1983-07-02-Next Morning

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Topic: Next Morning

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Good morning, Alan. I won't take but a short while. I want to thank you for your time last night but also caution you in becoming too tired.

The channel is working pretty well for being such a long time away and your mental changes are less severe. Good.

Tom's acceptance decisions the other night are a perfect example of following the voice and urge of the Thought Adjuster even under stress, confusion, fear, anger and despair. Don't any of you forget that lesson and example.

Alan: [asks a question regarding developing dependencies between "he and me" and so forth in that vein.]

JACK: You both do a good job of nurturing each other without sick dependencies so don't worry about that. Continue to care and watch over each other's welfare and all will be well.

Alan: Any need for separate domiciles?

JACK: No changes are in store for some time, so learn more co-operation and patience with each other and you will both grow rapidly as individuals. We are proud of you. Your seraphic guardians have asked me to send words of love, compassion and joy to you both this a.m. Walk in the light and grace of God today. We will be with you. Bye for now.