2005-10-04-Regaining the Ability To Love

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Topic: Regaining Ability to Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Athena

TR: George Barnard



Midwayer: "I will facilitate here, my brother, whilst others you know so well meet and discuss, or are otherwise occupied. We will fare well in this connection, since you’ve known the other party for many years.

Athena: "George, this is Athena, who by the Power of God lives a productive life, by the Grace of God is allowed the co-creative role of her choice, by the Love of God is assigned to you, and finds this not to be an imposition. Yes, do smile, do chuckle, my friend, and do reach out to me, as I reach out to you. We are set to go here. My mortal student has framed his mind, and is eager to commence.

"Oh, what a world you live in! What a planet, and a people, and a plethora of misgivings of fear and greed, and love-starved siblings that comprehend not life’s eternal goals, for they do not comprehend the Father’s Love.

"What to you unimaginable lives we led, of being allowed to mature at our own pace, joyfully, playfully, ever cared for and encouraged, not forced into self-sufficiency, or to ‘go out there and get ‘em’ for the sake of independence, and to vacate the parental home as soon as practicable, no! No, we had respect, were well advised on suitable life partners by those who saw the future as clearly as their yesterdays, our greatly spiritized elders and parents, and we led lives of loving co-dependence, normal lives. And the granted Love of God stayed with us throughout these partnerships, marriages, if you so prefer—‘matings’ of choice, celebration, infinite forethought, in the endless Love of our Father.

"There is so much you Urantia siblings need to learn about regaining the ability to love, comprehending its loss in the first place, and asking the Father to replenish what you lost; His Unconditional, All-pervading Love.

"Watch this now, my diligent student, for when you were there in the old lecture hall, so was I! And it is over to you now, as I embrace you, and pass on the Father’s Love to you and all who will hear me. Au revoir, mon cher."

George: "I see it now. Thank you, Sis."


16:41, 10 July 2007 (CDT)16:41, 10 July 2007 (CDT)16:41, 10 July 2007 (CDT)

Professor Richards lectured in psychology and human sexuality. He was also a medical practitioner and gynecologist. I did not greatly enjoy his lectures that were simply a compulsory aspect of my chosen strands, although not subject to any final exam.

Richards was a great intellect, blunt to the point of rudeness, and at times demeaning of our female colleagues and co-students. I was determined to learn from him what I could without emulating his ways. He was also a professed atheist. I would only later come to treasure what I had learned from him.

Richards had near-endless relevant data at his disposal, and of interest here was his personal work and research in people’s ability to love, and the loss of same.

Boldly stated, the professor had sound, duly filled-out questionnaires by the wheelbarrow load that proved that the number of life partners one ever had was inversely related to one’s ability to sustain love, and by the time there had been 10 partners, both males and females had lost about all they ever had.

In this process, Richards claimed, the innate (genetic) capacity would slowly swing towards a raw, purely physical attraction, but this swing, or drift away from respect for the partner’s personality, humor, things in common and other goals would be so slow and insidious as to go unnoticed by that individual. It would in most instances be obvious to outsiders and partners.

When asked how one could overcome the loss of one’s ability to love, the lecturer stated, "Ask your God to put it back." He wasn’t interested, but probably never knew the truth so conveyed in his remark, as over the years, many of my patients requested to once again be granted the ability to love, and were granted this Gift.