2021-04-15-Projecting Your Spirit Component

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Topic: Projecting Your Spirit Component

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I witness the faith and the embrace of spirit from my comrades. It is a beloved thing. Drink this cup with us Divine Parents, we are seeking for you and we are finding you, even now


Machiventa: I would respond to the request, the invitation to join you tonight, I am Machiventa. I observe your discussions and notice that there are many different threads of the tapestry which are taken up and noticed and embraced. All these different threads, all these different circuits, all these different energetic patterns are all simply the threads in this tapestry you are weaving while in the process of encountering all these different aspects. When you discussed the various frequencies of these aspects of spirit you are simply changing channels, you are simply tuning your receivers to a different frequency and allowing yourselves to connect to the circuit of your choice.

This is the same phenomenon, the same method, the same action on your part required whether you are focusing your intentions at directing them towards healing or whether you are engaged in your own search for spirit or whether you are projecting your good intentions to another in distress or whether you are desiring to join a circle of fellows and project your essence to be present in this circuit you create of friends when then you all agree to focus your intentions likewise and to install yourself as a junction in this circuit and with intention form connection. Intentionally envision and create out of your desire, out of your vision, the reality of your presence together. If it is your desire to project your essence then you do have some command over such a challenge.

In order to be more effective at this challenge before you of projecting your essence to a remote location or to another individual, you must accept and embrace that the essence you are projecting is not your vehicle or even your mind. You’re projecting your spirit component and this component is not subject to the same parameters that your vehicle or your mind must observe. And so, with your consent, with your awareness, with your petition and prayer you have some command over this circuit of expression. It must be embraced in the equation that the observer in you, the essence of you, the aspect that endures, is able to transcend the mortal restrictions of time and space if it is your desire to do so and if this request is approved by your Onboard Partner as being in your best interest, that is, compatible with your spiritual state, then as I keep referring, all things are possible with God with your faith and as a creator son.

To more easily process such an accomplishment, it is good to enter stillness with the direction of focusing on the essence of your own being, the part that is eternal, the part that truly is you beyond your vehicle or your mind. Realize that you are as the driver observing all that goes on and as such an observer, you are not confined to simply the travel mode of least awareness. Instead of driving your vehicle, you may ride on spirit frequencies, you may project your essence out on these circuits and express your intentions through accessing these various means of expression. Remember, you are destined to travel through time and space. At the moment of your physical transfer to the morontia state, you will undergo this process. It is in place but in such a process, in order to safely travel and relocate your essence you must have assistance and guides to facilitate this projection of your essence as typically the mortal individual has not progressed to this ability to project on their own.

You who are expanding your awareness to include possibilities to such dimensions are finding that you are able to connect and be a part of a number of these frequencies, a number of these circuits, that you may use them together, you may draw resources from them simultaneously. You may add to the effect of your efforts with the addition of circuits you are now aware of. This will bring you to a point of being able to project your essence as you so desire, to simply be in a remote location under different circumstances, even at a different time.

When it was referred to that you have the option to go out before you, project yourself to a space, to a condition, to a frequency, an energy field, that is a field [of] Light and Life. What does that feel like? How does that seem to you? What aspects do you notice that are different? What would you choose to foster and bring back to the time and the place that you are now? The fact that you are so conditioned by this progress of time on your world makes it very difficult for you to conceive of the concept of losing the limitations of time but I assure you, your essence, your individual spiritual self is only experiencing this advent of time with you during this life experience. This is part of the mortal experience, to be immersed in time and the effects of time and the changes time causes and the growth time demands. After this mortal life you will never again be so restricted down to the hour of the day as you are now and eventually, this whole concept of time will be just a distant memory, an experience once had in your sojourn of a mortal life.

I will also support, once again, the comments made regarding the significance of increasing contact with your Inner Guide. All these ideas of projection are all a material application of spirit. They are methods and ways that you have found to make conditions right for these processes to occur. All manner of conditions from your efforts in stillness to prepare the citadel of spirit, to go to the gym and practice and tone your spirit muscles so that they can function properly, these are all, as I say, mechanical and material aspects of your spiritual pursuit. All of these are tools, they are bridges for you to use if they are helpful in your process. None of them are required, they are all of your own choosing.

I appreciate that you have a meeting scheduled with your assistant and guide in this process. I would now open the floor for your guest. Thank you for your time, your attention, your energy which is certainly present in this circuit we establish, each one present because they so choose to project their being into the circle, into the circuit to be a part of the transfer of energy between and among the participants in whatever fashion they choose. Good day to you all.

Inner Voice: I welcome my turn, my opportunity to be granted voice from my partner, to become the instrument of peace that I desire to be. In all this discussion and consideration of the many different avenues of exploration, the avenues of approach, the methods of encounter and the processes to be gone through, even so far as the prayers that need to be offered or the sacrifices that need to be made, all of these avenues, all of these choices represent the mortal attempt to establish framework, to establish a platform on which to build their awareness, on which to build their cathedral of spirit.

In the end, many discover that all of the methods and manners and approaches were are all simply guide posts along the way, a demonstration of how another was benefitted by this path and a sign pointing this way. If it works for others, then it may work for you and if it works, it is good. If it passes the test, is it beautiful, is it true and is it good, then such may be adopted for your benefit. Such things which are universally beneficial for the conditioning of the human mind into the alpha state of relaxation; such a thing is an example of material mind over matter. Such an activity of creating a state of relaxation and thus opening a channel of awareness, of communication, this entire act is first a mental exercise, the command over the vehicle to slow and be still and as a result of this material influence, this mortal using of the mind, the soul can be freed.

Certainly you all are aware of having felt transfers of energy among a group of believers, a group of participants in working with energy, in utilizing this force that you know exists and acting in faith that you may work with it, you may join it, you may take resource from its existence. It has been said in the past that it is necessary for you to lose you mind, lose your thoughts, lose your busy functioning brain to allow for the open canvass of the spirit, that I am informing you that it is an act of mortal will which determines the success of the entire venture. It is focusing and directing your intention and portraying your purpose.

And this, as you are coming to learn, may be done in a variety of methods using a variety of different frequencies or circuits that are available to you and in this process. In this combining and utilizing all these paths that come to you, you are acting as an instrument of peace, you are in the position of helping bestow grace, you are acting instead for your Divine Parents and all of this is our gift of grace, yours and mine. This vast experience before us is one non-stop miracle of grace and in this first mortal existence, the task may be said to become aware that you are in such a state of mortal beginning but that the primary component of you, the key essence of your being, has an eternal journey before it and that this journey we share is filled with opportunities and gifts of grace along the way.

Just the awareness that this is so brings you to a level of frequency that opens the door for you to traverse any remaining distance. It allows that this connection will be made because you are going out in advance of its arrival and creating the pathway, creating the means and you all witness that your dreams come true. Your sincere prayerful petitions for your best interest are routinely brought to you as they fit into your journey. There are, as was stated earlier, many layers, many different frequencies, different vibrations, different tones, different hues, all of these terms being used to describe distinctions in various fields. The spirit distinctions are of their own accord and enjoy their own descriptions.

Gathering at times like this enables us to recharge our circuit, our circle of friends whose intention it is to gather, commune with spirit, support each other, learn and grow as circumstances provide. We also share the desire to be active participants, not passive observers. This brings us all to this arena together, this enables us to span distance and make connection. Let it be so with more prominence in our experience moving forward. Let it be so with more awareness and perception. This represents the desire of our being. Let it be so. Remember even now that you have just projected your being to our common place. This was done as an act of your sheer free will to do it. You have met with certain success and you feel a literal connection which you have built in this process. Simple easy steps that may be recreated and perhaps even expanded upon to greater facilitate the objective, the release of material constraint so that spirit may function in freedom from any material ties that bind. This is our destiny and we are manifesting it even now.


It’s a pleasure to tone the spirit faith muscles together once again. It always feels good after a workout to know that you have helped maintain the tone in your muscles. I acknowledge and appreciate that my partner has so extended his comfort zone to include these meetings and execute this with such a mortal demonstration of faith. Such a demonstration allows spirit to be free and so it is. Good day to you all, farewell.