2006-05-29-All Stops Are Out

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Topic: All Stops Are Out

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



(Receiving a picture of what appears to be a broken or incomplete DNA strand).

Teacher Samuel: "This is Samuel. I thank you for diligently stilling your minds and taking in what I have to say to you, and show you on this day.

"I understand that they are your thoughts that I was a genetic engineer in my terrestrial days, and that is correct. My real claim to terrestrial success was something a little different from your present understanding of the laboratory-engineered changes to DNA.

"Your being of a decimal world—your being of a world that evolved fully from little more than ‘threads’ of DNA matter—it must be clear to you that the work of Life Carriers includes more than just the transport of beings. It allows you to understand that one such as me could envisage an aspect of further aided evolution with the incomplete (imperfect) DNA preparations, which I made.

"And so my work involved the ‘setting up’ of basic (DNA) reorganizations that would then evolve with the help of Spirit, to bear the fruits, the crops, that were of so much use to my siblings on my world. Yet, unlike on your world, there were no patents. Information was freely shared with many others who had an interest in genetic engineering, and thus all the stops were out.

"In a sense, my work was vaguely similar to that which your group now does. I shared much information far and wide, although this was not those things dealing with spirituality, but rather things of nature that would feed the multitudes.

"My work was the beginning of a major horticultural/agricultural change, and one might say it included creation on my part, and letting guided evolution take its course on the side of my Celestial Collaborators.

"Science and spirituality will overlap more and more, and on your world, too, all the stops are now out, awaiting the interested parties that will consciously do this work, together with their Creative (Celestial) Brothers and Sisters.

"In many ways your group, in its chosen task, is planting ‘the spiritual seeds’ from which others will evolve their useful belief systems, and from which these same others will prepare their future ascent into the higher realms.

"As many others took on my initial work and carried on with it, made it blossom and succeed in many places, so too, will you find that others will prick up their ears and become interested, help, assist, and donate time and effort, to make your group’s 11:11 project grow.

"It is there for you. Your many helpers are prompting them. You need but ask for their assistance. Have faith, have trust, and it will come about.


"This is Samuel of Panoptia. I greet you my dear friends, and I wish you a fare-thee-well. Au revoir."

George: "Thank you Samuel."


Illawarra District, Australia, May 29, 2006.