2006-05-10-Fifth Epochal Revelation

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Topic: Fifth Epochal Revelation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: George Barnard



Monjoronson: "I am Monjoronson. I am your Michael’s older Brother. You my friend may respect me for my great knowledge, as I respect you for the energy employed to achieve your goal. You may not venerate me, for such is appropriate only for the Creator of All, and on my part, I may do no more than respect you and love you for what you are all about.


"Not one of us in our realm is in any way concerned about alternative teachings. We are, however, not impressed with the attacks on the Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Urantia Book).

"Your opinions about other teachings should always be treated with care. You may well express these things in private. We do not recommend you express these views in public.

"This is a straight message. This is as clear as I can make it. Carry on and do the best you can under trying circumstances. Be aware that your many friends are with you. That is all I have to add to the words of others in the short space of time we have.


"Go about your business now, you busy bees. Be assured our love is unconditional, and with you always. I am Monjoronson."

George: "Thank you, my dear Friend."