2003-12-02-About the Body

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Topic: About the Body & Biorhythmic Variance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teachers: What About Bob & Andrea

TR: Gerdean & George Barnard

Session 1

Bob: "Cherubim Bob and Sanobim Lady are here.

"We have been here for some time but this mortal’s brain is a bit like "rush hour traffic" this evening. It has been hard to get into the flow of things. Then, when we got in the lane of traffic, we had to stop for her babbling, so let’s see if we can help calm her down and enjoy the ambiance of your moment, and the fireplace, which is a nice touch, albeit noisy, which is yet another distraction.

"This is a good point for me to bring to your attention: the fact of your electro-chemical makeup. Your electro-chemical makeup is a bit like your motor, and yet it is not "in" you so much as it is vibrating off of you and around you. There are times when surely you must be aware of your electro-chemical nature, for the personality becomes quite caught up in that energy system.

"There is something about the electro-chemical system that gives you a sense of being alive, even a liveliness, that is easily construed as activism or having a good time. But the same thing can be said for children, addicts, or the mentally ill, for manics are in a crazed state as a result of their electro-chemical system being on overdrive.

"It is no wonder you people have trouble slowing down and getting into meditation techniques and stillness practice. Like children, addicts and the mentally ill are in need of supervision, also are you. And yet it falls within the realm of possibility that you yourselves could begin to understand something of your electro-chemical system and moderate it such that you have greater control over your life, in the material/mechanical sense.

"I just called this to your attention, because it has been our observation that in these tumultuous times of chaos, and of accelerated telecommunication, your electro-chemical system is somewhat stimulated beyond your capacity to make sense of it, and so you remain unconscious of it. I come along now and invite you to notice your own electro-chemical system. And having identified it, it then behooves you to have an appreciation of it such that you know how to take it in hand, so that it stays balanced.

"Even though it feels good to get "revved up," in order that you may justify feeling "laid back," the hum of a well-modulated electro-chemical system gives off charm, social fragrance, and a spiritual aura.

"That’s better now -- at least somewhat.

Session 2

Bob: "I understand there is a question. What is the question?"

Student: "Last week you were talking about the electrochemical system and you said, ‘…having identified it, it then behooves you to have an appreciation of it such that you know how to take it in hand, so that it stays balanced.’ The question is in response to what you said. It is: ‘I'd be very interested in the "how" of this, how can we understand our "Electro-Chemical Make-Up"?’ I think the enquirer wants to know how we can do something about it, once we know about it."

Bob: "Let’s make sure we have an understanding of what the electrochemical system is, first off. It is a type of life form. It’s a pattern that is one of the basic building blocks of existence. The electrochemical system is what your mortal life is based on. When you discount the God Fragment, the electrochemical system is life as it is inducted into you by the spirit. It is Life with its senses, and animation, and all that ‘physical’ which has and does contribute to your consciousness of being. How can you identify it?

"There was a motion picture about a group of individuals who became so tiny they were able to travel on a raft throughout the physical system of a human being.(1) The idea of being that intimately familiar with the inner workings of your body is a way to acknowledge and familiarize yourself with at least one large part of your electrochemical system – in particular, the way it responds to stimuli from electrical currents as well as chemical composition. Thus, there are three fields of thought we are going to braid together in response to this inquiry. Are you willing to go with me into this study?

"In your mind’s eye, go into your inner life and prepare to set sail. Put your few paltry possessions in a pack and put them and yourself on a raft and we’ll paddle downstream. You might take the route through the lungs. As you inhale, you feel yourself push off from the shore, and you gently feel yourself being whooshed down into the chest. You can feel the sides of the cavernous lungs as if they were walls on either side of you. Carlsbad Caverns, they are, you see, for they are wide, dark, and haunting, but blood red and glistening with light from hidden sources, perhaps from the Source of Life Itself.

"Breathe and see the sides of your lungs tremble as they absorb those nutrients that are inhaled, and enter into the experience. With the breath of life, enter now into the blood stream, which will take this air in and through the body, beginning from the lungs, now out into the rivers and streams of your vessels and through your muscles. Follow your muscles; go down through your muscles and feel them. Travel through them. Can you pass, or is there a knot? Is there a knot in your muscle? Is the knot from overwork? Have you been exercising? Do they feel taut to the touch? Is there elasticity there? Is the color good? Do they feel well? Can they hold you up and do what you need them to do for you? What are you doing for your muscles, so that they can in turn do for you when your mind bids them respond to your mind’s commands?

"Well, there you are; you are in your body. You can travel through it; you can visit your bowels; you can visit your gastrointestinal system; you can visit your heart; your lungs; even your head. Where am I hurting? How does that work? Why, when I pull this, does that act that way? What’s behind this door? What’s under that flap? When you are able to travel through your body without losing your way, you know it well enough to master it.

"By this method, now, you are able to go into every fiber of your body, every aspect of your physical being. You are able to go into your aching places and ask what the problem is. You are able to learn to heal your errors of a physical nature. You will be able to heal your infirmities. I have not set these words into motion for the purpose of delivering false hope. I have spoken those words to those of you who feel capable of becoming master over all you purvey, your body being a part of that domain. Giving yourself dominion over yourself gives you the credibility of your own authority, for no one can tell you what to do -- No one can tell you what to do but you. -- and allow it to be from your own personal integrity.

"But that is quite a study. This is not one of those lessons you accomplish in a 15-minute meditation session. In the meanwhile, you do not want to be without cognizance of the body, for when you lose cognizance of your body, it betrays you. Why is that? That is because it seeks self-gratification. It knows nothing of concern for others. It knows nothing of compassion. It has no concern even for hatred. It has only its own interests at heart. It does not have free will. It wants only to survive."

Student: "That sounds like a newborn baby."

Bob: "That’s a good analogy. And like an infant, the body will tell you what it needs, if you listen. It is not that difficult! Just do remember to take time for Stillness, for this is something you can do when you visit Stillness. Make it a practice to be able to move through the universe of your body without losing your way, and then you are free to lift off, to other Ports of Call."

Session 3

Andrea: "There is no reward for being concerned about the passing of time during meditation, but it does pay to remain patient. There is a natural inclination of (human) biorhythmic variance to either positively, or negatively influence the flow of co-creative juices and the clarity in any transmission. And since we Midwayers came into existence well before just yesterday, we know it, recognize it, and allow for it by modifying our approach. This is Andrea, George, and it's good to spend much time with you before we begin.

"There are times when the rhythm of either the material, the expressive, or the spiritual may be on an awkward downward stroke, and when it may take a little while for exchange to begin to take place. And today it took us a little while to achieve that contact, and I want you to understand that there will be times when it does take us longer than is normal. Well nothing much is in a great hurry in the universe we all live in, so just relax and let it flow now.

"I want to speak to you today about "Friendship." Friendship, as it is generally implied, is based on understanding, acceptance, long-term trust, perhaps respect and admiration, potentially a great love, and there you have "Friendship" as it is widely recognized, and a complex mixture of feelings and of relating. And they are true feelings - emotions - you can express directly towards another or others in your immediate surrounds, and within yourself, but also to those who are afar.

"In our providing the very basic building blocks for world peace and universal welfare, the acceptance of only a certain kind of individual who shares our mind, our ideals, our beliefs, our outlook, or religion is not enough. It is important for us to accept those of all different viewpoints, as each of us has a different background, different parentage, personality, a different environment in which we are educated, and we may not understand another's thinking, or even their language.

"These varied factors should never become the barrier that places us apart, for these many others are here to also learn the lessons, to become the members of the tribes, the families, the nations that all, with a common goal, make their way to the Father, and no one is more important in His eyes than is another. Strong personal beliefs can so often break the lines of communication between those who would otherwise develop a friendship.

"In essence what I am here 'lecturing about' - with a smile on my face as I say this - is tolerance. For the human members of His family it is of no lesser importance to display in kind to the great amount of tolerance we have learned to exhibit when we receive all, and exclude none in our acceptance of you, our mortal cousins. Yet there is much more required than just tolerance.

"Feel within your heart the love that 'rains down' from our Creator Father to you, and in some way you'll find the means to spread this love overtly and anonymously, and all around, and He will give you even more. And with it you will have produced in your small way, to your ability, as best you can, 'the here below' as it is 'above'.

"Continue to reach out, and on each morning determine anew that you will reach out in love and foster friendships with all in this way, 'semblant of' (resembling) what it is above. This is Andrea. It's good to be with you, and it will be a pleasure for me to stay with you for a time. In friendship."


1) [Editor’s Note: "Fantastic Voyage"]