2021-01-23-Alike to Sweet Incense

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Topic: Alike to Sweet Incense

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved: “Allow your soul to burst forth in song, and offer up those songs to the great Creator of all. Alike to a sweet incense are the prayers of sincerity and joy, and a soul-felt gladness results. You are gradually trained according to your willingness and readiness for things to come.

“A greater awareness is dawning upon you that there is a much higher purpose to living then just the every-day worries about food and drink for the body.

“You come to Me daily because of a hunger for Me to feed your soul, and this is beginning to register as a greater significance in your mind. The spiritizing of your mind in connection with your soul is now well underway, as you take My words to heart, and ponder them.

“True harmony and balance shall someday be yours, as more and more you take Me with you in your daily living. Forget not that I am with you in each moment of the day and in each breath you take.

“Therefore, My beloved, begin to live each day more mindfully, so your thoughtfulness increases, and many more of your mortal siblings will recognize that you spend time with Me.

“They too, will desire to attain that peace of mind.”