2002-03-19-Two Way Circuits

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Topic: Two Way Circuits

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Isaac, Celestial Engineer

TR: Sandy Montee



Isaac: "Good morning. This is Isaac.

"I want to talk about the work I do, and to allow you a better understanding of the great number of both-ways circuits that are being opened.


"I am progressive by nature, enjoy my work, and I am usually "on the run". I push the very limits in my work, for I am a Celestial Engineer and my task has long been the opening of the circuits to bring Light and Life to many planets in this little corner of the universe, as well as to your planet, Urantia.

"I am totally dedicated to my work and I answer to Machiventa Melchizedek on this planet, and it is he who gives me my orders.

"The Urantia population is ever more growing to such a great number of mortals and there is such a waste of resources here, and still little regard for keeping your planetary home clean and in functioning order. Urantia is also troubled by people having little empathy for their brothers and sisters.

"But I will explain to you what it is I'm sensitive to, and aware of; each time someone does a kind deed for another -- embraces other persons in their needs. It is like a ray of sunshine that you send from the earth, and up into the universes.

"It takes many rays of sunshine to "warm and promote life" on Urantia, and my "make up" is such that I experience these rays of sunshine -- these small lights that people are causing, and that combine with others.

"Together you produce a beacon of light (that is) sent into the universes, and this is the best way I can think of to explain what I perceive.

"Your light, together with the lights of many others, make the small things that you do in the name of God so very important. A powerful light can be created with just a small positive deed.

"However, when it combines with those of others who are also producing their lights, it makes a "beacon of great warmth" that emanates from Urantia, and shines its brilliance into the darkness of the universes. And then it turns right around and comes back to you.

"The long-term task I have been given and enjoy so much, is to help you all in "booting out the darkness".

"Greater awareness of what you can do to assist in this work will come to you when you are looking for these opportunities that make a positive impact.

"An awareness and a willingness to be a part of all this, are the keys to doing the work of God and promoting yourself to be in a position of co-creator.


"I will keep this transmission short and I will step aside for now. My holidays are over and I have my running shoes on.

"I am your friend, Isaac."


Isaac comes through as a most positive and most energetic individual. He is capable of performing tasks in deep space for weeks on end and without a single break. After that he is given, what he calls, "holidays to recharge himself". One never knows when he is likely to turn up.

Isaac simply "goes missing" until we hear from him again.