2004-10-11-A Lesson on Capacity

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Topic: A Lesson on Capacity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



It is timely to spend a few thoughts on capacity. There is not a person on the planet today who utilizes their capacity to the fullest realization of their capabilities. Of course, that is not unusual on a planet such as this, which is so backward in many ways compared to other planets at their level of development. Other worlds have not suffered so many unfortunate upheavals in their evolutionary career. Here the planetary prince defaulted on his sacred promises to the Almighty God, and by his, and Lucifer’s design, brought this young and developing planet into darkness and sin. Henceforth it still struggles to become free, so the inhabitants can also break free from this suffocating darkness and start working towards their fulfillment of their God-given divine blueprint. There has been an over-much materialistic development and pursuit, and an underdevelopment and lip service to personal spirituality.

The responsibility rests within each individual, meaning, the responsibility of the gift of free will and freedom of choice. How will you choose in life; for light or for darkness, for peace or for war, for happiness and well-being for self and others, or for increasing unhappiness? Remember that the power to choose is always yours. This is entirely within your capacity, which is always enlarging according to the realization and understanding of what your responsibilities are. It is not in the sheepish unthinking following of some dogma or greed. No, it is in starting to ask questions and finding satisfactory answers that satisfy and nourish the soul, and a coming alive, and keeping alive, of your connection to the Power that Is. This Power is like energy, it flows everywhere in its everywhere-ness. It is accessible to all. What is standing in the way is lack of trust and faith.

The capacity to have faith and to have trust has never been fully utilized as it is overshadowed by uncertainty and fear. Fear lurks everywhere, and people are being fed a steady diet of fear in the news media and the entertainment industry. Start thinking independently, think for yourself, and let the Spark of God within become more active in your life. Believe that you can start listening within. Take the time, just like you take the time to go and prepare meals and eat. Their souls remain under-nourished for too many people, because they are being led, or they are too self-indulgent and spiritually lazy to realize that they have a mighty power for good living right within them. I would advise each human being to take the responsibility, and the time, to learn to go within to enlarge their own listening capacity for their personal highest good, and for the good of the planet, so all may prosper, for there never is any lack when all learn to share the abundance of the planet.