1979-12-14-At the Bent Tree

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Topic: At the Bent Tree

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Yes, we were trying to get through to you last night, and you guessed correctly. By the time you awaken and begin to think about it, it becomes quite "garbled." Your "picturization" of death was atrocious. Your "picturization" regarding the Urantia Foundation, writing, utilizing your "monies," etc., were fairly unblemished.

When you translate such words as "power" to your own use, you must be careful. But it is a well-taken point. If indeed you feel that you have the ability to accomplish a "job," "work," or enterprise which will "set you aside" and bring forth those sums of money which you wish to "endow" to the Foundation, it is certainly well within your and Karen's ability. That is the "power" of which the UB speaks. It IS a form of service, and if you maintain the course you are on, you will certainly reach those levels of personal power. Time is the factor here.

In order to accomplish anything, you must start somewhere. Getting a job is, and should be, your first priority. Your course of action with getting out of debt was wise. Your spending ALL your sums on personal comforts was NOT. You still have a large debt to face yet, unless you find and use a means to overcome it. Continue to meditate on that.

You can accomplish a lot by not needing so terribly much money to "get by on" right now until YOU get your "acts together." (I suggest you go back to Roberts this afternoon when they aren't so busy. You may be pleasantly surprised. And as you well know, this IS something you can do.)

Even if there is a "crash" as you put it, people will continue to want entertainment through the written word -- especially under those circumstances. You should set aside a goodly portion of Saturdays to help Karen with the novel she is working on now. Simply start by reading it yourself, jotting down your comments and "editing." Then proceed from there. I will help, if you wish. I don't necessarily like "commercial" things, but YOU MUST START SOMEWHERE.


In answer to your question regarding last night, as I said, I was there. You have reached a point where it is easier and more comfortable to recognize me than translate communications to another. Go right ahead and do so, but keep in the back of your head the reality that more than I am involved in ANY communications with you -- or anyone for that matter.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed your "Xmas" letter to your brothers and sisters. I had fun helping you with it. (I want to make it clear that I am, and will continue to use the plural YOU … NOT the singular.)

I also feel that somewhere in that letter is the seed for future writing. Try to think about that as time progresses. Yes, you will receive some VERY positive responses to it. You will receive some negatives, but please don't allow those to discourage, or make you angry. You will KNOW who you have to help.

Your little "Jack" piece is TRASH. THROW IT AWAY. I cannot allow you to do it. That is not how you become "famous" and "powerful."

Yes, it is true. Your sense of "well-being" is why you feel NO financial pressures, and I am not laying any on you. But keep things in perspective.

More later.