2005-12-10-In Recognition of the Past

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Topic: In Recognition of the Past

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: George Barnard



Thought Adjuster. “My mortal companion, whilst I AM infinitely wise, I AM discerning of some growing wisdom in you. Whilst I AM infinite in love, I appreciate the love you have garnered to pass onto others. And whilst I AM eternally patient, I treasure the relative persistence in you with the tasks you have undertaken, the trials you have overcome, to continue to share your love and knowledge.

“We are, you and I, lodgers on a difficult world where great efforts must be expanded, merely to survive. Indeed, this is not a normal world. One might say: More power to you, if and when you can follow My lead and progress in the direction (in which) I wish for you to journey, develop in the desired way, and do this whilst in recognition of the past.

“From your abilities to ‘come from behind’ in the race you run to eventual perfection achievement, you Urantians will without doubt emerge the outright winners in future time/space duties of leadership and ambassadorship.

“Not one of you has ever been short-changed as far as it concerns personality endowment for you to climb to the highest rung of soul development in, nevertheless, the most difficult of circumstances. You have been provided with all of what it takes to succeed, and your faithful Thought Adjusters are not the least part of what it takes.

“Yes, you have much to overcome, especially in recognition of the past—a past that may not have been conducive to growth of spirituality, love of your siblings, a desire to do what is right, or by-pass the chances for material gain at the expense of another.

“That in mind, in recognition of a less-than-perfect past, do your utmost in the present to ‘live in the now’, and meet all new acquaintances on the friendliest of terms. Surprisingly, the majority will meet you on these same positive terms, and it then becomes easier to transfer this more positive attitude to those you know well.

“Herewith you will become one more contributing personality that will change your world to what it is meant to become—a shining example of what the Michael Sons wish to rule—with the difference, however, that collectively you will have worked your way up from the deepest despair of a long lost world, into the precious gem of a showcase habitat of love, wisdom and universe progress.

“I AM that I AM wishing to evermore grow closer to you, until we become one and the same, of great use to the Father of All, His treasured child, and more so in recognition of ‘the overcoming’ of our dismal Urantia past, and of having changed this world, one person at the time.”