stimulants and ever-striving to just survive, take the focus off of the small blessings. Just in noticing small blessings is your focus set on Father. In this focus are you better able to handle situations that cause inner-turmoil. In noticing the small blessings you learn to recognize Father’s fingerprints.


We have been discussing the universal law of acceptance and the doing of Father’s will. We have also covered self-acceptance. I would speak a little on acceptance of your fellows.

I feel such comfort each week when we meet. You welcome me as I am. You know my personality and you welcome it. I feel at ease to speak my mind without fear of ridicule or rejection. You accept me as your brother, friend, teacher and fellow sojourner. You may not always agree with what I say but that has no bearing on my level of comfort because I know you love and accept me as I am, as I also do you, each.

We meet various individuals daily and as we learn about them we can draw closer to them. Some personalities we clash with and have not commonalities. We may even dislike their character. As we traverse the worlds we will meet various individuals who will be different from us. We are in understanding that each one is no doubt a child of God and also on their own path to Father.

I think by now, we are understanding we cannot force our own way on others or lead them in a way that we see fit. We can express our opinion, we can encourage -- but really, at no time should we attempt to change another. We are all Father’s children. Not one is with more status than another. You can have acceptance of that and have love for your fellows without the difference in personalities creating conflicts; although conflicts are not really that bad because they can create growth from new understanding.

Some individuals you know are perhaps not so loveable, but certainly we can accept the fact that they are growing individuals on their own path and will learn according to their own ability. I truly believe that most people have the best of intentions and try to do what is right in their eyes.

The holy wars in the Middle East are groups of individuals who are attempting to force their beliefs onto others. You see, each group has the best of intentions and believe they are only doing what is right. Perhaps they are blinded by the fact that every child of God has the same intentions. They are only attempting to do what they believe is right.

There are so many divisions in religion, government, and even families because there is no acceptance of diversity. If they are not with us they must be against us is a familiar saying. Why cannot individuals allow for others to grow in their own time? You cannot force growth or fit a quart into a pint. You can, however, learn to have acceptance - that everyone is a child of God. They need not look to you as their savior, but how beautiful it would be for them to know you uphold them in their differences. How can anyone look down upon a brother’s blindness when they themselves are also blind?

We can be more accepting of our fellows through learning patience and allowing for unfolding. We need not agree with our fellows but we can respect their right to learn and grow in their own time.

As a side note to this lesson on acceptance, I would like to add a few things. There are new concepts born every day -- new ideas to ponder. It would seem as if everyone has the answer. I would remind you that you have your own Indwelling Father Fragment that helps you discern truth. In trying to apply the law of acceptance in your lives, know this does not apply to new concepts or fads. You need not accept every idea that happens to cross your path.

I mean to say, that the world's growth is moving so rapidly that we must be clear-minded enough to discern truth from falsehood. You can contemplate new ideas; you can pray and do stillness, but certainly you are equipped to judge for yourself which ideas you will hold true and those you would let go. In this day and age new things will come and go. I suggest, be open-minded but cautious in accepting all you see.


I have not time for questions. I am sorry, Simon (laughter), perhaps during the week. I would be back next week with a new universal law to discuss and answer questions. Until then, feel free during the week to call on me in your journaling time. As always, my love goes with you. Shalom.


Present: Tom and Tim (new-twin brothers), Miriam, Carol, Sandy, Simon, Faye, Nina, Calvin, Dave, Cory, Angie, Anthony, Nathan.