2002-12-27-Ode to Dante

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Topic: Ode to Dante

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beatrice

TR: George Barnard



Beatrice: "I greet you my dearest colleague, and 'brother in the interesting work' we do on this planet. It's a pleasure to gracefully glide into your peaceful domain and plug into your hyperactive mind. It is I, Beatrice, here with you. Yes, it is Beatrice, Ahbecetri, or ABC-3, now at long last, and finally, to the minds of those mortal cousins of ours, the long-time associate of the Sage, Philosopher and Poet of old, our cherished Dante Alighieri, a spiritual giant of his time.


"Although of much greater duration, my task was much the same as the project that you and my younger brother and capable leader - now more commonly referred to by the nickname, Bzutu (ABC-22) - experienced in the lengthy documentation of the many adventures and weird and wonderful happenings of some decades of work and play you were involved with with many of my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces.

"Few of you in the Progress Group, those who listen to our talks, and those who take in the transcripts you put out there for them to read, would have any idea of how much chitchat 'clogs up' the lines of communication about this Australian adventure and 'that mortal's midway ghost workers' - the stories that are told and retold and commented on - and the many laughs that are to be had about the countless misunderstandings of the years that have gone by.

"For me this is the first opportunity that I have to come through to you to say, 'thank you so much' for figuring out that it was indeed my work of long ago with my dearest, dearest of all friends and colleagues, Dante, that made possible for Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso to be out there for the people. Well, I want you to be certain, and rest entirely assured that your 'Divine Comedy work' of many years and that of my charming brother was not produced in vain, as was recently pointed out to you by our dear brother, Machiventa.

"Countless of your brothers and sisters, countless of the younger generation, and countless of those not yet born, will in time view the work and it will instill in them the determination to seek a level of cooperation with the Midway Forces for the betterment of this world, and to honor Michael and the Father.

"For you at this time, I embrace you, George, and I thank you for drawing the attention to the wondrous work of so many others of your brothers and sisters that have labored with us to produce some great works in these new times of the Correction, and that will be preserved for all eternity. Yes, reports came in long ago that every single paragraph of these writings has already been reproduced on the Mansion Worlds, as happens with so much material of earthly origin.

"I thank you, brother, for taking me by the hand and escorting me into your world from the dim, dark times of history, because it is ever so much our human-like nature that yearns for us to receive recognition for the work we do. I add to this that your earthly brother, Dante, only ever had fleeting images of this celestial lady, who was there to assist him with the mammoth tasks he undertook.

"It was only on rare occasions when he glimpsed my presence, but it delighted me no end that he would actually make record of the humble worker that assisted him with the mighty work of the Celestial Artisans and those Instructors from On High that made the great Alighieri's work possible.


"You are tired and fatigued, my beloved brother. This is Midwayer Chief, Beatrice, saying, 'Farewell for now'."

George: "We thank you, Sis. We all love you."


Beatrice herewith confirmed that the 'ABC' of ABC-3 likely means the first of eight families, and the Red family. The 3 of ABC-3 would mean the third child. The C is likely to be indicative of the Third Creative Force having been involved in the 'production' of the Secondary Midwayers, but we don't actually know this. Her present career is in teaching. We know not where, or whom she teaches.