2021-04-08-Tsunami of Change

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Topic: Tsunami of Change

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: We are gathered here tonight, such eager students of spirit and are here to display our faith in action by following where spirit may lead. We come to the gym and prepare ourselves and get ready to relax into the space. That’s good, that’s fine, just relax into it.


Machiventa: I would welcome the opportunity to greet you all this evening. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am pleased to join you again as things progress in our ever evolving paradigm. With the recent influx of divine energies, it will become apparent to all that there has been a shift and many will be uncertain about what it is and identifying that it is a shift in energy, a flush of goodness and a gift of grace. Therefore, I enjoy returning to this classroom to tease out some of the aspects and elements of the equation, and to acknowledge you have rightly chosen to pursue the path of connecting with your Indwelling Guide and to remind you that there is no greater mission. In the process of achieving this mission, we are serving together in this capacity of serving the Mission of Michael and Mother to foster this generation of humanity. We join together in this pursuit and we meet at these times to refine our approach, to reflect on accomplishments and to seek divine inspiration and guidance as we make further attempts to act in service.

I have mentioned before that it is impossible for you to see the scope of the project that you are involved in and to see that the magnitude of growth and change is so vast that it takes building upon past generations successes and creating the future generation of potentials. We are here exercising our abilities to connect. Our bonds are strengthened as we each reach towards each other in spirit and make the connection. We have before us at this opportunity, a wave of spirit influence that is approaching our shores. We have discussed this before and this effect will be nothing short of a tsunami in the spirit dimension. All will be touched by these waves. They will touch all souls, in no small part, because part of this embrace will come from within their very being.

You who are gathered here today are actively seeking to establish greater connection with your Indwelling Guide and so this concept of an onboard companion is welcome to you; therefore you have the capacity to embrace this gift of grace as it washes over you and you are in training to do exactly that. This, as I remind you, is the greatest service. This is the service the whole program has been designed to facilitate. Only you are capable of rendering that service but as well there is the desire to be of service and because you are familiar with this concept of a Fragment Within, a piece of the whole who will join with you and the fragments of the whole will return to their origin, be reunited in the Supreme.

As this wave that you will notice rises, those around you may be unnerved, not having a framework of understanding for such a flush of connection and energy. That is where you may be of service, that is where you may guide your brothers and sisters in being at peace, being with love, at flowing with the grace. You may be the example because you have been down that road, you have chosen that path for yourselves and you desire to share that gift you have experienced. So be it as you are able to accept the opportunities before you. But again, the most significant change you might make is certainly within. This demands your personal attention and requires the application of great intention.

Remember, all that seems so disorganized, may be certainly brought into order when exposed to the effects of a magnet. All the flakes of metal will stick to and point to it, the attraction is so great. Such is your magnetizing yourselves to point in the direction of spirit, aligning your individual elements, using your intention on your very being to be used as an instrument. These are the testaments of your faith and I applaud you all for manifesting such traits, such devotion and willingness to reach for what might feel just beyond your grasp, knowing that nothing is beyond your grasp, nothing is impossible because all things are possible with God, in league with God, which is in league with the Fragment of God that is within each. That is your surest connect, your surest path to the divine values you seek and your journey proves successful as is evident in your own lives.

It’s always my pleasure to join you once again. I would make way to allow for the expression of another, farewell.

Inner Voice: As you are, make no mistake, doubt not that all that you do in service is so greatly appreciated. But you need to be aware that these acts are significant, that the motions that you make have ramifications, the acts that you do in service reverberate throughout a universe of onlookers. But certainly, recognition is not the goal when one is drawn to act in service. The goal is simply to be pleasing in the sight of the Lord, as it were, and to honor the God you know in the way you know how to. That is service, that is love expressed and that’s what makes it so valuable in a universe created in love.

We find ourselves at the gym again today and have been interested in this notion of the transfer of your individual energy to another location and what that is like. You are aware that your spirit component is not strictly bound by the parameters which control the other aspects of your being. Being not physical in nature, it is not dependent on the elements of the physical world except that they must support the individual. What happens upon death of the mortal individual is that this aspect of self, this soul if you will, with it’s attendant onboard partner, is definitely relocated and simply traverses time and space and eventually appears and reunites on the mansion worlds. This transport of your essence accompanied with your guardian angels is accomplished quite simply, naturally and easily because when not confined to the mortal constraints, projection of thought is the expression of energy and just as light travels very quickly, thought likewise shows extraordinary capacity to travel.

Before this event of transition, you are now dabbling with how to manipulate this same phenomenon without having to be transported to another dimension. How can you project yourselves and the answer is as simple as you would suspect. The answer is, at will you have the capacity to venture out. You even do so now during some sleep sessions and so having the tendency already there, I invite you to take more control of the circumstance, of the pattern that exists that you may utilize. In this instance, if the relaxation that is required to release spirit is achieved during the sleep states, and if, before entering such a state, you have have preconditioned the environment, you have preplanned the event and you make your petition known and allow that your Adjuster may help direct this intention of yours. Having cast your vision out before you, then proceed as if you expect success and allow that it may happen and that you have enough capacity to embrace it and take it in. This is one method you may actively employ to direct intention and set the pattern. Enter stillness before sleep and condition the environment, the spirit energy and petition your Adjuster to walk you through your intentions and to assure you that they are in alignment with the will of your Father.


Here is yet another exercise that we may employ as we go back to our individual citadels of spirit, our sacred places of peace, love and grace. I would point out to you before taking leave, that when you actively seek to foster and contribute to the circuit that we have employed in this group before, and you make a contribution in faith, that your intentions have gone before you and I assure you that they have been well received and are certainly in line with the will of the Father who would have you seek and find Him in this way.

Thank you for your contributions and your willingness to show up back to the gym and do a few exercises together, to try something, maybe open a door, maybe illuminate a shadowy corner. So many options for growth, for service and for experiencing both. It is, and I speak for your Voice Within when I say, it is a divine pleasure to be involved with you so intimately as we enjoy the journey together. I bid you all farewell and recede until we meet again which I assure you, I am committed to do. Good day to you all, be in peace.