2005-12-06-Celebrate The Differences

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Topic: Celebrate the Differences

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: George Barnard, Helen Whitworth


Lesson 1

Thought Adjuster: "I AM that I AM. I AM a Thought Adjuster. I AM a Spark of the Creator God of All. Only at the very beginning of Our existence, of Our seeming separateness from the Creator Himself, do We, your Thought Adjusters, show any sign of uniformity. It is beyond that moment of "birth" even prior to the time of fusion that We diversify in experience, and finally, through service with a human being of such short-lived existence may become one with our betrothed.

"We, the Thought Adjusters that range far and wide through the evolutionary realms, are not universally destined to become one with human beings. There are many others of service in time/space who, after lengthy periods, many diverse occupations, many great experiences of helpfulness to other creatures, may fuse with such creatures.

"Those you know as the Melchizedeks, the Life Carriers, and also the Celestial Workers and Technicians unknown to you, are brought God-ward when their age-long work is done—serving for eons of time before they are fused. It is almost entirely through both Our function with, Our association with, mortals and all other kinds of children of the Creator that We gain Our personality endowments and become true individuals. Only very few of us receive personality endowments without fusion with a creature of some species.

"The only one you know, so far, is your dear friend, The Damascus Scribe (Sananda). Although I, your Adjuster of many previous lifetimes in the service of other humans, and occasionally other helpers of the Michael Sons, have got to know countless Others, Who were so endowed in recognition of their near-endless, all-important and cherished variation(s) of universe service.

"It is a human habit, your human trend, to seek for, even promote and insist on, sameness in those of your kind, whereas, the Creator’s intention is that you learn to see and recognize, appreciate, treasure and also express the great many differences between kin, and other species. It is on the latter subject that I want to advise you now.

"Truly, even in your profession of profiling the diverse individuals that you come into contact with, or heal, there is a tendency for you to group them, to place them, to classify them as particular personalities belonging to a certain ‘cluster of personas’. My task right now is to make you aware of the subtle differences in those supposed groupings, and appreciate all for what they are, and whom they are—appreciate them all for their dissimilarities—and above all learn to appreciate yourself, yourselves, for the totally unique individuals that you are.

"It is in this world in particular where so many strive to belong to a category, to promote behavior that is common to many, an attitude, an outlook, that can be appreciated for its sameness with others in their groups. And yet, I say to you that this is an illusion. Such, for lack of better words, puts a damper on the true flourishing of the individual, and it is damaging to overall progress in diversity.

"Learn to appreciate who they are. Learn to appreciate who you are, and celebrate the differences between you, always.

"I AM that I AM, and My love for you is unconditional and eternal in this life and those lives to come. Do utilize your stillness time, regularly, and bring yourself into sharper more discernible contact with Me; your Partner for a lifetime and lifetimes to come of unique adventure."

Lesson 2

Thought Adjuster: "If you allow My words to flow in and through you, then you shall take the lesson most easily, and find a depth of understanding alongside the intellectual comprehension of My words.

"Following the system of automatic writing as you do, requires you retain a large sense of self during the process, so that you may hold a pen and complete the words written in your mind onto the paper. This is different from ‘true’ automatic writing, since you are transcribing the words you hear, rather than allowing your hand to write freely without mental process. It is a fitting technique for you to use, but does mean you remain in a very alert state. It is for this reason I ask you to spend some time in stillness following this lesson so that I may take you into a deeper trance state and assist in performing healing and modification within your more subtle bodies.

"The truth of these teachings; the ones encountered in heart to heart communion in altered state, are most profound, indeed, if untranslatable into your common verbiage.

"The snow that blankets the world quickly and easily melts, leaving behind a ground refreshed by the cold, seeds activated for germinations, and a washing away of surface pollutants.

"Your world is beginning to thaw. The cold has been essential to bring forth the growth of Spring. Soon your world with flower in abundance and you will find delights of sensation you cannot imagine, you, who have know the world only in its winter; for all living generations and many more—through much of your recorded history.

"Yet it has had a beauty, as hills and trees crowned by snow and ice do also. With the thaw will come vast streams of melt water, knocking you off your feet, but they will quickly subside and leave a land perfect for the sowing of seed, and sending forth its own, unassisted emanations.

"And in further millennia, the Spring too shall pass to Summer, and the Summer to Autumn, and Autumn back to Winter to complete a year of Mother Earth’s life, for whom a year in your reckoning is just a single heartbeat.

Think of the cells in your body. Imagine their perception of time, where a heart beat to them is a full year, offset at points around the body by the delay as to pulsation of blood. Think how they deal with the catastrophe of a bruise, cut or illness. Think of the joy of new cells creation, and of their world that is open to them, ignorant of the function of the whole.

"Consider these things, and ponder how you may best relate to your body and its components, and how best you, as cell, might relate to the Earth within her beautiful whole.

"There is no coincidence in the similarity of systems throughout the universe, at extremes of scale. It is like the fractal patterns of chaos, infinitely detailed, yet repeating, regardless of the scope of view. Use, therefore, your knowledge of larger and smaller to find your own ways to relate, and in truth, once you discern the fundamentals of one perspective, you truly understand the nature of all.

It is time now for us to move into that deeper place, so leave your pen and book and come rest with me. I AM."


Lesson 2 from North Yorkshire, UK, November 24, 2005. Thought Adjuster. Subject: "The End Of Winter." Received by Helen Whitworth. [[Category: Helen Whitworth