1983-07-03-Private Message

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Topic: Private Messages

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan

Session 1


This first is primarily a message to Karen, which you may take to her tonight.

I might suggest that you arrange a once-per-week session where you all get together and share "input" responses to the previous messages. Three heads are better than two, etc. Do this at Tom's house! Yes, here.

Karen, they had some "non overt" type contact today and I desire you question them about this so that you can and will be organized and on top of it. I am going to discuss a lot of this, some starting this evening, with them.

Now your health is an issue, too. Please stop smoking and drinking and keep better hours. You cannot do everything, as you are underweight.

Bye for now.

Session 2


Good morning Alan. I hope you're getting enough rest. I'm going to refuse for a while when it gets too late. Take it easy today and tomorrow. Talk with me as much as you want, not late at night, but rest!

You are both doing well. Last night's visit with your sponsors was very welcome and they got a new perspective of you both. Good.

Alan: Jack, last night when our sponsors were here we started talking about real estate investments and making money and things like that and that's what I asked.

JACK: Yes, let's do make a few rather definite plans — strategies — starting early they can be well developed, refined and ready for when the time is right. Also contingency plans (Always open for revision).

  1. Have unqualified willingness for active involvement on both parties' side.
  2. Form a Limited Partnership Agreement first.
  3. Then purchase your first house after thoroughly assessing cost and repairs.
  4. Watch market; sell after 6 months to 1 year.
  5. Purchase second house; live in the first two or three and make decisions after that.
  6. With profits from first sale, form your corporation, which covers all other activities such as Tom's furniture shops because the nature of your activities will be a good tax set-up for all that. Remember your free will decisions ignite or retard actions!

It may take three years but by then you could have security, shops, living conditions to your individual needs and liking. Yes, it is a certain commitment but it will work. This is a rough outline of what can be done, always open to improvement. Bye for now.


Tom: Is all this that Alan and I are going through, is this all in preparation for the coming of Michael or the Melchizedeks?

JACK: Oh, boy, I was waiting for that one. I went ahead "smarty-pants" and discussed your coming question with my boss. Here's a bit of what was shared with me to share with you now. However, first, if you were to know exactly all the future happenings pertaining to this you might go bananas like "the saint" [the aforementioned associate who experienced a form of personality disintegration], hence you will be given bits as we go along!

Let's think today in terms of Melchizedek's arrival on Urantia, yes. And you who seriously study, work, progress and believe with total faith and loving hearts will be the ones to greet him and study with him - and with us - to commence the inauguration of another age. Preparations are being made. These things we believe. However, the universal broadcasts have not yet officially announced his pending departure from Salvington. Okay so far?

Alan: At this point I, Alan, have to stop for a minute and state that a lot of this was flooding through to us when we were at the spa today and Tom and I were batting back and forth a lot of things which were mechanics and so forth, so we asked Jack if these things that we were going through while we were at the spa, if they had reality or not and he said, "Yes!"

JACK: You, again, were both RECEIVING. (An example of my (our) coming unasked and communicating with you, okay?)

Now is a good time to start setting up a basic coding, indexing system. (Example "Human Associations" -- a subject I will be talking about --

Tom: -- could be coded HAI, etc. okay?

JACK: You're getting it!

Tom: HAI stands for Human Associations I.

JACK: 2. Yes. In order to do a lot of things, you do need some bucks. You and I can get those bucks rolling in and, as you perceived, Tom, employ and help a lot of people doing it.

3. Two things to do: (l) set up codes; (2) prepare for first purchase. Code, yes. Begin with what you have. Always … and go from there. First things first.

Tom: Does all of this have anything to do with computer systems and data banks, etc?

JACK: Oh, yes, indeed. You got the message and communications.

4. As we talk, break down subjects by subject classifications for basic coding entry, etc.

Alan: Can you or will you enter "through the back door" into the computer?

JACK: I wouldn't "enter" except in planetary emergency and on the mandate of my superior! Yes, I can do this with the help of my friends, the power directors.

Tom: Are you going to help us to find this house? Are you going to lead us to our first purchase?

JACK: To a certain extent, of course, but I wish to digress for a moment. As we talk and as these things become complicated, I want you to remember that the issue is more important than the personalities. However, I am also concerned with your health, sanity and welfare. In time, when a certain amount of the novelty wears off, you will feel a certain pressure about doing this. Those are the times to keep your eyes open and your spirits good. Don't fall to suspecting one another and all those negatives. Be mature as possible and go easy with each other, okay?

Tom: I was just remarking that things will conspire to going to the point where all hell breaks loose and then we'll break through it right at the last moment and we'll be on a new level and at that point right before we break through we'll be right at each other's throats.

JACK: Yes. None of this would ever work with you guys drunk, stoned or nutso.

Tom/Alan: Anything else to say, Jack? We're ready to call it a day.

JACK: Be prepared for a lesson on H.A.I when we next talk. Bye for now.

Tom: H.A.I is Human Associations I.