1983-07-13-Human Associations, Diplomacy

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Topic: Human Associations, Diplomacy

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



JACK: —a friendly fireside chat, a friendly chitchat, a friendly sharing of knowledge is what we're doing. Sharing of information. From this process of sharing information, a lot of the pressure of — even though I am a shade away, "a veil away," a shade away, it's not a big spiritual -- I'm not that far removed. I'm not anywhere near as spiritual as your Seraphim, spiritually advanced, so it's not one of those things. I just happen to be in a position where I have a certain amount of knowledge and a certain amount of knowledge is given to me to pass on to you, for which you should be extremely grateful.

So. To that extent you have been, "chosen" — and I know Alan hates the word. And it's a word that should be taken under advisement.

So we're sharing knowledge. From the knowledge and from the sharing, the spiritual progress develops. It's a cause and effect situation. Each one of you will grow spiritually only in the manner and to the degree that you deal with the knowledge that we share. Do you understand?

Karen: We are truly socializing our beliefs.

JACK: That's right.

Karen: And the more we learn how to do it amongst ourselves and feel comfortable with it, the easier it will be for us to attract other people into it, a sharing situation — just an expansion of this and there will grow the brotherhood.

JACK: Human Associations I.

Karen: Human Associations I — Diplomacy.

JACK: Sharing all Knowledge. How many times have you all in a social situation,.... Mr. T? How many times have you encountered situations where you — "What do I talk about? What shall I talk about?"

Mr. T: A hundred million.

JACK: "How do I best approach this person?" "Oh, yes, Emily Post, I remember someone told me that what I should do is ask that person about themselves. What kind of books do you like to read?" or "What kind of music do you enjoy?" This is a technique of conversation. There's little difference between that and sharing knowledge. A lot of people are embarrassed to share knowledge. True knowledge. A lot of people don't know the difference. A lot of people think trivia is knowledge. A lot of people think that—

Karen: Facts and figures?

JACK: Facts and figures.

Mr. T: What is knowledge, Jack?

JACK: What we're discussing. True knowledge is an ever expanding, ever—growing reality. It's true knowledge starts with a premise and grows from there.

Karen: It's the fifth adjutant mind spirit, which leads into wisdom and worship.

JACK: That is correct. There is no— (And by the way, Mr. T, you spoke incorrectly the other day when you made the comment that we don't have to study the adjutant mind spirits because they are no longer here — we no longer need them. The impression was that you were shucking them. No, that's not true. They diminish. Diminish is not erasure. They diminish in influence as you grow spiritually. You grow spiritually as a result of wisdom. The last, seventh and last adjutant mind spirit. Now, when you feel that you are all wise, then I will gladly hand you a diploma in dismissal of seven adjutant mind spirits.)

Karen: Excuse me, but I thought that worship was the seventh.

JACK: Excuse me. Perhaps I mis-spoke.

Karen: They are running neck and neck.

JACK: 6th and 7th. Worship eventuates in wisdom.

Karen: He insists. That must be the way it is.

JACK: Okay? So knowledge is the forerunner of wisdom. Knowledge is the forerunner of worship. Knowledge is the forerunner of using your mind to ask questions.

Karen: Share your inner life....

JACK: To stimulate spiritual growth in other people, to plant your seeds. We're not talking about chess and we're not talking about poker and we're not talking about hair cutting and things like that. Those are facts. I'm talking about the sharing of knowledge.

Mr. T: Give us an example.

JACK: I just did. So the productive, positive productive inter-facing, interacting, sharing of knowledge is all a part of Human Associations. It's the upper half. It's the ideal. It's the....

Karen: Fruits of the Divine Spirit in action.

JACK: And again Rodan speaks of ideals. Your ideals should be sufficiently high enough, should be strong enough and so on and so forth. Philosophy is knowledge.

The Urantia Book — it's a problem — it's difficult because the Urantia Book says specifically that you on the planet earth have yet to evolve a sufficient metaphysics to bridge the gap between your knowledge and your morontia insight, your spiritual insight, your cosmic insight, your cosmic wisdom. So. The reason for this is — and the Urantia Book says this again — the reason for this is because there are so few real thinkers on the planet.

Our — and of course the historical deprivations from the defaultsmankind, your civilization, you people sitting here right now tonight, have been retarded. You have inherited this retardation but you have also — up to this point, compounded the retardation [in that] you have refused, on your own, up to now, on your own, to do your own bridging, to develop your own standard/depth of philosophy, to bridge that gap to morontia. To morontia. You are not ready to evolve into the morontia life until such time as you have developed a sufficient philosophy that is morontia-ized.

So no matter how spiritual you may think you are, no matter how your ego would wish you to go from here to, say, the 4th or 5th or 6th Mansion World until you do this, you're going to land right smack dab on number one.


Karen: I need to go to 1. I have no problem with that.

JACK: That's where those deficiencies are made up. Now, I am here to help you to develop this and so, through your Human Associations course, Human Associations I, you can start to develop this art of sharing knowledge.

When you reach a point where you're not so hung up and not so involved in your own personal trivia and your personal life trivias, then you will be able to communicate — really communicate with your fellow man. When you can do that, you are spreading and establishing the brotherhood of man.