2021-12-11-At A Crossroad in Reclamation

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Topic: At A Crossroad in Reclamation

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



Machiventa: We know it is easy to feel lost, uncertain, or ungrounded during times such as these, where the free flowing well spring of truth is not readily visible. Accessible, yes, but one must be in a place where they can access the information we would offer in relationship to our Creator who guides and ministers to us as well as you.

Be certain that this is not an aloof enterprise we are undergoing. Rather, is it a multifaceted approach to reincorporating various paths and perspectives into the patterns of universe administration, which at its very essence signifies relationship to our Creator, and the implementation of processes related to those patterns which can build behavior and pursuit that eyes progress as a goal for the individual, the family unit, the community and your world.

What awareness needs to happen for this accessibility to occur? Simply that seeking reality is the primary motivation, for when one seeks reality it affords the opportunity for the awareness to descend into their consciousness that there is a plan and there is a response waiting for any who can hear it. You are not alone. We are here, ready to help bring about something more substantial, more tangible as an addition to human pursuit. What many people believe about the value of working and pursuing for their human livelihood is important, but having it in relationship to truth and valuing the entirety of the integral relations between individuals is more important than seeking one’s own benefit and seeing it as everyone else for themselves.

We are in a position to implement many areas of spiritual cooperation in response to human reaching, in response to the human desire to be part of a higher plan, one that sees beyond millennia’s old rules and strictures and recognizes the spiritual essence emanating from our Universal Parents out from Paradise through the universes, through our Creator Son. As you know, I speak of Christ Michael, recognized as Jesus by many on your world, not limited by the human conception, but rather waiting for the human conception to grasp that the spirit of truth that Christ has applied here is a mighty tool for the recognition of love and goodness and what is real.

We are not at the end of all things for your world, but we are at a crossroad, one where decisions will have to be made regarding how the various forces of human will should be applied in the times to come. Is there a possibility that a slow growing movement of those willing to submit to divine guidance and cooperation can begin to establish the patterns which will lead away from dominance and exploitation toward cooperative insight leading the willing minds and hearts toward a place where there is no division from reality except that which is not yet known, but with the willingness to follow where the truth leads, the willingness to be part of a plan that draws all willing creatures to a place of harmony and unity? Eventually, the forces of division and chaos and exploitation will not be able to withstand the cascading effect of the cooperatively led fellowship of united spiritual and human beings serving our Christ Michael and his consort, our Holy Mother Spirit, so that the patterns here can be reestablished.

You perceive correctly that I am the Melchizedek, Machiventa, and I do appreciate your desire to connect and to ask those questions related to what might be important to look at, to focus upon, and to promote during these times. I know you have heard some of these areas discussed prior, but as we move forward, it is imperative that there is an understanding of the planetary awakening that is possible. Recognize it will occur by willing individuals turning their minds toward that connection within, to seek understanding and to make that commitment to be led by truth and the desire to learn and the desire to be good, and to do good.

The adventure of becoming one of the children of light is a thrilling prospect and anyone who has undertaken this recognizes it is a valuable journey. It is thrilling, ennobling, humbling, and soul expanding. Recognize that the excitements of the flesh and the satisfaction of your material senses are merely shadows compared to the expansion and satisfaction of your spiritual senses in relationship to the One Source our universe Father and Mother represents. The journey didn’t end when Michael left your world. In the successive millennia since he departed, much work has been done to build and implement a framework of rehabilitation for a world that was taken astray.


We ask you now, to consider what is good and what is noble in the times to come, for as you seek the answers , more will be given to you. Ponder this, and thank you for your willingness to explore these potentialities of how we can interface, the human with the spiritual and divine, in providing light to a world in the shadows.

We are blessed to be part of this project, regardless of which side we come from, whether we emanate out from Paradise through Michael’s creation to minister to your world, or whether you come as a struggling, but hopeful human being looking for answers and having a willingness to follow where they may lead. This is our project of reclamation, and to the degree that you see it as a cooperative project and feel you can play a part in that, then you are a member of the project that we undertake to find the answers, to let the insight emerge, and the questioning to be inspired, so that they may make similar choices to become part of the project as well, part of the plan, Christ’s plan for our world and our universe.

I thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you, my friends, and your patience to allow it to occur in a time frame that builds the emergence, rather than rushes the willing souls, pressuring them toward outcomes. Instead, we are enthused at your ability to recognize the needs of the moment and to know that any time there is interaction between willing beings in the service of our Father, it has its own value that cannot always be rushed to meet other ends.