2022-01-09-Infusing the Living Gospel of Jesus

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Topic: Infusing the Living Gospel of Jesus into Personal and Collective Planetary Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: We invite the presence of our Paradise Trinity, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son, Planetary Seraphim, and all of our other helpers to assist us in this call today as we focus our intention, for more healing transformation to occur. As we engage in the circuits of intention, we lift our requests up to you, Mother and Father that what we cocreate from our hearts may be put to good use all throughout the circuits of planetary mind, feeding our brothers and sisters with more love, peace, compassion. Letting us be the conduit through which the buying attribute of your GOODNESS, MERCY, and LOVE can continue to support this world on its trajectory toward Light and Life. We ask that you combine us all as one, bringing us into that heart space. Thank you for helping us engage with our Indwelling Spirits, that we may be guided by them through this focused intention today. And above all, we thank you for your WILL being done, and we are grateful participate with you. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service to our world and to our brothers and sisters.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. Take a few moments to focus on the me and the life that I led as one of you during my earthly incarnation as Jesus. I understand human experience. I underwent many challenges in my human life to come into a deeper and greater understanding of the nature of Deity. It was part of my earthly mission to reveal the love of our Creator to humanity to encourage them on their inner journeys, awakening them to the presence of Spirit Within that they may share in the joy of becoming who our Creator has intended them to be-come over the long course of eternal life.

During my preaching and teaching ministry, I exhorted many people to recognize the presence of the Indwelling Spirit of God. This was designed to help people recognize they have a direct communication pathway to their Creator and Divine Source—the Source of all LIFE and LOVE, and the means by which humans can find that your inner peace, which validates you at a core level of your right to exist. The corollary of this relationship-building was to engage in loving service with your brothers and sisters; to nurture relationships with your fellow humans based on love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. This forms the foundation of the Gospel message that I preached to many who were ready to hear. And now it is time for this simple Gospel message to engage with human mind.

To state it simply: It is to recognize the relationship that you have with the Creator of all through your Indwelling Spirits, and to serve with love and devotion, ministering to your brothers and sisters the love that our Creator has seeded in you. There is no dogma. There is no theology. It is merely receiving and expressing this love in your day-to-day experiences and in your relationship with others. This simple gospel has been very challenging for many people to not only appreciate but to live.

In today's infusion, let us go into that place where this gospel that I preached is still alive and active through the hearts of many people who have dedicated their lives in loving service to humanity in various ways. So, I invite you to take a few deep breaths. Focus in your hearts. Allow these words: THE GOSPEL OF JESUS to engage with your minds that elevate you into that realm where this LIVING GOSPEL MESSAGE is ready to engage with more individuals and help them recognize their relationship with our Creator and their higher moral obligations, responsibility, and privilege to love your fellow humans and all life here. We begin. Hold this intention for this Gospel that I preached ably and sincerely to swell within your hearts and minds as you receive what I am due to provide to you, my beloved children. (Pause)

I am the vine. You are the branches. Let yourselves receive me freely and as fully as you are able now. Continue to focus on the GOSPEL OF JESUS as you receive what I desire to share with you now. (Pause)

All humans are children of God, whether or not they recognize this innate relationship. It is a part of the fabric of your life. Allowing this infusion of the GOSPEL OF JESUS will not only fortify this relationships within you to help you expand, that you may hold this as a living energy form and learn how to cooperate with intention is one of the most effective means to create peace on earth through more people living and devoting their lives to this gospel message that I preached simply so many years ago.

While my words may have conveyed a simple concept, it is the living expression of this which is now called for during this time, moving you beyond animosity and conflict that you have with your fellows, bringing you into more harmony and recognition that you are all children of the same Creator. You have this innate spiritual kinship that binds you together in a great family of LOVE. Allow yourselves to fortify in the GOSPEL OF JESUS, filling that deep inner need this to move into those areas where you still may falter in your ability to live up to this very beautiful spiritual standard in yourselves. Receive this reinforcement that you may participate in it more faithfully, consistently each day. And know that you are being nurtured in a very deep human memory circuit of what I created here for you, for each person to live life fully and abundantly, joyfully—in the awareness of the love in which you live, were created, and can share with your brothers. Continue to imprint upon what I am providing to you now. (Pause)

There have been many stories constructed about my life here with you. Many traditions, creeds, theologies have been constructed about who I am and the nature of my mission. But when you tap into the purity of the Gospel that I promoted you are actually availing yourselves of my living energy presence. You set yourself up to be a greater conduit of that Gospel message to radiate outwardly from your souls and your hearts to engage with others. Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone practiced this simple Gospel each day consistently? And this is what we set as an objective for you, albeit we understand that it will take many, many years to fully accomplish this as planetary culture. The means by which we infuse this into you is intended as a gateway and expanded conduit for others to perceive the signal, to recognize its simple truth that refreshes and nourishes the soul and purifies the mind of many years of erroneous thinking, that you may step into the purity of what this means for your life and to engage accordingly therefrom.

My Gospel message has never been fully realized on this planet. There is much potential to be explored with each individual coming into your own understanding and means of expression. There is great beauty in this expression, my children. Who would not wish to engage with this because it is so attractive and charming? It can dispel anger and mistrust because when you engage with this love contained within my Gospel message, you are availing yourselves of the potency of LOVE comes from the Creator and is given to you as your means of expression.

Allow these words to settle in, engaging with thinking processes, your emotional experiences. Let them deepen into your genetic structure to help you live this more dynamically each day. (Pause)

This is all part of the RECONCILIATION dynamics that you have been constructing with us, building a mighty platform of transformation that more DIVINE JUSTICE may engage in the planetary mind and help more people seek the RECONCILIATION of the various influences that create strife and animosity. It is time to lay down those weapons where you defend yourselves and hurt one another with your words and feelings. It is time to engage with the Gospel that I preached and promoted, and lived to the best of my human ability. I showed you the way and invite you to walk this path with me now, each one of you in your own unique way. I am here to accompany you on that path that you may step lightly on this. The steps are secure because you are held in my LOVE. (Pause)

I invite you now to engage with the energy of the GOSPEL OF JESUS in your field. Envision yourselves standing in a field containing these words and energetic dynamics: THE GOSPEL OF JESUS. Invite your Mother to gently expand you, holding you steady in this field. Notice what you are experiencing. Does it feel safe? Can you trust in this? Do you wish to maintain and be retained in this field that you may engage with it more fully day? Center yourselves in this field of light containing the GOSPEL OF JESUS. Let it weave into you, hold you not only internally, but externally to feel the safety and security around you. (Pause)

When you go out into the world before you leave your home fortify yourself in this field of the GOSPEL OF JESUS. Allow yourself to draw on this memory energy to engage with your minds and help you not only remember what this Gospel is, but to recognize that you can participate in the spread of this Gospel message by your thought, by the words you speak, by the loving emotions you convey to another. Let this be your bastion of safety and security as you go out into the world, letting yourselves to held in this way that reinforces your effectiveness to be a minister that gospel to others. Allow yourselves to be reinforced in this field now, and in a few moments we will engage into collective. (Pause)

The field is set. There are many who are ready to engage with you in this collective focus now. I withdraw and leave you to your beloved Magisterial Son to further this experience that this world may be more fully engaged with the Gospel message that I preached and taught during my human lifetime.

Remember, my children, that you can come to me with any problem that you face, and I will help you not only as your Father, but as your brother Jesus who understands the fullness of the human experience. I am happy to share these various perspectives with you to encourage you to make the spiritually aligned choices that you and the Father Within you can convey more love out into the world to your brothers and sisters who are great need of the love they were created to experience. My blessings are upon you. (Pause)

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Know that even as you move your focus into another area, you are still continuing to receive from your Father Michael. His presence is alive in you. It is only a matter of your turning your attention to it to experience more. It will continue to flow through you to fortify this expression into the collective that more souls may be awakened, more hearts touched with the simple sincerity of the Gospel.

I invite you to envision the world in your mind’s eye as you have done so many times before. With that familiar counter-clockwise spiral rotation, let us weave that GOSPEL OF JESUS around the planet as the seraphic groups take this energy and weave it into the places where it will do most good, especially engaging with the Angels of Churches to help the religious institutions awaken to higher truths of the GOSPEL OF JESUS, to coordinate with the Angels of Progress that there may be HARMONY and RECONCILIATION moving to planetary mind for more upliftment at the heart level all around the globe. And we begin.

Invite these energies to go into memory, letting those who have promoted and preached the true GOSPEL MESSAGE OF JESUS—those memory experiences—to be amplified, creating a broader and deeper pathway for human mind to remember this Gospel message—to recognize its simple truths, to clear the fog of distortion and deception from human mind, and liberating the heart to love freely with the Indwelling Spirit supporting you in your capacity to expand in the LIVING GOSPEL. Let this all engage planetary mind now as we move in these circuits of intention. (Pause)

Jesus was a man of PEACE. He carried that aura of peace with Him and it spoke to people, spoke to their hearts and souls. Allow His PEACE to emerge from His GOSPEL MESSAGE and engage with the circuits of mind. Yes, human mind has been used as a weapon against the itself. Let that all change now through the expansion of the GOSPEL OF JESUS—what He represented, what He taught, what He was to continue to engage with planetary mind.

Feel your need for this to go deep into memory, engaging with those REMEMBRANCE AND RECOGNITION circuits in human mind that more hearts may be liberated, the intellect to be awakened to perceive more truth. The viability of the gospel message and Jesus as the true solution for this planet’s social problems. This is where it begins with this simple GOSPEL MESSAGE. Yes, this is food for your souls. Feel your desire this food to nourish every cell, feeding it what it needs—the spiritual energy of pure LOVE that flows from the Creator into you and outwardly into the world.

Invite it to go into areas where there is distortion and deception—this spiritual messaging. Let the purity and the simplicity and the sincerity of this continue to find more space within you, widening your capacity to express this, not only here and now in this moment of meditation, but all throughout your day. Feel that need for your brothers and sisters to receive this, for in it is their liberation. Do you not wish for your brothers and sisters to be liberated from all that has held them back from achieving their God-given potential? Yes, hold this for them as we continue to make those enhancements and adjustments all throughout the circuits of mind, even going back into memory where the distortion has disrupted the flow of spiritual energy. Let it be reconnected to the Divine Source of all LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE. (Pause)

I invite you to expand your focus as we continue to seed in the RECONCILIATION dynamic for this world. Focus now on RECONCILIATION IN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS; RECONCILIATION IN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS; RECONCILIATION IN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS. Hold this now as we engage in the circuits of mind, letting be infused and imprinted into areas where there is great need for a change of mind and change of heart to heal and transform, activating the Gospel message to be more fully revealed in human remembrance and reconciliation in the GOSPEL OF JESUS. (Pause)

We are now allowing this energy to engage with REMEMBRANCE and RECOGNITION, going into those memory circuits to help humanity awaken the true meaning of the Gospel Jesus lived and shared so freely with you during His human life. As you allow this to move through you, feel your hearts expands as you share this with the world in whatever way your Spirit is encouraging you to visualize and hold this. (Pause)

Let us now lift this up to the First Source and Center and ask for the ACTION of the Paradise Trinity to engage with planetary mind. Feel that gratitude for the benevolence of divine LOVE and the expression of expression of Deity to engage with the world. Creator Father, Eternal Mother-Son, Infinite Spirit: we thank you for your blessings upon this world, liberating more souls to awaken to the presence of Spirit Within, liberating human mind from deception and distortion, and standing firm in the Gospel message that your Son Michael so magnificently demonstrated during His human life. (Pause)

May this world recognize your TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS, remember its origins and engage with the Spirit more and more as your ministry enfolds this world with MERCY and SALVATION. We are deeply grateful. (Pause)

Thank you for releasing your children from the fear constructs that have held them captive spiritually, releasing them from the bondage into the REMEMBRANCE, RECOGNITION AND RECONCILIATION IN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS. Let this be a time of celebration in the human heart, that the captives are liberated, that the souls are free to connect with you. (Pause)


Thank you, my brethren, for engaging with us. As we descend from the center of all, see yourselves standing on the planet in the field of the LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS. This is a vibrant field of LIFE; your energy systems are being attuned to it that you may engage with it more freely each day, and be a very affirmed expression of the LOVE within you. Hold back no longer. Open yourselves to this LIVING GOSPEL. See yourselves firmly anchored and integrated into this now as we make our final adjustments into planetary mind. Let this be a mighty blanket of transformation for the entire world to receive and perceive through the ministry of the Indwelling Spirit all around the globe. (Pause)

My brethren, the LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS is your lifeline, not only to your Creator Parent, but to your brothers and sisters. Let this be a strong and steady continuum of LOVE that your expression of it may be not only effective in ministering to your brothers and sisters, but to act as a mighty and potent catalyst for them to awaken to the GOODNESS, TRUTH, and BEAUTY seeded in them. It is all within you. That which was denied you by Lucifer and his minions is returned. What will you make of it? It is all up to you.

While we are about to bring the session to conclusion, know that what you have co-created with us is having a mighty effect in planetary mind. We ask you to seed this GOSPEL OF JESUS into the planet through your daily meditations, recognizing the value of what this means to the liberation of Urantia and the scourge of rebellion. Let these days be the glory days upon you, helping you step into your true potential as ministers of the Gospel in your own unique way. And we will see humanity’s spiritual potential flourish. It is beginning. There are many signs of this new spring dawning of what you can create with the Father Within.

As you integrate into this, continue to ask how you may use your potential in loving service to your fellow brothers and sisters and to the planet itself, that Divinity and humanity co-create together what this world needs to bring it to its destiny of Light and Life—its glorious destiny which you are now helping to produce. Thrive in this awareness, engage with it more, and be at peace. Good day.