2009-12-10-Special Status

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Topic: Special Status

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “I want to speak with you about special status; something we Midwayers enjoy over the majority of Midwayers in this local universe, although it is hard won by us. By us being granted the mind endowments of worship and wisdom, as well as the first two aspects of the morontia mind, we would have needed perhaps some forty years of professional tutoring to be eased into our roles. We got little, and what we did get was controversial in the extreme.

“We were in the trenches, my friend, protecting our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents from the fierce animals raiders that surrounded our dwellings, and the even fiercer human marauders that still enjoyed the taste of human flesh. Those who have come from outside our sphere, like brother Mathew and his platoon, have made it clear that given our circumstances only, they would have marveled about us not being delinquents, to the last person, and ad infinitum.

“It is no secret that when finally our time for ascension is to arrive, we will have special status, for like our human counterparts here, we were, and still are, pushed through the mill backwards, sideways, and doubled up. And so it is with you. Life is tough, but it is only for a season, a relatively short season compared to that of your Midway kin, and if you live it right, the rewards are enormous.

“Student visitors to this world – the five-star draw card in the galaxy – mostly former humans from normal worlds, can hardly believe that without a thousand-year-old Avatar and Teacher from Paradise living amongst you, you even have an inkling about a Creator Being, having created you first, to then maintain all life. That acceptance of an almighty Creator, they know, places you all, whom they see as the neglected ones of our local universe, in a very special category.

“Even more does your special status increase if you can knowingly, or in subliminal training by us and others, indeed your hard-working Thought Adjusters, labor for the good of this world, its people, its environment. So, spare a thought, you who are 11:11 prompted, on how you can improve all of your pre-spirit lives to come, by putting your thoughts, imagination, willpower, energy, and action into the best possible projects now, for the eventual rewards. See these efforts as comparatively minor savings in your accounts, to bring you untold interest pay-outs throughout your eternal career.


“It’s good to find you awake at this hour while I have a little time on my hands. I send my love to all. This is ABC-22.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”