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Topic: Karma

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andréa: "It is just as well, my dear brother and student, that the Father Creator placed the inhabited planets such very great distances apart. In this fashion, we, the Midwayers, present on almost all evolving worlds, have the opportunity to devote our time and efforts to just an individual sphere we often liken to a sandbox you mortals play in.

"It is in all His wisdom that He decided to make you all different, one from another, and to give you plenty of time in near-eternity to allow you to realize that you exist in "Oneness with Him", although not before you throw sand in each other’s eyes, confiscate each other’s toys, push each other out of the way, build your proud sand castles to beat all previous ones in size and grandeur, and generally misbehave yourselves.

"Not quite bereft of all fear, because of my very human-ness, I shudder to think of what might conceivably happen if all our Nebadon sand boxes had been lined up side by side, row upon row, heaven forbid, but enough of this hypothetical nightmare. And if you will directly see fit to stop chuckling we will now proceed with the lesson of your request, thank you.

"In His Great and Ultimate Wisdom, as you may possibly conceive, His Perfect Foresight allows one to experience darkness before one can appreciate the light. One must suffer from lack before one can truly enjoy abundance. One may even be required to harbor hatred before one discovers love, but always must one witness horror, inequity, cruelty and deprivation before one recognizes the value of truth and goodness, beauty and love, for this is perfection to sooner or later be grasped and attained by all.

"And, yet, with all your sand box wars and quarrels, there is a steady stream of our loved and favored mortals that make their way to the worlds of higher education. There flows a steady stream of those that will move Paradise-ward to interact with ever-greater groups, to meet up with those with whom they shared their lives, hundreds, yes, thousands of years in their mutual pasts. And "equipped" with advanced mind endowments, even so imperfect memories, still, almost all will need to refer to universe records, so diligently transcribed, to ‘trace back’ their terrestrial and early lives, but they will reconcile, resolve, square up that which was imperfect and even that which was good with a mere handshake and unspoken words, with an embrace, for such total perfection is demanded by Him, and as love unconditional will demand.

"Be you all perfect, for the Father is, was, and will be so in all times and eternity, in all ways. And we, his children all, are to ‘mature’ into His mirror Images.

"So they will find that they will have done right, and they will have done wrong, and the ever-greater pull of Paradise, love unrestricted, and desired perfection attainment, will draw them to reconcile, to resolve, one with another. Have they done good to some, badly, even maliciously to others, known, or perhaps unknown to them, it must be reconciled, for ultimate perfection would remain a distant dream, and they will feel the ‘pull of oneness in total understanding’ of the others’ needs.

"The leader of men, who may send many into battle, cannot know what harm he has done to whom, whilst the philanthropist, wisely leading an organization so distant from those who benefit, may not know of her good work’s effects on an individual. And yet, both will reconcile with all, for reconciliation is left to them, as in both instances the Father respectively forgives, or accepts, all deeds of his yet imperfect embryo offspring, and as a matter of cause.

"One such will have all eternity to regret and make good (be forgiven) for his madness, the other all opportunity to reflect on her early innate understanding that we are One with Him. There is only one aspect of perfection for you to ponder, and that is that one cannot improve upon it. It is total, absolute, or it is not.

"So now we come to the term, karma. It is a most divisive human concept. So many of you believe in karma that in life after life must be taken care of, in earth life after earth life. No, my friend, say forth that reincarnation, and that belief in karma is false, disturbingly so. And, yes, you will have a new body to house your soul, to attract a new improved mind, to be indwelled by the Fragment of God, Who so brilliantly served you here, but you will not be on this world, and karma—if you so wish to refer to it still—will not cause suffering, if you will only ‘go the way’ of your myriad helpful Advisors, your Guardians, Guides and Companions, your Melchizedek Teachers, and not in the least the Pilot Light that is your guarantee of life eternal.

"Well now, from the smallest oversight to the gravest error, nothing is lost that cannot be healed, but all must be rectified. From a mere fleeting smile to the most generous gift, all will be acknowledged. This is reconciliation, when the books are balanced all around. And when all is done, you will hear, ‘In you I AM well pleased, My child.’


This is Andréa, delighted with this long-awaited embrace, and sending my love to all in our glorious sand box."