2002-05-25-Create a Blueprint

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Topic: Create a Blueprint

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



George: “I should probably get up and put on a bright colored shirt so you can more easily find me here. Then again, it might already be too late for that, and I’ve sprouted roots. Or is it perhaps that you are left speechless this evening? I greet you.”

Machiventa: “You are battle weary, my friend. And yet, you are thinking of all others before you consider self. I appreciate, this tenacity and single-mindedness in your executing these diverse tasks on a par with your peculiar brand of humor, as do many others. This is Machiventa, and I greet you.

“It is my pleasure to address you this evening, my dear one, and through you the many who will hear my words, and, to our delight, presently in more than one language. Your group has managed to attract a number of valuable workers in Michael’s cause. You have managed to motivate many that are looking forward to hearing the words of your Celestial Teachers. This, however, is not a lesson.

“Your group has more, much, much more than the solid succor of those in Michael’s battalions who are assisting in the “outreaching” to hungry souls. I say, more than a passing interest, more than strong support, for there exists love, respect, and loyalty beyond comprehension for those who have willingly jumped into the breech. And these include not only your siblings -- your human friends -- but also those in time frames near to you, who are backing up the mortal enthusiasts.

“Even now it is our view that in the growth projections you have made there will become apparent signs of an underestimation of significance of the potential of what has been commenced with.

“There is a solid group behind you and there are cheers even on Paradise for every new contact that you reach out to. We say ‘bravo’ for the effort of endurance and tenacity with which each of your comrades is applying himself or herself to the tasks undertaken, and to which they are most suited.

“We want you to remain keenly aware of the opportunities generated (by us) that are going to come your way to quite enlarge this group. We want those of you who have the managerial skills to create a blueprint for the many necessary activities.

Doubt not that those who are trained and eager to be involved in the work for Father, for Michael, for Mother Spirit, will “spring” forth and offer their services as they are contacted by your Midwayer Friends.

George: “Do you, from your viewpoint, see a need for additional transmitters to be involved in this work?”

Machiventa: “The work you do is specialized work, and the Celestial Assistants available to you -- your immediate Teachers -- these Lecturers -- are numerous and are greatly skilled in the arenas of the group’s interests (indicating all who receive the transcripts), and it will also be just a matter of time when my words and those of other graduates of our university will come through to you more clearly still.

“I send you my congratulations on the progress you and yours have made, and I send you my love. I am Machiventa.”

George: “We thank you, Chief. Goodbye.”