2021-06-16-Where Truth Energizes Facts

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Topic: Where Truth Energizes Facts

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Simeon



Daniel: My friends, we are here tonight as a joint enterprise with your personal guides and spiritual observers and connectors. We will utilize this opportunity to try and connect you further personally but also to connect your energy patterns with each other as a unitive effort. Know that this current period of time for your world is a blossoming time for increasing awareness among individual souls and collective groupings for the potentials that exist to bring about spiritual brother and sisterhood and the cooperation of celestial agencies with human efforts to adjust and align with the mission of Michael. So each time we have the opportunity to encourage you to connect, we will do so, although you may not always be aware of the effects of your contemplative time, know that the expansion of your awareness in your soul occurs and your ability to become more receptive to the leading of your Divine Minister grows exponentially.

Take a few moments to simply rest in the silence and turn your thoughts inward, to your conceptions of your Source and honor that Presence and allow us to do our connective work, if you will. (Pause)

While every leading or thought you have may not be divinely inspired, this practice will allow you to be more connected in a way that provides opportunity for insight, a seeding with your thoughts and questions providing amplification and understanding. No need to distinguish when you are about your day, the originator of the thoughts you may have, but know that if you ask you will receive and this partnership will become an expanding information source and outworking that provides ministry, not only to yourselves, but to those who are participating in your lives or who you may happen upon.

I am Daniel. I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts with you this evening. Continue to move forward in the awareness of the love there is for you and the opportunities for your ministry of love to grow as a result. I am open for questions this evening but I would also encourage you if you’re so inspired, with thoughts, connections, or visuals, to share your impressions, as well.


Q1: Daniel, you alluded to the possibility or probability that we would not understand those things which occur during your connection work. Is this because there is so much going on with us that we could not possibly comprehend it all, or is it, say, above our pay grade?

Daniel: I would say that your ability to perceive all that occurs is limited. There are beings who work on the adjustment of the frequencies and the amplification of the energy as connections are made between personalities, but you may perceive the connection process occurring. Trying to define exactly what it is may not be as fruitful, for your attention might be best focused on what to do with the energy rather than to understand all of the nuances involved. As you grow beyond this mortal existence you will become privy to more as you increasingly spiritualize. I hope this touches upon your question.

Q1: Yes. Still isn’t it a matter of our spiritual growth to be able to comprehend things that are not yet comprehended, to see things that are not seen, to hear things that are not heard?

Daniel: Of course, yes. This is exactly what we have encouraged you to pursue, and while you may not understand everything and put it into context, you certainly can stretch your boundaries, so to speak, and your openness to perceive allows more to be perceived. I just also encourage you to allow the inspirations...

Q1: The inspirations that occur to us from the phenomenon which is ever-present on this plane? Is that it?

Daniel: Yes, think of one who receives an enlightening book and as they become excited about it they pour over all of the pages analyzing each sentence, paragraph and chapter.

Q1: Yet, they can only relate to things in their frame of reference.

Daniel: Indeed, and as they learn this there is a limitation to the broader perceptions that can occur when one steps back and allows the conceptual framework to be observed rather than analyzed. There is a time to learn, to analyze, and a time to allow and be filled with the spirit of the work rather than the letter of the work. Many of your visuals come as you allow the conceptual patterns to take fruit or to bear fruit in your contemplation and openness.

Q2: Speaking of books, Sunny just gave me Dr. Hawkins and he talks about love. You know how I’ve been really searching for what it is that makes truth recognizable? How do you recognize Truth from lies, or how do you not recognize Truth from lies. What is the quality of Truth that we respond to? And one of the answers he had was that Truth has life in it! I really liked that because it was a quality, a gravity, I thought that maybe there is a gravity of Truth where it is connected to the circuits. So, there is a presence of gravity that is, that we respond to. And he was saying an interesting thing, that love is really powerful and one little drop of love can dispel vast amounts of negativity and I really loved that thinking that what we do here, when we pray, when we have good wishes for the world, is it really working, I wonder. And so that kind of gave me a whole different picture of it, about how rich my life is, for one thing, full of love. You know, lots of gravity weights of love pulsing out into the world. I wonder if you could maybe speak to that. We can trust it and it’s what Michael is actually made of! He is made of love and we are made of love but, something about the power of it?

Daniel: My friend, thank you for your sharing, which is worthy of consideration in and of itself, for truth and love are not separated. To live in a vacuum of truth would be to witness a barren landscape of cold, hard facts and these facts can only become energized in the spirit with the infusion of love and compassion. Facts without compassion become weapons rather than empowerment tools expanded in the truth sensitivity that understands the context where they are wielded. This is where truth energizes facts, for when they are used as tools to understand and to grow, and to bring together, they hold more power than the simple knowing what is correct factually. To be truly engaged in the truth in a way that is amplified, one must first desire it, want to know what is real, and as you spend time in contemplation within, your sensitivity to truth grows and develops so that you are not so easily swayed by emotion and hyperbole.

Michael responds to the faintest flicker of faith in the human mind and soul, trying to amplify their understanding and build the alluring gravity, as you mentioned, that can draw them forward into the eternal relationship. Therefore, it becomes easier to encourage others to seek within and find their truth than it is to tell them what is right and wrong.

Q2: Really? It’s easier? I think it is easier to tell somebody what you think is right and wrong than it is to try to figure out how to lure them into looking for their truth.

Daniel: You are playing a different direction on the same concept that I was intending to convey.

Q2: Oh, sorry.

Daniel: No problem my friend. For, yes, from a mortal standpoint it is easier to tell people how to behave than to show and teach them how to behave. But, from a spiritual perspective we do not see that as easy, but folly.

Q1: And so it is that living, loving truth, from our perspective flows towards the light and from Michael’s perspective living, loving truth flows the other way as well and the circle of truth is complete therein?

Daniel: Yes, my friend, and your realization was also borne of spiritual connection. So, thank you for conveying those thoughts.

Q3: Daniel, I wanted to say thank you again for your service to the Correcting Time and also to the TR, but your statement about facts without compassion can be used as tools to do harm… that clicked. That clicked right there because I am guilty of that. I’m great at spewing my facts but I have no compassion. I just want to be right.

Daniel: This is a human condition not merely a (speaker’s name) condition.

Q 1: As the saying goes, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

Q3: I want to be right! (Laughter) And it makes me happy… No, no, I want to be happy and that statement, how you put that, really caught me. It is something to work on.

Daniel: Yes, as you let go of frustrations and disappointments, sometimes disbelief, those spaces can be filled with the spirit of allowing, for realization, for sharing of compassion, and bringing forth different interactions and connections even between those with differing points of view. As the physician's code goes, “First, do no harm.”


Q3: Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel: As I withdraw for the evening, I would allow each of you the opportunity to speak or share from your spiritual connection. Not a requirement, but feel free to commune and share any thoughts you may have. Thank you for having me, again.

(Period of group sharing follows.)