2004-01-30-Father Has Good Reasons

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Topic: Father Has Good Reasons

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Tanya

TR: George Barnard



Tanya: "I want my beloved Rodney to know, and I want my darling child to know, as well as she can understand, that I am alive and strong now, and that I am in a place where we will one day meet up again. It is a place where with much help I can often look down at you, my family, and send you my love. Your new Spirit Guardian friends have responded generously to my many petitions to accept you, to adopt you, to stay close to you I left behind, and to love you both.

"I was so ill for so long, and I had this deep and troubled feeling that I was letting down the world, and everyone so dear to me. I hung in there, and then I long felt that my departure was a serious failure on my part. Also do I know your anguish, loss and confusion, and, yes, anger. We humans lay out our plans, and the Father Creator of All has His good reasons to change them.

"I am here in a place with many new friends, and my dearest wish is for my loved ones to become a complete family again. A husband needs a wife, my darling, a child needs a mother, and often a surrogate mother will care for a child even better than does its immediate blood when not in good health. They are my dearest wishes for my family to be whole again and for us to, later in this place, become more than a family when we all meet up again.

"For me, and from my vantage point, it is so easy, so wonderful, so heartwarming to watch the extraordinary celestial care that goes on in our home world, and that I was rarely aware of. You both, my dearest family, are being well cared for. And for you, my beloved husband, it will give me great pleasure, and cause me no pain, that your midwayer friends and angels will search out and find you a caring mate–who will also be a good mother for my child–and place her in your path.

"What I ask of you is to accept your earth life, its traumas and difficulties from which you will learn, and live your life finding love and happiness and to bring good cheer to those you meet. Do this for us, for me, for you, for our baby, and steer yourself towards a bright future with a new loved one and without a single thought of (your) having broken any ties with me.

"Not at all, but to the contrary, I shall love both you and your new partner even more. I’m told that my time is up. I must break off this talk. I send my love to you both. This is Tanya."


George: That "blew me away!"

"Thank you Tanya." "My dear, dear brother George. I hasten to call you a dear friend, even though I have never met up with you on our home planet, (which) I left in such a hurry and under such awkward circumstances. I know you have become a friend to many, and that you will also accept my friendship. I want you to know . . . "For a communication like this, us midwayers and many other celestials line up in droves to be part of this—a for you unusual transmission. And I beg of you, my dear brother, to stay cool and relaxed as this kind of communication, like any first try in any endeavor, will now often be much less difficult than it once was. We’ve got you just right here now, and we’re ready to roll."