2003-01-27-In These Early Days

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Topic: In These Early Days

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "This is your friend of old, Andrea." George: "Our greetings. We have three such reports, Andrea, of receivers/transmitters losing the storyline entirely. We have some reports of such involvements causing temporary emotional. Let's call them, aberrations?"


Andrea: "Even now, after all those years, it still takes a little courage for you to open your mouth and start talking when you may not know what the subject of the conversation will be. I greet you, brother and sister in our united cause. It's been a long time since we had the opportunity for a discussion, though I notice from glancing in your "appointment books" that a number of teachers have conversed with you, and their messages have come across more or less in an 'undiluted' way. So now let us deal with what has been so much on your minds.

"Let us go back to early times, when contact between humans and secondary midwayers was but an occasional happening. And then, of course, among those human/midwayer teams that achieved firm contact, there were a number of factors at play; firstly the human's willing attitude and suitability to the task. Secondly, the secondary midwayer's make-up or innate talent, as well as his or her varying experience in such contact work.

"Individual abilities such as that of the midwayer who 'connected' the uniquely talented Jane Roberts with teacher Seth were representative of the most ideal circumstances that 'vanguarded' the way into the present time. There were other instances; however, when secondary midwayers were rather forceful with conscious input in urgent circumstances, and in those cases, a few of their human counterparts experienced some serious emotional difficulties caused largely by fear.

"Some of our younger midway brothers and sisters came on a little too hard too fast, and we paid the price of losing some human collaborators through their unwillingness to further cooperate, and these not just amongst those you know, for this work was going on for many decades, all over the globe, with isolated individuals, and amongst many language groups and racial families, the active members of which you will not find, until you reach the mansion worlds and begin exchanging information with them through your facilitating companions with 'a task of great joy' in finding out what else your elusive kin have been up to in other distant parts.

"There are explanations. There are circumstances. Firstly, your secondary midway brothers and sisters, the unusual offspring of Adamic and Nodite origin, are not that closely related to you as is commonly the case on other worlds between midwayers and humans, and this human population is far removed from having received either a solid Nodite or Adamic 'genetic uplift ' even in those more advanced races in the population at large. I'm saying that there is a huge, even widening gap to bridge between the 'secondaries' and you, because of what you did not inherit from the Adamic pair.

"Despite the gap you both need to bridge, and for your safety, your welfare, we often refrain from using the deep mind. We often refrain from guiding you to that depth of mind in action as distinct from when you sleep, unless for a stipulated reason, or urgent response, an essentially great degree of accuracy in this process is necessary. Mostly you receive at a shallow level, and for your emotional well being this is the better choice and greatly recommended.

"The gap between the secondary midwayers, and us, the primary group; there again is a wider gap than that which tends to be the case on most other worlds, and we too must bridge that gap, and some of us are better trained at this than are others. And therefore some of us have become more talented in this respect with our lengthy tenure on this planet being much of an advantage. Some of us, too, are assisted by some deserved adjustments to our 'genetic make-up' and allocations of further mind endowment. In my case, and in the case of a few others to such a degree that we can communicate with you directly - without the need for a secondary midwayer go-between, although our treasured little brother is nearby."

George: "Hi, Mathew."

Andrea: "And, yes, to answer your question - yet another enquiry you 'simply must have an answer to'. It is common for a functioning universe sector, and for inhabitants of different planets to be able to communicate directly through the facility of universe reflection and with the help of the midwayers - it is possible - for discussions that originate on an evolutionary planet to be beamed 'instanter' back and forth between evolutionary planets. So, as time goes by, we suggest, you will see the advent of folks having pen pals that are located outside their immediate star system, but you are hardly ready in these early days for this innovation that aids individuals operating in a similar environment and on similar projects you do.

"Myriad are the difficulties that need to be overcome on this planet. Your inheritance of Adamic input is not great, and it has you lagging behind. Your species has not been greatly improved by the reduced numbers of Adamic children that have commingled with your colored races, and what is more, generation after generation the levels of receptivity are ever-so-slowly lessening, and much to the concern of your Life Carrier friends who have the clearest picture of all of this aspect of devolution that works against the constant updating of connections (circuits).


"And it is hoped for, and we trust in, this increase in quality encircuitment doing better than keeping up with what so concerns the Life Carriers. I trust that I have clearly expounded on the question you posed, and I thank you for your time, and your both so swiftly picking up on my prompt this time around. Remember that your aim for spirituality lightens the load on you as a receiver. Talk to the Father.

"This is Andrea, wishing you. . . scads of blessings."


There was a time when I regularly dealt with the deeply distraught and suicidal. In some of these cases midwayer control over how I behaved in the presence of these patients was total (or deep mind). It often proved to be exhausting, disconcerting, even numbing for many days - hard work for the midwayers and human transmitters - but I was hardly on a spiritual path then.