2007-09-21-Functions of the Panoptians

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Topic: Functions of the Panoptians

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “The cause of the delay is mine entirely, and it warrants an explanation. I was otherwise engaged, and it would be profitable for you to understand that from our viewpoint, my viewpoint, future assistants, future helpers, and future members of what is the first visible Urantia progress group on this planet are also my responsibility to quite a large degree.

“When I say this warrants an explanation, it needs to be understood by you that I did have, even in my earthly life, an adequate contact with my Thought Adjuster. Whilst it is true to note that I am not yet a fused individual, the communication between myself and my Adjuster is almost of a permanent nature, a near-continuous nature. The input is near total, yes. And so, with the Adjuster having constant access to information from eternity, it is profitable at this stage for me to help input data into the minds of the future members, assistants, and helpers of what is this expanding group.

“As I have previously announced to you, that unlike most human beings who make their way to Paradise in the usual, more direct manner -- and here they are still ‘looking at’ thousands of years -- this is not the case with the larger number from the planet Panoptia. Indeed, the majority are wisely and profitably engaged for a lengthy season on the home of the Father, but our numbers are enormous as you can well imagine, and many of my brothers and sisters are ‘out there,’ and uplifting the former rebellious worlds.

“Not all are involved in building and embellishing the magnificent creations on the Father’s planet. Many are focused on former rebellious worlds such as yours, and more than a few of us are engaged on this very world.

“As you must understand, everything from beginning to end is known in eternity. The powerful wishes of the Panoptians, who always did have a brilliant overview of what was happening in other rebellious worlds were granted -- in the sense that many of us, even in earthly lives, planned to become involved as teachers, as assistants and helpers – a mandate to contribute to the remaining worlds that were stagnant, left so far behind Panoptia, and for so long.

“I trust that this short communication is bringing you a closer view of what we are all about -- custodians and teachers in many ways. I thank you for your time. I shall now return to another student. This is your Teacher Samuel. My love goes out to you all.

George: “Thank you, Samuel.”