2022-06-19-On Faith

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Topic: On Faith

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Faith is a living reality which holds all tenets of Reality together. Faith is a component that is actually greater than the whole. It encompasses the whole of Reality, and places each aspect of your day-to-day reality in living relationship each to the other. It stokes the fires that light up the engine; it seals the casings so nothing harmful comes in or out, fraying the cords or unbalancing the wheels. Faith has all of tomorrow in its grasp while it sturdies, solidifies, today.

Many wonder about the efficacy of faith, so seemingly ‘airy-fairy’ a notion, an approach to life based on nothing, so they say. But faith has far greater substance than most of what passes for modes of security these days. Just because a mechanism cannot be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It merely means it can’t be seen. But a faith-filled person can be seen. And the results of their faith-led living can be seen.

And if one were to seek a testimonial from such persons, would any two tell the same story? Some would sound similar for there are brands of faith, but you see, Faith, as a living engine, pays no attention to what it is called by whom. Faith is a Living Force to be embodied. It, like gravity or the seasons, pays no attention to the clothes or the accent, the flag or the shape of the columns in the church attended by the person utilizing this tremendous resource. Faith is blind to all but what activates its potency.

There are many beliefs. There is only one Faith. And faith responds to an individual, not to “Authority”. Faith is the authority. You must be the author who sets this authority in motion. There really is no greater power in your world. Faith is the flipside, the business partner, so to speak, of Love. Between them, the job gets done. Faith is the loving response to the world you want to see.