2007-12-03-All is One

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: All is One

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “We will endeavor to overcome the paucity of required concepts, and general poverty of human languages, to take ourselves one step closer to an understanding of the gifted ones, the amazingly precocious of your races.

“In all this still feeble contact you must accept that, as yet, you have no clear view of the extent to which we are allowed to apply Correcting Time measures that have been granted us, you, and the vast populations of all other rebellious worlds in this sector of Nebadon. Even less so do you comprehend the real meaning of Light and Life status as achieved by an entire planet, not just individuals, not just small or large groups, but by a planetary system as a whole.

“All is One in the universe of universes, and that includes those universes organizing in deep space. Every personality is on a path of learning and teaching, of doing and being, and none is excluded from this mandated avenue of progression; to be perfect as The Father Himself is perfect.

“As human beings you may learn, and sometimes forget. You may teach your kind, and not always be understood. You may acquire skills and sometimes fail to produce, and you may become the spiritual person you are meant to be, yet relapse in anger, fear, jealousy, or agitation of some kind, and all the while within you lives the ability to discern myriad higher truths.

“Those who dwell in the time-space morontia world arenas learn, and remember all. They teach and they are fully understood because of the way they share their minds without speech, without secrets, without qualms. They labor incessantly to achieve what they set out to achieve, sooner or later, yet in God’s own time, and they progress, steadily, ever reaching beyond the limitations of their time-space understanding into the near-incomprehensible realm of spirit.

“Finally, those created perfect have their tasks, and those who have attained perfection are not resting on their laurels without suitable employ. There are myriad projects; too many to number for those who were gifted with innate perfection, and for those who are perfecting to the very pinnacle of this superb realm, whilst remaining all they ever were, and in their elevated state of being, capable of sharing, indeed donating, mindal equity without any loss to the self.

“All is one, my curious human friend, and here you begin to see your universes as fully interconnected in every way, as we have come full circle, giving you a smattering of an idea about a growing tribe of precocious ones as you are edging out of the darkness of a rebellion, and into the first glowings of a delightfully precious estate in Light and Life. I Am Sananda. I Am unconditional love.”