2010-02-07-From Your Limited Viewpoint

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Topic: From Your Limited Viewpoint

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza: “Greetings, brother.


We are collectively aware of your human views regarding world events. We Midwayers are used to seeing a much larger picture. We see the undercurrents of change, we see what is in the hearts of men and women all over the world, and we know that a new race is evolving. A new race, you ask? Stay with me now! Do not be impatient, do not reject this message out of hand, for I shall explain, make clear, awaken your mind.

“We long ago agreed there are growing forces for good and lingering forces for evil now that Lucifer and his hordes are out of the equation. We do not differentiate between a surgical strike from 30.000 feet and a road-side explosion. All this deals with aggression, fights for control and ownership of limited resources. There is not even a fine line between those who are terrorists at war, and those at war who terrorize, no, there is no fine line.

“I remind you now of my nudging you in 1992 to purchase a book (see note below), I remind you of your reading it from cover to cover without a break, and finding not a single paragraph that raised your eyebrows. It was fiction to millions, clear prophecy to you, and it gave you heart to believe in the future of this world. From your limited viewpoint nothing much is now happening. From your limited viewpoint things are stagnating at best, even getting worse.

“The pendulum swings, my friend, and things do get worse, then better, but there is one overarching powerful Source you must continue to have faith in – the highly advanced Fragments of the Creator – the Thought Adjusters of millennia of experience -- that have come to indwell an ever-increasing number of humans, in time to belong to the forces for good if they do not already. They are not just your angels and your Midwayers that try to steer you from a barbaric future.

“You are not human without the Fragment of the Creator that indwells you. That Gift from God helps make you who and what you are, what you do, what you contribute, how you grow. As much as the Thought Adjusters came in numbers after ‘the victory of Pentecost,’ so have the Advanced and Supreme – the Self-Acting Fragments of the Creator -- chosen this world to indwell many of the young you see as precocious, yes, in unprecedented numbers, indeed.

“It is in this sense I speak of a new race. I predicted it long ago, and I now tell you that ever more often we Midwayers are tapped on the shoulder by some angelic messenger about a task to be performed for the Creator of all, requested by yet another highly experienced self-acting Adjuster making this world into a temporary home by indwelling ever younger ones of your kind. The pendulum swings, and together with us, They will make it swing, and a time will arrive when there are wars no more. Expect a future of peace, cooperation and charity.


“This is Midwayer Dr. Mendoza. I send my love to all. Later, fellows!”

George: “Thank you Doc.”


The book is called “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey. I was nudged to buy it and read it that day. It was MNO-8 who says he nudged me, but I didn’t know that until today.