2021-08-25-Questions in Mind

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Topic: Questions in Mind

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



My friends, I am Aaron, here with you tonight, as a comfortable old shoe might be, allowing my friend the comfortability of not having to grasp too hard for connection. Thank you for your time with us in the silence. It is always an opportunity to allow deeper connection and communion to occur. As you each seek insight, don’t be disturbed or uncomfortable, in allowing the silence to exist for a period of time before receiving. Getting comfortable with yourself and the spiritual presence is a practice that allows for you to more readily achieve spiritual comprehension. This takes time and effort before you find it to be effortless.

Communication, in this manner, is often facilitated or precipitated by a question. When you would sit in communion have a question in mind, and then as you settle into the practice and the presence, it allows for there to be a response. It is more difficult to achieve spiritual contact and the recognition of that connection when there is no precipitating question or thought. I often encourage those who would practice receiving to have those questions in mind and then let them go and become one with the presence. But knowing that you have those, it allows for you to more readily perceive the stream of insight that comes in response rather than trying to perceive a random start to a conversation. As you grow in your ability to perceive communication, then the topics can arise out of seemingly thin air more readily. So if you would practice receiving communication, I encourage the question and answer format as an easier way to engage and develop the understanding.

We recognize the various trials you have been challenged with in your lives. Know that your ability to take this sense of connection with you throughout your week, allows for more responsive behavior and an ability to not be so reactive when difficult situations arise. When Michael spoke to you this past weekend, remember the phrase, “What would love do?” This is an excellent question to be keeping in mind as you engage throughout your days. I dare say, it will surprise you how much easier it is to stay in the presence of God and respond in an enlightened manner when you have this question in mind.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you this evening. I am certainly open to questions, if there are any.


Q1: Well. Aaron, in the development of this group and our new wave of instruction, is it something you want us to do, to teach people how to transmit teachers?

Aaron: This is an interesting question, for we do want all personalities seeking connection with their indwelling spirit, and we are looking for those who might be well adjusted and able to receive from us, throughout your world. And yet, the desire for everyone to be a specific transmitter/receiver is not quite what we are after. Certainly we are after an expansion of the recognition that this is possible, and that this communication with God is available to everyone if they would seek within regularly. And yet, it is not our desire to put individuals on a pedestal and have people seek all of their answers through someone else. So initially, this may be required to have well balanced personalities who have an attunement capability to receive so that it becomes more recognizable and more, shall I say, mainstream as a possibility, in the consciousness of the people on your world.

Q1: Well, remember, back in the Eighties, when it seemed that there was a lot of general knowledge and pop culture about angels, getting to know your angels and talking to angels. But the teaching mission wasn’t really about angels. People know about angels, and “spirit guides” is another common term people relate to. People say, “when you die and you go see God,” and I always say, what do you mean? You can talk to Him now! He’s right here! And so, that is the kind of idea you want spread around and made more common? That we have the ability to talk to God right now, each of us, rather than angels, or spirit guides? What language do we use to reach people so they are not scared of it?

Aaron: The language you are comfortable with.

Q1: So we’re not scared. Scared people scare people.

Aaron: We are working with personalities all over your world, from different backgrounds. So the most important thing for you to consider is what is real and authentic to you, to share about your experience, and saying it in a way that you believe it, not how we would have you say it. Trust that there are brothers and sisters all over the world who will say it in a different way, whose paradigm is angels rather than morontia beings, spirit guides, or aliens. It is most important at this time to share from your deep well of experience, what is possible to the degree of your comfort and safety.

The Universe is friendly. God is here now. There is no need to wait to find heaven when you die because heaven exists everywhere that one connects with the Spirit of God. In that moment, you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, whether still a mortal or as an ascending being. Thus, perhaps the recognition to share is that there is a great spiritual family of God here ready to help, ready to have you grow into the awareness of what should be, and move beyond the difficult patterns of the past. But use your own sense of comfort when you choose what to share and how to share it.

Q2: It seems that this is what has been on my mind of late, too, because I think all of us are dealing with a large amount of restrictions when it comes to contacting other individuals. We are dealing with a pandemic. I know everyone has their own cocoons that they have to live in and it does limit one in terms of personal contact, for sure. We just are not meeting in the ways that we previously have and, I think of having to use the social media and others. I use Facebook sometimes where I see an opportunity to insert something that is an insight I have gained or been given. In that communication I’ll ask for the guidance and help, and I feel that I get it. But, it’s difficult with the means that we have at hand to actually follow through on those things. So that’s the stymying point for some of us who have been with this for a long time. We’ve gotten the basic messages and we understand and have accepted each in our own way, and grown in our own way. But when you want to reach out, and you feel called to reach out, I just feel stymied with the limitations we have to deal with today.

Aaron: We certainly recognize those challenges and are in communication regularly about how to work with those restrictions. At the end of the day, you can do what you can, and if it means simply an enlightened thought on social media in response to some question or concern, then that is where you can be of service in that moment. I would have you recognize that this period of time shall pass and it will not always be this difficult to be in proximity to others. Currently, there are…

Q3: Thank you all for this meeting again. It is great to be participating in a moment of so much light and spiritual light. I have a question. In the practice of stillness where we seek communion with the Father Spirit, so far it seems to me that it is interesting and difficult to seek a posture of silence and make out anything while keeping the focus on the Father’s nature. What posture would be viable to help this communion with our Father God?

Aaron: Thank you for sharing, my friend. The effort to achieve connection will be enhanced over time by some of the avenues we are pursuing to bring a deeper resonance to the Spirit of Truth and when the completion of all the circuitry occurs, people on your world will have an easier time recognizing the presence of God. But here you are now, seeking this communion and achieving awareness of what is true and right. The surest way to increase this, is to focus your will to be in alignment with the will of God for you personally and as you do, you can share this with others. Am I understanding what it is you are asking, my friend?

Q3: Yes. When I am meditating in the direction of God, I seek for stillness and try to silence the mental engine to receive this with clarity, without my interference in the process. I search for receiving a communion with the Father. Is it possible to be able to improve our communion with the Father? How can we improve this practice?

Aaron: Yes. To improve this, many of the suggestions I made this evening will aid you in the ability to perceive. As you read back this lesson I hope you can find some of those areas where you can ask and receive responses. The surest way to improve your connection with God is to be pure in motive, to simply let go of your fears and tension and prejudices, to the extent that you can let go of any preconceived notions about what the experience should be, and then come into a place similar to when a child climbs up into the lap of their parent simply to be connected and touched with no other motive than to feel a sense of love and affection going both ways in that moment, if you can perceive that image in your mind when you recognize the affection that this spirit has for you. It is indescribable for us to share completely what we have experienced in our relationship with God directly, but this would be an approximation from a human vantage point, to not feel that you have to be anything more than a little child reaching out to their parent and allowing that embrace to occur.

Q3 Thanks Aaron, it is beautiful words and beautiful teaching.

Aaron: Yes, I look forward to seeing your progress in the time ahead.

Q4: Curiosity question, Aaron. Because of the Urantia book teachings and what you just said about you not being able to describe your time with the Father, are you a finaliter?

Aaron. No, I am not. I am still a morontia being, a Jerusem Citizen.

Q4: You have seen those types, though, haven’t you?

Aaron: I have been in the presence of many beings, including finaliters, yes.

Q4: Do they come down here?

Aaron: Most certainly. Everywhere in the Universe of Universes is a destination to be taken (worth taking), and they see Urantia as an interesting destination at this time.

Q1: I am going to have to sharpen up my spiritual eyes to see if I can see any!

Aaron: Good luck.

Q5: Do finaliters ever come in the guise of a mortal?

Aaron: No. At the level of their achievement they do not generally descend into a material body. Our contacts with such enlightened beings are generally of an advisory nature and at even my level, the communication is third-party rather than direct, for the most part.

Q6: Third-party… meaning the Midwayers or through Mother Spirit?

Aaron: Simply that our ability to perceive them directly is still limited and thus when there are communications, it is with higher orders of beings that relate the communication or intention of communication.

Q4: So, I’ll have to put it on my Mansion World Bucket List, I’m thinking. It ain’t gonna happen here!

Q5: Could it be much like this present situation such as what is happening between the teachers and us?

Aaron: You could make that comparison.

Q5: I’m curious, after the questions about Father communion just shared, I think I want to ask if you have any tips about looking for God in others.

Aaron: I know what I practiced on my world and what we practice now. Certainly it is far easier to perceive the true essence of another in my current state. Generally for you, try to get yourself each day in a place where you are open, and with that question of Michael’s, “What would love do?” and then utilize your senses to react and interact from that place, certainly with some discretion, but as you do this it is far easier to like most everyone you come in contact with. It is more difficult to see contrary ideas and opinions in a defensive light. Rather you recognize their expression for where they are at, and, I would say, often you can still feel a sense of affection even when someone is challenging you. But that idea of love and that you are all brothers and sisters, at various levels of growth….

Q5: So that when you are looking for love in your brothers and sisters, love will appear?

Aaron: Certainly, many times it is easier to achieve if your focus is on how you are with them, more than how they are with you. It is easier to act and react with that sense of affection you have rather than being influenced strongly by how they are receiving it or may not be receiving it.

Q6: Aaron, thank you for everything tonight. Over the years it was so hard for me to settle down and be in contact unless I was alone, or in the forest or by a river. So I had to learn how to be still in town and with company, but I found for me, if I start writing gratitude lists, it always takes me into the stillness and a happy place.

Aaron: Yes. Thank you for sharing your insight here. Various practices can be used to get yourself to the place of openness and receptivity.

Q7: I think when one has the belief that faith itself, the faith that you will be given that which you sincerely desire, will help the person who is maybe seeking to make a stronger and deeper connection. I thought I’d make that suggestion. That faith that you will be given the opportunity to go deeper and then learning to accept whatever thoughts or insights that come to you, that that may be the answer you have been seeking. I had a lot of difficulty with that myself, that is, doubting myself in what I actually intended to receive, and I had to let go of that.

Aaron: Thank you for your added insight.

Q8: You can also ask for things. You can ask for a sign, or ask for a dream, or something that comes to you that you can accept as communication. Because God doesn’t only talk to you on the inside of yourself but through situations, a parking place comes, or meeting someone you have just thought of, or you dreamed about someone and they call you up. There will be this synchronicity that begins to occur in your life. Start watching for that and acknowledge it. The more you do that the more it will happen to you in your life.

Q9: Thank you. I understand what you are saying, and I think we receive the teachings beyond synchronicity. I am very happy for this opportunity.


Aaron: Thank you, friends, for your various sharing here tonight. I would add a caveat to your wonderful advice, that not all signs and leadings are always an inspiration of God or spiritual beings, therefore you must still discern what is a valid direction and what is simply a coincidence, at times. This is the struggle you all go through to recognize your connection and your experiences for what they are and what they provide for you in your lives.

I so enjoyed this hour with you tonight and look forward to communicating with you again. I hope you all find what it is you are seeking in the heart of hearts that you have, and that you find your healing, that you find your awareness, your spiritual connection, but most of all that you know we are all in this together. This is a family experience. And, yes, ultimately, we all seek within to our spirit of God, but take heart that you are sharing this with others and you are not all alone by yourself trying to figure it out. Good evening.