1978-11-07-At Wellesley

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Topic: At Wellesley

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



I can't imagine why you would choose an election night to want to talk to me. I'm not in politics! What makes you think I would cast a vote? [Smile]

How have you been? Yes, I know that is a specious question. I must find new ways to handle this experience with you -- your belated response to my inquiries is not promising.

Q: Was that an "anxious" question?"

A: No. A "specious" question.

Q: Alan [the contact personality] is having a hard time of it.

A: I know. Drink. Cynical. Anxious, and not at all assured. But responding, at last, to a lot of prompting! But the "net results" are what counts. Don't try to read and digest every sentence now. Wait until I pause.

Q: This is by way of automatic handwriting and Alan's handwriting is terrible; we can't read the writing.

A: Let me go slower. So much time goes by between contacts, it is always as if we are starting fresh -- a new discipline each time, and I fear the subject digresses between each occurrence. I cannot count on him. … Okay, go ahead and work that one over. Then we will begin.

Q: Are you for real? Could you explain?

A: Yes, I will. My validity has been attested to. Look around you.

Q: You refer to Jerry / Clara / Dawson?

A: I have those in mind. However, you will note the personalities in question. But we will not waste time on that subject. I have made every effort possible to contact you and prove my status to you. I know Alan states I can and should go to the typewriter if I want to contact -- that sort is not the way it will ever be. I have been instructed to use this source -- this source is a part of the "procedure" and no amount of entreaties will ever change that. On that statement, I must rest--

How do you like Albu-turkey?

Q: What good can come out of this?

A: Yes, I can explain "a little"-- we do not expect remarkable results from this kind of contact. What you must realize is that the "experience" is as much mine as yours. My "destiny" dictates a favorable "experience" as much as yours --


Telephone call from Alan's employer]

Q: Sorry 'bout that.

A: No problem. How do you like Albuquerque? My question is not full of implications. I am simply asking. You will do better in our communications if you will take most of it as "matter of fact.

Q: I think Alan would leave New Mexico sooner than I would.

A: Yes, he has a tendency to look across that fence all the time. If that could be projected to eternity, "cosmically," it would be more advantageous. You will soon see a better picture and reason for our "talking" but you must relax more and let "things" work themselves out.

You two have had quite a time of it -- since you arrived here. I hope you don't become embittered. I thought you had a good dog. My sympathies to you regarding his untimely death -- and it was in no way connected with anything "supernatural." He had a disease which, even if it were discovered earlier, could not have been corrected. He contacted it in your back yard last summer during the "spading" process -- and don't take any "trips" on that!!!!

Well, he didn't eat your U.B.'s and that was "a good dog" -- you will have all these instincts worked out on #1. I don't see any other resolution for all that on Urantia for you two during your short times left. And speaking of "short times left" Dorothy [Elms] has very, very little -- try to make it more pleasant for her. Okay?

Q: Are you calling us "short-timers," Jack?

A. Yes -- I am, but don't make me count. You are both entering a new "stage" in your sojourns -- and I advise you to approach it accordingly. I am not saying your lives are soon to be terminated, but your cycles are changing -- you must grow with the Harvest!!!

I am happy you hold your U.B. every Friday -- but you must put forth more "overt" energy regarding it -- I don't want you to become "actors," but I do suggest you approach it a little more "socially." Okay?

Q: Will Alan and I be together in this new stage?

A: Your free wills will dictate that. My educated guess is "yes," of course. Your marriage is not "sanctioned" in Heaven, as you know, but two fools such as you had better not go looking elsewhere unless you want a lot of trouble -- more than you can handle. Your use as a U.B. couple cannot be downgraded by any entity known to Michael.

Q: How is Michael? Have you seen him lately?

A: Daily. And you?

Look how long it has taken to get the subject open! Now, after total exhaustion, we should be commencing. Point made?

We will take our time this time. I will not rush in with heavy pronouncements as I have in the past. My supervisors have taught me that. I have been instructed that I have come very close on many an occasion to closing the door on all further communications with you. My apologies for that. I will be more careful in the future. You will know me.

My supervisor has instructed me to tell you the following:

  1. I am a secondary midwayer.
  2. I am not attached to the subject nor to any other mortal.
  3. I am allowed to contact as a result [bleep] of my anxiety to "repent" for an earlier propensity to "default" earlier --
  4. My contacting is the result of mildly favorable conditions on the part of the subject --more on that later.
  5. I have vowed to make recompense by helping where I can
  6. I can not interfere in your lives -- advise, direct or influence -- I must be as a "conversational" friend -- or I will be denied the pleasure -- that doesn't mean I cannot speak my mind, however.
  7. Alan is not, at this time, a Reserve Corps of Destiny. More on that later.
  8. No supernatural connotations must be attached to this phenomenon.
  9. My supervisor audits all communication from here on out until further notice. Comprende?
  10. Word concerns, personal concerns and the growth of the U.B. are my mandates.

Q: Did you leave?

A: No. I m still here.

Q: [Unrecorded]

A: Yes, I have also.

Q: [Something about Jerry / Clara]

A: Yes. I was -- I was allowed the opportunity to communicate to her - to you via Jerry. Comprende? Our allowable range of influence encompasses such as that --

Q: How is it you can be in Hawaii then in New Mexico so quickly?

A: We use the "circuits" you read about. I don't have to leave the dinner table.

Q: [(Something about Dawson]

A: Yes, I know, he is a good source for getting messages across, and don't get involved with him regarding this. Let us handle those things. We are better judges than you. Let it be and allow us the opportunity to function without your inadvertently drying up the sources, as it were. We will continue to use him for many purposes in order to get New Mexico going.

Q: We've applied for Membership-at-Large, providing the Executive Committee approves us.

A: Unless they declare you A.A.

Q: I hope it's easier than the Credit Bureau.

A. I heard all about that. And there is little I can do except discuss it with you. But, oh dear, what can I really say? Your financial struggles have been such a total part of our association together and I have always been at a loss, except to say "have faith" in yourselves and HIM. Give up and relax -- enjoy your lives more. Don't go extremist, no, but stop all the darn tension you build up and relax! Let more, such as this, flow in your lives. It is not as bad as it seems!!!!

Okay. That is more than enough for now, unless you have a specific.

Q: I can't think of any. Can we talk again soon?

A. I would hope so.