2021-12-25-A Christmas Message from Machiventa

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Topic: A Christmas Message from Machiventa

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



Machiventa: My friends, I am here this evening to speak with you. I am your Planetary Administrator Machiventa. I would let you know that, although this past time frame has been challenging for you at various degrees, your ability to turn the other cheek, to change the conversation, to find a positive direction to pursue, has been an inspiration for us as we seek to build your inner strength to go with your fine tuning of your moral compass.

It would be easy to get lost in the sea of difficulties, the woes of a pandemic, the loss of dear friends and family, the political tail winds swirling around you, and yet you seem to emerge from each circumstance to find a path forward for you that allows you to continue to minister and to be available for others. Take this time to let us be available for you.

Although this is not the eve of Michael’s birth on your world, it is celebrated as such, and the symbolism is such that more people turn inward and seek connection and solace and union with their Creator at this time. Thus, we are able to reach out ourselves, within the spirit of Michael’s mission, and make forays that bring spiritual potential.

What will occur in the time ahead will build upon the things that people such as yourselves have done and will do in the present. Know that we are building something here. A framework is slowly being set, and as it evolves, the potential for emerging from the days of uncertainty and chaos and conflict will arise. Trust that what you do makes a difference when you are attuned to the spirit of your Indweller and trust that your connections you make with others who seek similarly will bring value.

Often progress comes in stops and starts on a world where such dysfunction occurs. It is difficult to sustain focus, to continue to trust. I ask you each to consider your place in the mission at hand, to what degree you trust that you can participate, that you are able to be part of the scaffolding and to help build the framework for what is to come. I know often mortals dream of grand and glorious occurrences, big miraculous events. Perhaps in the future, events will occur that today you would see as being miraculous, but generally know that the real progress is made each day and each moment that you trust in the guidance within you, to manifest from that space, and to know that your connection to Him and to each other is real.

And someday when you witness events that you would now deem as miraculous, you might actually regard them as just another step in the journey toward building a progressive development of your planet toward light and life. This calm level of assurance is possible and we are here tonight to let you know that we see you as agents for Michael, not just those able to make this specific meeting but all of you who strive to do those things which will someday make the miraculous seem common and as just another step forward.


This is my Christmas message that I would share with all those with ears to hear, and I would let you know that we look forward to your efforts in the days and weeks and months to come. As Michael would say, “Let us be about the Father’s business.” Good evening.