2003-11-25-Reconciliation Of Such Importance

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Topic: Reconciliation of Such Importance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "Hello, my dear brother in Christ. This is Andrea. More than any of our midway comrades, it is I whom you might call on, and expect to come to you, and speak with you whenever time permits. And with me this is more often the case than it is with our secondary brothers and sisters.


"A vast gap in time is what separates us, yet my lengthy residence on this planet (some 500,000 years) has allowed me, although admittedly with great difficulties, to acquire the additional gift, the talent, or expertise, you might say, to speak with you directly, as well as with a number of other widely disparate receivers. And for me to be able to do this has been my greatest wish for… oh, so long!

"More than your secondary midway cousins, do we primary midwayers resemble more nearly the seraphim in outlook, in mindset and personality. However, all of us are different. All of us are greatly different. Physically we are similar. In basic mind endowments we are similar, but in personality we vary greatly, and not one of us truly even resembles another.

"And I, personally, am very much drawn to the task of teacher for my human distant relatives."

George: "OK. That bit’s back to front, I guess."

Andrea: "…drawn to the task of being a teacher to my distant human relatives. So, my dear brother, how do I explain my relationship with you? Well, there is great value in the way it came about, or one might say, in the way it almost failed. To many of us, the early indications were that you might well have become the proverbial Lost Son, and there was no hard feeling on my part that you rejected my presence out of hand. No! Not in the least, since I understand.

"You were a lost son, and by the willpower of your own mind, you forced yourself to return to the family we still now refer to as ‘the 11:11 platoon,’ and through perseverance did you triumph over the hurdles of your upbringing and early childhood experiences to, yes, overcome these sizeable obstacles. The sheer force you applied to return yourself to us, and embrace all of us! And I cannot adequately describe the extraordinary joy we all felt with your homecoming

"Reconciliation! Of such importance to us all! And myriad entities watched for the outcome, each one holding his or her breath, and there were celebrations!

"More than for any one of my groups will I always set aside adequate time to converse with you and yours, for we have come to love you, and we will back you come what may. Ask for what you need, and if same be within our means, it will be provided. Do not be reluctant in stating your needs, and just as your (overcast) weather will soon clear, so will the present hurdles of life be pushed to the side of the paths you all travel to remain as but a vague memory.


"May you all fare well in the extraordinary tasks you have chosen for yourselves, under the guidance of your exceptionally talented heaven-send teacher corps, on this extraordinary world, at this amazing ‘window in time.’ Wherever you may go, take with you the eternal love of your doting servant, Andrea. So long, and fare well." George: "We love you right back, Andrea. Thank you."


Little is known about the Primary Midwayers. Scant information has been passed on through the ages. The ancient Greeks note them to be "hermaphrodites," and truly physically androgynous is what they are. My misunderstanding of the term, "Androgynous" lumbered her with the French male/female name, "André-a."

André-a soon became Andréa, then just Andrea, and I shortly after ‘christened her an honorary female.’

Since she initially appeared to be much more time distant, and merely projected herself in shades of gray, I did not see her as a member of our group or platoon. Since she never moved, or even said a word, I asked her in 1972 to go away, convinced she was just a ghost, a lost "soul," or a spy – a lazy sticky-beak, perhaps.

In a sense, I guess, I feared seeing her, whilst she might not have been real.

She did leave, or refused to show herself, after my rude suggestions, and then I began to really miss her company. When she returned, I challenged her to be more productive, and she did speak a few words to me, but collapsed immediately after, utterly exhausted by the effort of "bridging an additional timeframe" in addressing me directly with important information. That was then.

By 2001 she was granted something she describes as "extra energy," and it allows her to converse with us directly, and effortlessly. She communicates with other groups and individuals in the world, where she may, or may not be known by that name. Her involvement with the 11:11 Group was her first real direct contact with humans since she worked with the original Oracles of Delphi – those that were there long before they turned "highly commercial," – millennia ago.