2006-06-28-Inspirer of Creative Efforts

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Topic: Inspirer of Creative Efforts

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Athena

TR: George Barnard



Athena: "I wait patiently my dear friends. So often in these days it seems to depend on a flip of the coin, and how it will land. Shall I be humored, will you oblige, or will you simply send me on my way. I wait patiently. Patience is my way, and always was.


"Trust the process my dear friend. I report to you that, by the ‘emanations’ of your aura, I can tell that you’ve reached a satisfactory depth in very short time. So yes, indeed, trust the process, and that these words, which are coming to you, are not the machinations of your mind, but input that I am providing in words, in concepts, in pictures, as is my way.

"I am Athena. I am a Celestial Artisan. And although there are many in my group that have come from different backgrounds, I am a former human, a sculptor, a poet, a writer, a painter, and even in these days I will place my effort where it is needed to inspire these selfsame creative expressions.

"My contracted term as a Celestial Artisan is measured in a (one) thousand years, but unlike you, I worry not about having sufficient time to do the things I need to do. So many of you feel it is necessary to imagine that in very short time, in very short order, you shall be a spiritual being of ultimate perfection, ready to meet up with the Creator of All on Paradise.

"However, once you arrive in your next realm, you will find these pressures to be lifted, and you will enjoy your lengthy stay and your involvements, and quickly the pressure of ‘urgent achieving’ will have dissipated. It is difficult for you to imagine how so many Celestial Entities of creative and evolutionary origin, both, can be so blasé about their involvements of enormously lengthy periods, and remain happily and energetically engaged in those tasks, which are their traditional, chosen, or recommended endeavors.

"I, a Celestial Artisan by choice, do so very much enjoy my profession as an inspirer of creative efforts. Much more than halfway through my designated period, I am already regretting that this must come to an end, despite the, shall we use the term, "universe credits", I have so far earned." (pause).


George: "I think that was the end of that sentence, but I’m not sure."

Athena: "I shall look forward to what my most active Destiny Guardians will recommend beyond this period, but I would happily remain at this task of inspiring my brothers and sisters, those still in human form, to be more creative and co-creative. This is the end of my short message to you. Do allow yourselves to enjoy each creative moment of your day, irrespective of what it is you feel you need to, or are forced to, or love to be engaged in. I thank you for your attention, I thank you for picking up my signal this early morning, and I thank my Secondary Midwayer sibling for passing on these words.


"This is Athena signing off. Fare thee well."

George: "Thank you, Athena."


(July 3): The real meaning of paragraph 1 is that Athena might wish to be invited more often. It’s simply her ‘creative way’ of expressing her wishes. No one here sends Celestials on their way.