2006-02-01-A Time of Peace Must Arrive

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Topic: A Time of Peace Must Arrive

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “The human is in the right state of mind once again. I shall answer a question, which actually was more of a supposition, as well as containing the not-so-well-hidden suggestion that we Midwayers do not earn our ‘pay’.


“On countless occasions we have wanted to disrepair your slingshots, ‘blunten’ your swords and daggers, and turn your gun barrels into jelly, since none of these things are beyond our ability to affect. There are many occasions in these worrisome days, and there have been many times in the past, when we would have loved to do just that. But it is not our job to ‘take your chestnuts out of the fire’, and still you would use sticks or stones instead. The hurt goes on.

“There can be no gain in personal stature, in spiritual realness for you, if we were meant to take away from you your free will prerogatives, together with your ugly weapons. We might well pick up your lost wallet and return it to you, somehow. Bring back to you your check book carelessly dropped in a dusty lane, perhaps, since you tirelessly go about our bidding.

“However, you, and only you as individuals, as nations, as races, and as a world population, are responsible for your behavior, for your growth, for your future. There are very rare occasions on which we may interfere with your doings. Your individual and collective karmas, positive or negative, are your responsibility entirely. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I now stand aside for another. Adieu.”

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I chime in with my valued brother and helper of millennia. I chime in with Bzutu’s teachings of free will; the absolute, and essential Gift of the Creator of All that will determine your progress on this terrestrial abode and beyond as you do His Will.

“The doing of the Will of God by personal choice is essential for an individual, a family, a nation, and a world to live in peace. These are not yet those days, hardly. These are not those times, as yet. A desperately needed time of peace needs to first arrive in your hearts and minds for a great Teacher to arrive, yet be assured that your Paradise Friend is eager to commence with His teachings.

“A greater willingness on behalf of the world population to war no more needs to arrive for this to come to pass. A greater willingness of the world population needs to arrive for your Paradise Friend, and mine, to begin his work of many years and years.


“This is Machiventa. You are my beloved kin. I greet you both. That is all.”

George: “Thank you Machiventa. Thank you Bzutu.”